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This type of equipment seals the flaps of a carton with glue. The glue is usually placed on the inside of the open major flap or the top of the folded major flap. Hot melt glue is the most commonly used glue. Usually glue spots with glue application wheels, or hot melt glue systems with glue application nozzles, are used to apply the glue to the flaps of the carton. Products such as crackers use Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoners.

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Enterprise photo
Bosch Enterprise Automatic Horizontal Cartoner

Used Bosch Enterprise Cartoner with: Automatic, continuous motion horizontal glue cartoner Straight pick motion Rotary carton feeder Output: up to 325 cartons per minute, depending on carton ...

9BBC275WD photo
ADCO 9BBC275WD Horizontal Stainless Glue Cartoner

Used ADCO 9BBC275WD Cartoner with: High speed "balcony style" auto load carton closer "Balcony" design offers maximum cleanability and access Output: up to 400 cycles per minute,...

12BC100-SS photo
ADCO 12BC100-SS Automatic Glue End Load Cartoner
Rental Only

Used Adco 12BC100-SS Cartoner with: Automatic, horizontal cartoner Two head rotary vacuum blank carton pick-off Powered blank carton magazine Blank carton magazine: 70 inches long Centers: 12...

150 photo
Superior 150 Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner

Used Superior 150 Cartoner with: Automatic horizontal glue cartoner Adjustable bucket infeed Infeed length: 75 inches Pitch: 16.5 inches Powered blank cartoner magzine Rotary vacuum blank...

Criterion 2000 photo
RA Jones Criterion 2000 Cartoner Overhead Confiner
Can Rent

Used RA Jones Criterion Cartoner Overhead Confinement with: High speed large center end load cartoning Criterion cartoner can run a broad range of carton sizes ensuring that you don't have to make...

OSC photo
Jones OSC Barrel Cam Load Automatic Servo Cartoner

Used Jones OSC Fully Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Continuous motion cartoner Fully automatic barrel cam loader Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L32E controls Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 color...

Captain HS-125 photo
Kliklok Captain HS-125 Horizontal Cartoner
Can Rent

Used Kliklok Captain HS-125 Horizontal Cartoner with: Automatic horizontal cartoner End-load Mechanically driven Continuous motion Left-to-right product flow Powered blank carton magazine ...

CAPT125 photo
Kliklok CAPT125 Captain Auto Horizontal Cartoner
Can Rent

Used Kliklok CAPT125 Captain Cartoner with: Automatic, horizontal end-load cartoner Continuous motion Mechancially driven Output: up to 125 cartons per minute Barrel cam Carton width: 5.5...

9SBBC-175-SS photo
Adco 9SBBC-175-SS Glue Automatic End Load Cartoner
Can Rent

Used Adco 9SBBC-175-SS Glue Automatic End Load Cartoner with: Automatic horizontal end load cartoner Open "balcony" design maximizes clean-ability and machine access Output: up to 175 cartons...

800 photo
Dimension 800 Overhead Confinement Glue Cartoner

Used Dimension 800 Overhead Confinement Glue Cartoner with: Continuous motion, barrel cam cartoner Automation direct drive Carton dimensions: Minimum: 2 inches long x 2 inches wide x...

800 photo
Dimension 800 Overhead Confinement Glue Cartoner

Used Dimensions 800 Industries Automatic Glue Cartoner with: Automation direct drive Continuous motion Allen-Bradley SLC 5/01 CPU Carton dimensions: Minimum: 2 inches...

TR2000 photo
Trinamics TR2000 Horizontal 10" Pizza Cartoner

Used Trinamics TR2000 Horizontal Cartoner with: Output: 5 to 240 cartons per minute depending on size Magazine carton capacity: 1,000 to 1,200 preglued cartons Automatic pick and place load Stainless...

TC600 photo
Tisma TC600 Automatic Glue Horizontal Cartoner

Used Tisma Cartoner with: Capacity/output: up to 200 cartons per minute Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 1.25 long x 0.5 wide x 3 deep Maximum (inches): 5 long x 3.75 wide x 9 deep ...

Stainless Steel Auto Horizontal End Load Cartoner

Used Cartoner with: Fixed product conveyor: Width: 5.5 inches Depth: 1 inch Length: 11.5 inches Infeed height: 39 inches Lug centers: 12 inches 2 chain Stainless steel construction...

HCM-750 photo
MGS HCM750 Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner

Used MGS Cartoner with: Capacity/output: up to 250 cartons per minute Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 1 long x 0.625 wide x 6 deep Maximum (inches): 5.5 long x 3.5 wide x 6 deep ...

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