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This type of oven has one or more separate baking chambers. Each chamber of a deck oven has a flat surface where the product is placed to bake. Many deck ovens have stone hearth surfaces. Deck ovens come available with or without steam, and are very popular for artisanal bread and pizza baking.

Matador Store photo
Werner & Pfleiderer Matador Store 12.8 4 Deck Oven
Inventory #: H4161

Used Werner & Pfleiderer Matador Store 12.8 4 Deck Oven with: Production output rate: 240 rolls or 192 pretzels Total cooking area: 41 square feet 3.84 meters squared ...

1060 B photo
Blodgett 1060B Double Deck Oven
Inventory #: H4157

Used Blodgett 1060B Double Deck Oven with: Total cooking area: 29.2 square feet per deck Gas fired: 170,000 BTU per hour Snap throttle thermostat: 300 to...

981 photo
Blodgett 981 SS Double Deck Gas Oven
Inventory #: H4126

Used Blodgett Oven with: Decks/compartments: (2) Decks (4) Oven compartments Compartment area: 9.34 square feet Compartment dimensions (inches): 42 x 32 x 7 Total oven cooking area:...

1T2P photo
Doyon 1T2 Artisan Stone Double Deck Oven
Inventory #: H3905

Used Doyon 1T2 Artisan Stone Double Deck Oven with: Maximum temperature: 600 degrees Fahrenheit European style reach in proofer dimensions: Approximately: 38 length...

961 photo
Blodget 961 Stainless Steel 3 Deck Gas Oven
Inventory #: H3507

Used Blodgett Deck Oven with: Number of decks: 3 Cooking area: Total cooking area: 28.02 square feet Per deck area: 9.34 square feet Deck inner dimensions (inches): 42 wide x 32 deep x 7 high...

981/981 photo
Blodgett 981/981 Double Deck Gas Fired Oven
Inventory #: H2324

Used Blodgett 981/981 Deck Oven with: Double deck oven Natural gas fired 50,000 BTU per hour 2 cooking decks per oven, 4 total Total oven cooking area: ~36 square feet Stainless steel construction...

DS-805 photo
Bakers Pride DS-805 Double Deck Pizza Oven
Inventory #: H2316

Used Bakers Pride DS-805 Deck Oven with: Double deck Deck dimensions: 48 inches x 36 inches Natural gas fired 70,000 BTU per hour Temperature range: 300-650 degrees Fahrenheit Heavy gauge,...

Condo 3.1212 photo
MIWE Condo Electric Deck Oven (3) 4' x 4' Decks
Inventory #: H1942

Used MIWE Condo Electric Deck Oven (3) 4' x 4' Decks with: (3) 4 foot x 4 foot decks Electrically heated (1) high crown deck (2) low crown decks 99 programmable channels on each deck,...

454BCOER2 photo
Bakers Pride 454BCOER2 Electric Convection Oven
Inventory #: H1072

Used Bakers Pride 454BCOER2 Oven with: Electric Final preheat temperature: 342° Fahrenheit Duration: 8.05 minute Preheat rate: 33.4° Fahrenheit per minute Average cavity temperature: 349°...

Matador photo
WP Matador Instore Baking 5 Stone Deck Oven
Inventory #: G8679

Used WP Matador Instore Baking 5 Stone Deck Oven with: The MATADOR® STORE multilevel in-store oven from Werner & Pfleiderer is the MATADOR® among in-store ovens. Electrically operated and with...

3T3 photo
Doyon 3T3 3 Stone Deck Oven 10" Tall Chambers
Inventory #: G7176Featured

Used Doyon 3T3 3 Stone Deck Oven with: 3 decks Baking chamber: 10 inches high x 56 inches wide x 30 inches deep Chamber capacity: (3) 18 inch x 26 inch pans per deck 1 inch thick refractory stone...

Reed Oven Company Deck Oven 90" W x 26" D
Inventory #: G6812

Used Reed Oven Company Deck Oven with: 5 baking decks Deck dimensions: 90 inches wide x 26 inches deep Analog timer Analog temperature gauge Natural gas heat

SLGS/22SC photo
Southbend SLGS/22SC Double Deck Natural Gas Oven
Inventory #: G6473

Used Southbend SLGS/22SC Gas Oven with: Oven interior dimensions: (inches) 29 wide x 22.5 deep x 20 high Stainless steel frame constructed Interior oven light 60 Minute timer Electronic ignition...

MSRAC 100 X 140 photo
Empire Bakery Equipment MSRAC 4 Deck Oven
Inventory #: G5850

Used Empire Bakery Equipment MSRAC Deck Oven with: Individual deck dimensions: 59 inches deep x 8 inches tall Minitube steam baking oven Natural gas fired Self-contained steam generators...

SG2 photo
Vulcan SG2 Single Deck Gas Convection Oven
Inventory #: G6158

Used Vulcan Oven with: Gas fired Single deck Interior specs: Porcelain coated enameled steel interior Shelf dimensions (inches): 28 wide x 20 deep Internal dimensions (inches): 29 wide...

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