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This type of cartoner wraps a flat carton blank around a product, then seals the carton shut (usually on the bottom). A sleeve can be wrapped partially around a product, such as around the lid. Wraparound cartons offer companies a unique way to display their products while reducing paperboard cost and waste for greater efficiency compared to traditional end load cartons. Wraparound cartoners can pack almost any type of product container available including bottles, cans, cups, tubs, trays, and even flexible pouches. Product indexing features include dual timing screws for positive indexing with quick change mounts, starwheels or flighted side chain indexing depending on the product to be run.

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Certiwrap photo
Kliklok Certiwrap Wraparound Sleever Cartoner

Used Kliklok Certiwrap Wraparound Sleever Cartoner with: 12 inch pitch Carton size range (may require OEM change parts): Minimum: 8 inches wide x 2.5 inches long x 4.3125 inches...

Certiwrap C-150 photo
Kliklok Certiwrap C-150 Wraparound Sleever

Used Kliklok Certiwrap C150 Wraparound Sleever with: High speed, hot glue wraparound cartoner Designed to accommodate the sleeving of low-profile meal trays, tubs, and pots Currently set to run single...

Wraptor photo
RA Jones Wraptor Paperboard Wraparound Cartoner

Used R.A. Jones Wraptor Paperboard Wraparound Cartoner with: Can run cans, bottles, cups, bowls and tubs Capable of running the following package styles (change parts may be required): Drop...

9WAS-175-WD photo
Adco 9WAS-175-WD Automatic Sleever

Used 9WAS-175-WD Adco with Kintec Line Conditioner with: Infeed belt is 4.5 inches wide Adjustable product guides Product guides Indexer screws to evenly space product .5 horsepower Nord electric...

CS-100-WD photo
Adco CS-100-WD Wrap Around Auto Sleever Cartoner

Used Adco CS-100-WD Wrap Around Sleever with: Incline sleeve magazine Machine speed: up to 60 trays per minute, depending on container and application Wrapped tray size:...

M2050 photo
Douglas Davis Apex M2050 Continous Motion Sleever

Used Douglas Davis Continuous Motion Sleever with: Output: up to 240 cartons per minute depending on product 9 inch centers Product flow: left to right Servo driven controls Allen Bradley controls...

6WAT-300 SS photo
ADCO 6WAT 300 SS Glue Wrap Around Sleever Cartoner

Used ADCO 6WAT 300 SS Glue Wrap Around Sleever Cartoner with: Infeed conveyor: Width: 1.25 inch Height: 32 inches Length: 14 feet Powered blank infeed Suction cup Lug centers:...

WAT 200 EC photo
ADCO WAT 200 EC Glue Wrap Around Sleeve Cartoner

Used ADCO WAT 200 EC Glue Wrap Around Sleeve Cartoner with: Infeed conveyor: Width: 1.25 inch Length: 127 inches Height: 30.5 inches Power blank infeed Vacuum cups for blank infeed...

CM photo
Douglas Machine CM Bottom Load Wraparound Cartoner

Used Douglas Machine Wraparound Cartoner with: Continuous motion, servo controlled cartoner Bottles packaged into bottom load, full overlap cartons Maximum output: Bottles: up to 1000 per...

WA75-SS photo
ADCO Sleever Model WA75-SS

Used ADCO Cartoner WA75-SS with: Inline sleever Stainless steel design Powered blank feeder Includes timing screw option to index product into infeed lug 240 volts 15 amps 3 phase

Tanney Automatic Inline Sleever

Used Tanney Automatic Inline Sleever with:

SR1 photo
Jaket Pack Automatic Sleever Cartoner

Used Jaket Pack Automatic Sleever Cartoner with:

12WAD-50 photo
Adco 12WAD-50 Sleever with Nordson Glue System

Used Adco 12WAD-50 Sleever with: Application: to wrap a flat paperboard blank around a variety of single and multi-count products such as glass bottles, cans, cups, tubs and trays Previously wrapped cartons...

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