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This type of oven has one or more separate baking chambers. Each chamber of a deck oven has a flat surface where the product is placed to bake. Many deck ovens have stone hearth surfaces. Deck ovens come available with or without steam, and are very popular for artisanal bread and pizza baking.

Omega 2 photo
Bongard Omega 2 Electric Heated Bakery 4 Deck Oven
Inventory #: D8235

Used Bongard Omega 2 Electric Heated Oven with: 4 decks Polished stainless steel Removable glass Hood with mechanical exhaust Baking chamber: fireproof cement baking plates halogen...

CE61P / CE61D photo
Peerless CE61P Double Stack Pizza Ovens
Inventory #: D7292

Used Peerless Double Stack Pizza Oven with: Gas fired Number of Decks: 4 Per deck baking surface: 42 inches x 32 inches x 7 inches Pizza capacity: 16 @ 16 inches each Temperature range: 250 -...

Garland Two Deck Oven
Inventory #: D5925

Used Garland Deck Oven with: 2 Decks Oven dimensions: 40 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 30 inches deep Overall dimensions: 55 inches wide x 38 inches long x 68 inches tall Natural gas Range: 150...

MiniTube photo
Empire Mini Tube 4 Deck Oven with Easy Loader
Inventory #: D6666

Used Empire Deck Oven with: Number of decks: 4 Baking surface: 37 square feet Baking capacity: (63) 1 pound loaves Individual deck steam generators Per deck lighting Glass view doors Easy...

Wind 4680/9 photo
Polin Wind 4680/9 Oven
Inventory #: D4270

Used Polin Wind 4680/9 Oven with: Top cabinet: 6 trays Width: 18 inches Depth: 32 inches 4.5 inches between trays Bottom cabinet: 8 trays Width: 26 inches ...

Cervap photo
Bongard Cervap 4 Deck Oven
Inventory #: D4222

Used Bongard Cervap 4 Deck Oven with: Oven size: W 92” x D128” x H 84” Chamber size: W60” x D86” x H 6” 3 bottom deck are gas and the top deck is electric Rebuilt...

JA-81CV-2 photo
Doyon JA-81CV-2 Jet-Air Stainless Steel Oven
Inventory #: D3864

Used Doyon JA-81CV-2 Jet-Air Stainless Steel Oven with: Electric power Single cabinet with 2 warming drawers Rack dimensions: 29 inches long x 25.75 inches wide x 28 inches high 2 oven racks, can...

M3I photo
Bongard Omega2 Electric Artisan 4 Deck Oven
Inventory #: D4205

Used Bongard Omega2 Electric Artisan 4 Deck Oven with: Internal baking height: Lower decks: 7 inches Upper decks: 8.8 inches Baking area per deck: 8 square feet Doors per deck:...

UEM-45-4H photo
Bakers Aid UEM 454H Ultra Electric Deck Oven
Inventory #: D4125

Used Bakers Aid UEM-45-4H Ultra Electric Deck Oven with: 4 Decks Independently operated decks Per deck adjustable heat controls Individual dampers permit cooling without opening doors Stainless...

FC-816 photo
Bakers Pride FC816 Deck Oven
Inventory #: D3577

Used Bakers Pride FC816 Deck Oven with: Natural gas brick lined deck oven Steel-reinforced Arched open hearth with a visible 20,000 BTU open flame burner Additional 120,000 BTU gas dual burner provides...

JA20G photo
Doyon JA20G Jet Air Convection Oven
Inventory #: D2950

Used Doyon JA20G Jet Air Convection Oven with: Stainless steel finish inside and out Known for its unique "jet air" system Capacity Holds 20 standard sheet pans (18x26) Four strapped...

Blodgett Double Oven
Inventory #: D2249

Used Blodgett Double Oven with: Rack dimensions: 28.5 inches wide x 21 inches deep Interior lights Gas heated Stainless steel exterior Maximum temperature: 500 degrees Fahrenheit Casters ...

750/8.186 photo
Bongard Cervap 750 - 8.186 Hearth Oven
Inventory #: D2127

Used Bongard Cervap 750 - 8.186 Hearth Oven with: 4 Decks: estimated dimensions of each deck: 6 feet wide x 8 feet deep Loader not attached to oven Gas heated Includes steam cooking function Original...

EO 620/216 MH Comfort photo
Wachtel Columbus EO 620 Deck Oven with Auto Loader
Inventory #: D2443

Used Wachtel Columbus EO 620 Deck Oven with Auto Loader with: 6 deck oven Baking surface: 232.5 Deck height: 6.5 inches Deck width: 70.8 inches Deck length: 78.7 inches Watchel Leyde Auto...

OPALE photo
Pavailler OPALE Deck Oven
Inventory #: D2081

Used Pavailler OPALE Deck Oven with: Four decks - 86 inches L x 62 inches W x 10 inches H Adjustable settings for each deck Stainless steel finish with brick deck chamber Stainless steel Airap...

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