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The spiral freezer is a continuous in-line-belt freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and assure quality gently handing during the freezing process. Products are evenly fed from the production line directly onto the loading freezer belt. It quickly transports the product into the low temperature-freezing zone. The belt spirals up or down along the rotating drum until it reaches the top or bottom where the frozen product is gently discharged from the freezer discharge port. Due to the large belt surface available, products can be frozen in single layers or individually for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) quality. Because products can maintain their original load-in position throughout the freezing process, sorting after simultaneous freezing of mixed, different products is simplified.

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Girocompact Frigoscandia GC42083006 NS-CCR Spiral

Used Girocompact Frigoscandia GC42083006 NS-CCR Spiral Freezer with: Production output rate: 1000 kilograms per hour Max product height: 2.5 inches / 65 millimeters Thirty (30) tiers Distance between...

Double Spiral photo
I.J. White SS 2 Tower Double Spiral Freezer 48"

Used IJ White Spiral Freezer with: Double tower spiral freeze system Refrigerant: ammonia Per tower tiers: Number of tiers: 35 Tier surface to surface spacing: 7.75 inches Product clearance:...

Dougs Custom 18 Tier Spiral Freezer 4" Clearance

Used Dougs Custom Spiral Freezer with: Previous application: cooling prepackaged foods 18 tiers High infeed, low outfeed 10 horsepower motor Product clearance: 4 inches Conveyor belt width:...

Martin Baron Inc. Cryogenic Spiral Freezing System

Used Martin Baron Inc. Cryogenic Spiral Freezing System with: Freezing agent: Designed for CO2 but can be converted to nitrogen Twenty-four (24) tiers Product clearance: 3.5 inches ...

Kwik Freeze 28-CRS photo
Airco Kwik Freeze 28CRS Unitized Spiral Freezer

Used Airco Spiral Freezer with: Tiers: Number of tiers: 15 Tier spacing: Tier surface to surface: 6.625 inches Product clearance: 4.5 inches Configuration: In/out...

GANAL Two Circuit 600' L Conveyor Spiral Freezer

Used GANAL Spiral Freezer: (2) circuit spiral freezer Primary conveyor circuit length: 334 feet Secondary conveyor circuit length: 269 feet Conveyor width: 11.8 inches Number of...

GYROCOMPACT 600 GC-600-08-24-14 NS CCR photo
Frigoscandia GYROCOMPACT 600 Spiral Freezer

Used Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 600 24Tier Spiral Freezer with: Linkheight: 80mm (3.15 inches) Vertical clearance for product: 65mm (2.56 inches) 24 tiers Mesh: M13 - 1.5 / M9 - 1.7 660mm (25.98...

KF28-CR400S photo
Airco KF28-CR400S Kwik Freeze CO2 Spiral Freezer

Used Airco KF28-CR400S Kwik Freeze Spiral Freezer with: Discharge height: 125 inches 15 tiers Digital display Product clearance: 4 inches Conveyor width: 26.5 inches Plastic mat top conveyor...

600/15 photo
Alfotech Denmark FS 600/15 Spiral Freezer

Used Alfotech Denmark FS 600/15 Spiral Freezer with: Capacity: approximately 2,645 pounds per hour Number of stores: 12 Belt width: 23.5 inches Belt length: 465 feet Maximum product height: 2...

Spiro-Freeze photo
Freezing Systems Spiro Freeze Spiral Freezer

Used Freezing Systems Spiral Freezer with: Freezes two separate product streams at once (2) infeed belts begin side by side then stack entering freezer Capacity: approximately 2,600 pounds per hour...

Aerofreeze 650 Foot Spiral Cooling Conveyor

Used Aerofreeze 650 Foot Spiral Cooling Conveyor with: Aluminum frame 1.7 radius configuration Foot print 12 foot x 20 foot high KVP plastic spiral: 2 inch pitch, 20 inch width Useable belt: 650...

26-A1-57 photo
IJ White 26-A1-57 13 Tier Spiral Freezer

Used IJ White 26-A1-57 13 Tier Spiral Freezer with: Bolted construction Bottom load "up go" design I.J. White control panel Cramer hour meter: 28,151 hours Belt dimensions: 670 feet...

GCP 42-6-38 photo
JBT GCP 42-6-38 Spiral Freezer

Used JBT GCP 42-6-38 Spiral Freezer with: Belt width: 360 millimeters (14.17 inches) 32 tiers 45 millimeters (1.77 inches) between trays Originally intended for use with breads and pizza crusts...

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