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The most common type of cartoner, a Horizontal End Load Cartoner can be automatic or hand-load. Hand-Load cartoners are designed to accomplish the same tasks as an automatic cartoner, however they require operators to perform the product loading functions by hand. A hand-load cartoner erects the carton automatically, seals the carton automatically, and requires the operator to only load the product into the carton. Intermittent hand-load cartoners will erect the carton and stop the carton while the operator loads. Continuous motion allows for the flow to continue during loading. Horizontal End Load Cartoners work well for loading products like cereal.

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Pegasus 9075 photo
Econoseal Pegasus 9075 Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner

Used Econoseal Pegasus Cartoner with: Output: up to 120 packages per minute Carton size range: Length: 2-8 inches Width: 1-3 inches Depth: 4-12 inches Right to left operation ...

MGS Stealth Stainless Steel Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner

Used MGS Horizontal Cartoner with: Production speed: up to 400 cartons per minute depending on product and carton size Minimum carton dimensions: Length: 19 mm Width: 10 mm Depth: 48 mm ...

H52-1375 photo
PMI Cartoning H52-1375 Automatic Hot Melt Glue Horizontal Cartoner

Used PMI Horizontal Cartoner with: Speed: up to 90 cartons per minute depending on carton and product size Automatic Continuous motion Currently tooled carton dimensions: Length: 12 inches...

Econocorp Twinseal Stainless Steel Glue Cartoner

Used Twinseal Cartoner with: Manual load cartoner Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 0.75 long x 0.75 wide x 3 high Maximum (inches): 12 long x 4 wide x 12 high Maximum output: up...

67 photo
Adco 15DZ-60-SS Hand Load Horizontal Glue Cartoner

Adco 15DZ-60-SS Glue Cartoner with: Continuous motion design with a two-head rotary carton feeder Common applications: Bag-in-box, flow-wrapped bars, frozen food, ready meals, pharmaceuticals, dairy products...

B1 O/L photo
Langen B1 O/L Automatic Horizontal Glue Cartoner

Used Langen Horizontal Glue Cartoner with Carton speed 20 to 120 cartons per minute (depending on carton size and application) Carton Sizes: Minimum: .75 inches long x .375 inches wide...

E2000 photo
Econocorp E2000 Automatic Horizontal Cartoner

Used Econocorp E2000 Automatic Horizontal Cartoner: Suitable for erecting, loading and closing end load cartons Pneumatic product loading push arm Production output rate: Up to 25 cartons per...

5973 photo
Econoseal 5973 Hand Load Tuck Cartoner

Used Econocorp Handload Horizontal Tuck Cartoner: Suitable for erecting, loading and closing end load cartons Production output rate: Up to 25 cartons per minute, depending on carton style adn...

15DZ-60-WD photo
Adco 15DZ-60-WD Stainless Steel Washdown Horizontal Hand Load Cartoner

Used Adco 15DZ Cartoner: Output: Up to 30 cartons per minute depending on application and materials Single rotary suction pick off Carton size range: Length: 1-9.5 inches Width:...

Twinseal photo
Econocorp Econoseal Twinseal Glue Carton Sealer

Used Econocorp Econoseal Twinseal Glue Carton Sealer with: Designed to glue two flaps with minimum moving parts Production output rate: Up to 30 cartons per minute, depending on application ...

15DZ-60-WD photo
Adco 15DZ 60 WD Washdown Semi-Automatic Hand Load Cartoner

Adco 15DZ60-WD Glue Hand Load Cartoner with: Semi-Automatic Carton size range: Length of opening: 1 inch minimum to 9.5 inches maximum (25 - 241 mm) Width of opening: 0.75 inch minimum to 4 inch...

Adco 15DZ-60 SS Stainless Steel Horizontal Handload Glue Cartoner

Used Adco Handload Glue Cartoner: Model: 15DZ-60-SS Speeds: up to 30 cartons per minute, depending on materials and application Single head rotary suction cup pick off Carton size range: ...

E-System 2000 photo
Econoseal 7416 Horizontal Handload Cartoner w Glue System

Used Econoseal Cartoner with: Speeds: Up to 40 cartons per minute depending on materials and application 4 Chain adjustable 15 inch centers Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 2 long x...

12BC-125-SS photo
ADCO 12BC-125-SS Automatic Horizontal End Load Cartoner

Used ADCO Manufacturing 12BC-125-SS Automatic End Load Cartoner with: Infeed cleated conyeor with 45 degree turn: 12 inch width Cleats: 12 inches apart Product conveyor: 14 inch width with 6 inch product...

Glue Hand-Load Right to Left Horizontal Cartoner

Used Cartoner with: Hand-loaded Right to left orientation Front and back glue seals Dual chain conveyor: Centers: 15 inches Blank carton magazine: Gravity Manually adjustable Pushbutton...

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