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This type of equipment seals the flaps of a carton with glue. The glue is usually placed on the inside of the open major flap or the top of the folded major flap. Hot melt glue is the most commonly used glue. Usually glue spots with glue application wheels, or hot melt glue systems with glue application nozzles, are used to apply the glue to the flaps of the carton. Products such as crackers use Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoners.

910-120 photo
YWD Cartoners 910 120 Automatic Horizontal Glue
Inventory #: D9185

Used YWD Horizontal Glue Cartoner with: Automatic Continuous motion Dynamini hot glue melt 10 - 120 cartons per minute 2.5 inch wide x 3 inch tall lugs Air: 15 CFM at 95 pounds per square inch...

Spartan photo
Econocorp Spartan Hot Glue Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: G1052

Used Econoseal Cartoner with: Intermittent motion horizontal cartoner Output: up to 2,400 cartons per hour Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 2 long x 1 wide x 5 deep Maximum (inches): 19...

2000AL photo
FMS 2000AL Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D9021Rental Option

Used FMS Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Chain centers: 12 inches 60 - 70 cartons per minute Discharge height: 34.25 inches opening: 9.75 inches x 3.75 inches ...

15DBC105-SS photo
ADCO 15DBC105-SS Autoload Horizontal Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D9019Rental Option

Used Adco Horizontal Cartoner with: Continuous motion, automatic cartoner Product infeed conveyor with adjustable buckets Infeed length: 154 inches Pitch: 12 inches Carton dimensions:...

E-System 2000 photo
Econoseal ESystem 2000 Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D9313

Used Econoseal Cartoner with: Output: up to 1,500 cartons per hour Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 1 long x 0.75 wide x 2.5 deep Maximum (inches): 12 long x 4 wide x 12 deep Intermittment...

600M photo
Tisma 600M Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D8771

Used Tisma 600M Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Carton Size: Maximum: 3.75 inches wide x 5 inches long x 9 inches deep Minimum: .5 inches wide x 1.25 inches long x 3 inches deep ...

12 BC150 photo
Adco 12 BC150 Automatic Horizontal Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D7266Rental Option

Used Adco 12 BC150 Automatic Horizontal Glue Cartoner with: Currently set to run: 5.875 inch long x 5.5 inch deep x 2 inch wide cartons Continuous motion with automatic barrel cam carton inserter/loader...

IMWACP photo
Douglas IMWACP Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D8043

Used Douglas IMWACP Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Carton dimensions: 5.375 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep Intermittent motion Right to left product flow Nordson 3100V...

HC32001 photo
Consolidated HC-3200 Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D7827

Used Consolidated Technologies HC-3200 Horizontal Cartoner with: Servo driven Stainless steel Rotary carton feeder 120 cartons per minute Erects, closes, glues cartons and inserts product into...

Maxim photo
R.A. Jones Maxim Beverage MultiPacker
Inventory #: D7975

Used R.A. Jones Multi-Packer with: Maximum output: Up to 200 packs per minute Up to 3000 cans per minute (depending on application) Capabable of running 30 pack (3 x 5 x 2) 12 oz. cans...

P-3000-T photo
Mediseal P3000T Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D7872

Used Mediseal Cartoner with: Application: designed for small and medium lot sizes Automatic dual-cycle operation Maximum output: up to 300 cartons per minute 120 Pitch Carton size range: ...

518-LH photo
Hayes 518 Horizontal Continuous Motion Cartoner
Inventory #: D7428

Used Hayes Horizontal Cartoner with: Continuous motion cartoner Carton size range: Minimum: 2 inches long x 0.75 inches wide x 5 inches high Maximum: 12.5 inches long x 7 inches wide x 15 inches...

12WA-125WD photo
ADCO 12WA125WD Wraparound Carton Sleever
Inventory #: D6413

Used ADCO Carton Sleever with: Maximum output: up to 125 cartons per minute 11" Pitch with twin timing screw Right to left product flow Quattro Challenger hot melt glue system Single glue...

150 photo
Superior 150 Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D5221Rental Option

Used Superior 150 Cartoner with: Automatic horizontal glue cartoner Adjustable bucket infeed Infeed length: 75 inches Pitch: 16.5 inches Powered blank cartoner magzine Rotary vacuum blank...

Trayer photo
BarryWehmiller Thiele Technologies Trayer Cartoner
Inventory #: D4761

Used Barry-Wehmiller Thiele Technologies Trayer with: Application: seals the flaps of a carton with glue Best used with any product that need to be put into a cartoner Conveyor: ...

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