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These types of cartoners can be automatic or semi-automatic. Generally a tri-seal or top load cartoner uses a box with a lid that is hinged on one side. The box is folded over at the hinge, then sealed shut on the other three sides. Automatic Top-Load cartoners erect a box from a flat folded carton blank, load the box, and then seal it shut. Semi-automatic cartoners may need a person to erect and fold the boxes, or load them. Top-Load cartoners can be continuous or intermittent. Top-Load cartoners are common for products such as frozen meals.

16B-35-SS photo
ADCO 16B-35-SS Tri Seal Glue Carton Sealer

Used ADCO 16B-35-SS Tri Seal Glue Carton Sealer with: Capacity: up to 80 cases per minute Minimum carton dimensions: Length: 4 inches Width: 4 inches Case depth: 1 inch Maximum...

GLC photo
Kliklok Genesis GLC Top Load Tri-Seal Closer
Can Rent

Used Kliklok Genesis top-load carton closer with: Capable of speeds ranging from 30-200 cpm depending on size of the carton Carton size range: 4" - 15" Long x 3.25"...

Tri-Seal Closer photo
SIG Doboy Hot Melt Glue Tri-Seal Carton Closer
Can Rent

Used SIG Doboy Tri-Seal Carton Closer with: Front flap is glued and sealed first, then the carton is rotated 90 degrees and then the end flaps are glued and sealed Can maintain precise alignment and constant...

FCC Tri-Liner photo
Bradman Lake FCC Tri-Liner 3 Flap Carton Sealer
Can Rent

Used Bradman Lake FCC Tri-Liner Carton Sealer with: Electrically driven, automatic, machine for gluing pre-formed and erected top load cartons after filling Equipped with side, base, and overhead conveyors...

840 CLOSER photo
Doboy 840 Triseal Carton Closer
Can Rent

Used Doboy 840 Triseal Carton Closer with: Carton size range: Minimum: 4 inches long x 1.875 inches wide x 2 inches tall Maximum: 12 inches long x 9 inches wide x 5 inches tall Welded...

16C-100-SS photo
ADCO 16C-100-SS Tri-Sealer Top Closer Cartoner
Can Rent

Used ADCO 16C-100-SS Tri-Sealer Top Closer Cartoner with: Tri-Sealer three flap carton sealing machine Straight line closure model closes main flap first and thens rotates carton to close outside flaps...

AFHXX-40-3 photo
Adco Tri Seal AFHXX 40 3WD Carton Former

Used ADCO Tri Seal AFHXX-40-3-WD Carton Former with: Minimum carton dimensions: 3 length x 3 width x 0.75 height (inches) Maximum carton dimensions: 17 length x 8 width x 4 height (inches)...

880 photo
Doboy 880 Tri-Seal Carton Closer Glue Seal

Used Doboy 880 Tri-Seal Carton Closer with: Tri-seal carton closer Hot glue Carton size specifications: Width: 3 to 8 inches Length: 4 to 14 3/8 inch Height: 1 to 4 inches Speed:...

EAM-1083-2 photo
EAM Jewel Caser EAM-1083-2 Cartoner

Used EAM Jewel Caser EAM-1083-2 Cartoner with: Ran for five years--project was for major bank. Touch screen will need to be fixed or replaced.

807-15-EN photo
Tanney 807-15-EN Tri-Seal Cartoner

Used Tanney Cartoner Model 807-15-EN with:

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