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These types of cartoners can be automatic or semi-automatic. Generally a tri-seal or top load cartoner uses a box with a lid that is hinged on one side. The box is folded over at the hinge, then sealed shut on the other three sides. Automatic Top-Load cartoners erect a box from a flat folded carton blank, load the box, and then seal it shut. Semi-automatic cartoners may need a person to erect and fold the boxes, or load them. Top-Load cartoners can be continuous or intermittent. Top-Load cartoners are common for products such as frozen meals.

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MGLC photo
Kliklok MGLC Triseal Topload Carton Closer

Used Kliklok Triseal Topload Carton Closer: Model: MGLC Output: up to 300 cartons depending on application Carton size range: Length: 4-15 inches Width: 3.25-12 inches Height: 1.5-5 inches...

16B-45-SS photo
ADCO 16B 45 SS Tri Seal Carton Sealer

Used Adco 16B Tri Seal Carton Sealer with: The 16B is a continuous motion lugged machine designed to close and seal tri seal cartons. The machine accepts cartons back to back and automatically indexes them...

Compact 3-IL120 photo
Bradman Lake Cartoning Systems Carton Closer

Used Bradman-Lake Cartoner with: Fully automatic packaging machine for gluing and closing three flap pre - formed, top loaded cartons after filling. Output: Minimum: Up to 50 cases per minute...

Genesis GLC photo
Kliklok Genesis GLC Top Load Carton Glue Sealer

Used Kliklok/Genesis Cartoner with: Model: GLC Serial: 128 Capable of speeds from 30 to 200 cpm, depending on materials and application Carton size range: Length: 4 - 15 inches...

16B-35-SS photo
ADCO 16B-35-SS Tri Seal Glue Carton Sealer

Used ADCO 16B-35-SS Tri Seal Glue Carton Sealer with: Capacity: up to 80 cases per minute Minimum carton dimensions: Length: 4 inches Width: 4 inches Case depth: 1 inch Maximum...

GLC photo
Kliklok Genesis GLC Top Load Tri-Seal Closer

Used Kliklok Genesis top-load carton closer with: Capable of speeds ranging from 30-200 cpm depending on size of the carton Carton size range: 4" - 15" Long x 3.25" - 12" Width...

Tri-Seal Closer photo
SIG Doboy Hot Melt Glue Tri-Seal Carton Closer

Used SIG Doboy Tri-Seal Carton Closer with: Front flap is glued and sealed first, then the carton is rotated 90 degrees and then the end flaps are glued and sealed Can maintain precise alignment and constant...

16-CHD photo
Adco 16-CHD Tri-Seal Glue Carton Sealer

Used Adco 16-CHD Tri-Seal Glue Carton Sealer with: Capable of accepting formed and filled cartons at random and indexing them into the machine for sealing Carton size range: Maximum:...

TSC-090 photo
Bosch TSC090 Inline Tri-Seal Carton Closer

Used Bosch Carton Closer with: Output: up to 90 cartons per minute Positive carton control Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 4 long x 3 wide x 1 deep Maximum (inches): 15 long x 10 wide...

EAM-1083-2 photo
EAM Jewel Caser EAM-1083-2 Cartoner

Used EAM Jewel Caser EAM-1083-2 Cartoner with: Ran for five years--project was for major bank. Touch screen will need to be fixed or replaced.

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