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This type of freezer chills products on a conveyor belt that travels through the tunnel-shaped freezing area. Tunnel freezers can use gas,ventilated air, or molds to freeze the food.

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1-55-003-30 photo
Cardox 1-55-0003-30 Triple Pass CO2 Freeze Tunnel

Used Cardox 1-55-0003-30 Triple Pass CO2 Freeze Tunnel with: Belt dimensions: Length: 52 feet Width: 30 inches Number of tiers: 3 Liquid CO2 connection diameter: 1 inch copper tubing Vapor CO2...

Liquid Nitrogen Stainless Steel Freeze Tunnel 18'L x 48"W

Used Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel: Freezing agent: nitrogen Steel wire belt: Length: 18 feet 15 feet inside the tunnel Width: 48 inches Electrical: Volts: 230/460 Frequency: 60 HZ Phase...

Praxair 10' L 316 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Freeze Tunnel

Used Praxair Freeze Tunnel with: Type: cryogenic Tunnel dimensions: Width: 34 inches Length: 130 inches Aperture height: 7 inches Infeed height: 39 inches Discharge height: 33...

Advantec CC Freezer photo
JBT Frigoscandia Advantec CC Blast Freezer

Used JBT Frigoscandia Advantec Blast Chilling Freezer with: Application involves a straight belt moving food product through a freezing zone with impingement airflow to keep product shape and minimize dehydration...

JE-U4 photo
40' by 42" Praxair JE-U4 Cryofreeze Tunnel

Used Praxair Cryofreeze Tunnel with: In-line with your production flow, your product moves through the tunnel freezer on a continuous conveyor belt. Cryogen injected into the freezer contacts the individual...

Cryo R11-2866-PL photo
Air Product Cryo R11-2866-PL Quick Nitrogen Freezer

Used Air Products Cryo Quick Nitrogen Freezer Tunnel with: Two control panels Four sections Belt width: 32 inches Overall dimensions: Length: 69 feet Width: 45 inches Height: 70 inches...

Praxair Cryogenic Freeze Tunnel

Used Praxair Cryogenic Freeze Tunnel with: Belt width: 40 inches Belt length: 25 feet Infeed width: 40 inches Discharge width: 40 inches Stainless steel construction Last used for pizzas ...

Praxair CO2 Stainless Freeze Tunnel 14'L x 24"W

Used Praxair CO2 Freeze Tunnel with: Dimensions: Length: 14 feet Width: 24 inches Construction: stainless steel (4) Top mounted fans Spray header pipe Wire mesh belt Push button...

JEU4LN2 photo
Liquid Carbonic Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel

Used Liquid Carbonic Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel with: Stainless steel mesh chain conveyor: 42 inch wide Chamber: 42 width x 216 length (inches) Chamber clearance: 7 inches Infeed section: 24 inches Four...

JE-U4 photo
Praxair Liquid Carbonic JE-U4 Tunnel Freezer

Used Praxair Tunnel Freezer with: Single tier Freezing zones: 2 Refrigerant: Carbon dioxide (CO2) Tunnel aperture: Width: 44 inches Height: 9 inches Throughput conveyor: Metal...

Freezing Systems Tunnel Freezer 168" L x 48" W

Used Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer with: Refrigerant: nitrogen Conveyor belt width: 40 inches Conveyor belt length: 162 inches Aperture width: 48 inches Tunnel length: 168 inches Touch pad temperature...

KFT36.10M photo
BOC 36"W x 23'L Stainless Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer

Used Boc Gases KFT 36 10M Nitrogen Freezer with: Production speed: Crusting capacity: 400 - 1400 pounds per hour Freezing capacity: 300 - 1200 pounds per hour Insulation material:...

48N10 photo
Cloudy and Britton 40 Foot SS IQF Tunnel Freezer

Used Cloudy & Britton Tunnel Freezer with: Refrigerant: R-22 Freon R-71 Ammonia Coils are rated for both (2) Freeze zones - (2) conveyors: Initial zone: Plastic belt Width:...

24 x 16 photo
Multibelt Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel 2' W x 16' L

Used 24" x 16Ft Continuous Nitrogen Freeze Tunnel with: Food grade stainless steel continuous nitrogen freeze tunnel Conveyor dimensions: 3 Tiers Stainless steel mesh Width: 24 inches...

JF-U4 photo
Liquid Carbonic JF-U4 Flat Belt Freezer

Used Liquid Carbonic JF-U4 Flat Belt Freezer with: 35 feet long Freezer tunnel is 330 inches long x 28 inches wide x 10 inches tall Infeed and outfeed conveyor extend 45 inches outside of the tunnel...

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