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Used Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner Equipment

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Hand-Load cartoners seal one side of the box shut, then the open end is loaded with product by hand. Glue cartoners seal the flaps of the carton with glue. The glue is usually placed on the inside of the open major flap or the top of the folded major flap. Hot melt glue is the most commonly used glue. Usually glue spots with glue application wheels, or hot melt glue systems with glue application nozzles, are used to apply the glue to the flaps of the carton. Products such as crackers use Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoners.

15D105-SS photo
Adco 15D105 SS Glue Hand Load Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D6671

Used Adco Cartoner with: Carton size range: Length of opening: 1 to 9.5 inches Width of opening: .75 to 4 inches Carton depth: 4 to 12 inches Pitch: 12 inches Maximum output:...

Twinseal photo
Econoseal Twinseal Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D6311

Used Econoseal Cartoner with: Manual load cartoner Carton size range: Minimum: .75 inches long x .75 inches wide x 3 inches high Maximum: 12 inches long x 4 inches wide x 12 inches high ...

P-3000 photo
MediSeal P-3000 Cartoner
Inventory #: D4167

Used MediSeal P-3000 Cartoner with: Compact, modular construction Fast change-over Low format part and maintenance costs Output, cartons per minute: 20-3000 120 pitch Carton Dimensions:...

15D-60 photo
Adco 15D-60 Hand Load Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D2772

Used Adco 15D-60 Hand Load Glue Cartoner with: Last running pizza boxes Does not include Nordson or Pump Dimensions: 20′ long, 56″ wide

2000 ML photo
FMS 2000ML Hand Load Horizontal Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: D1337

Used FMS 2000ML Hand Load Horizontal Glue Cartoner with: Semi-automatic cartoner designed to package at medium speeds Positive bottom pick carton erector Mechanical drive system Nordson hot melt...

Mini photo
Waldorf Mini Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: C7969

Used Waldorf Mini Glue Hand-Load Horizontal Cartoner with: Carton size range: Minimum: 4 inch width x 4 inch length x 0.5 inch depth Maximum: 10 inch width x 10 inch length x 4 inch depth ...

HC-120 photo
Consolidated Tech HC-120 Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: C9392

Used CT HC-120 Manual Load Horizontal Cartoner with: Intermittent or continuous operation Up to 120 cartons per minute Touchscreen PLC controls Sensor failure/obstruction detection Position control...

CM Cartoner photo
Barry-Wehmiller Thiele CM Hand Load Cartoner
Inventory #: C6796

Used Barry-Wehmiller Thiele CM Hand Load Cartoner with: Rotary blank carton vacuum pick-off Left-to-right product flow Personnel guarding Nordson hot melt glue unit Food grade construction

15D-60 photo
ADCO 15D-60 Hand Load Cartoner
Inventory #: C8398

Used ADCO 15D-60 End Load Cartoner with: Application: erects cartons and seals a wide range of carton sizes Production speed: up to 60 cycles per minute Singel-head rotary carton feeder Nordson glue...

15D105SS photo
Adco 15D105SS Horizontal End Load Cartoner
Inventory #: C6900

Used Adco 15D105SS Horizontal End Load Cartoner with: Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning 2 head rotary carton feed 6 foot dual station product load table Production speeds: up to 125...

15D105RH photo
Adco 15D105 RH Manual Load Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: C5518

Used Adco 15D105 RH Manual Cartoner with: Includes Infeed product conveyor Speeds up to 40 cartons per minute Nordson hot melt glue system Pick and place rotary carton feeder Power carton blank...

2000ML photo
Serpa 2000ML Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: C4908

Used Serpa 2000ML Horizontal Cartoner with: Application: semi-automatic cartoner designed to package products at medium speed Digital gauges and dials with pointers allow quick and accurate changeovers...

Champion Glue Automatic Cartoner
Inventory #: B8900

Used Jones CMV5 Semi-Automatic Glue Cartoner: Constant motion Speeds up to 120 case per minute Manual product load station Maxumim case size 8 inches width x 6 inches width 3 pneumatic 1 inches...

Econoseal Spartan Cartoner
Inventory #: B7755

Used Econoseal Spartan Cartoner: Horizontal Intermittent motion Up to 2400 cartons per hour Carton size Minimum: 2 inches x 1 inch x 5 inches Maximum: 10 inches x 4 inches x 12 inches...

74 photo
Bivans VERTUCK 74 Vertical Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: B7590

Used Bivans Vertuck 74 Vertical Glue Cartoner with: Capable of producing up to 120 cartons per minute Offers smaller footprint at about 2 feet shorter than other cartoner models 6 inch center for a...

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