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This type of filling equipment fills bottles, tubs and/or containers by releasing valves that are connected to a tank, allowing the product to flow into the container. Gravity filling systems are ideally suited for thin to medium viscosity, sometimes foamy products while pressure filling systems have the ability to handle slightly more viscous to high viscosity liquids. Both types of filler are designed for liquids, oils and thin products. They can be in a rotary or inline orientation. Pressure filling is normally created by a positive displacement pump and can handle a wide range of vicious products like creams, gels, oils, lotions and heavy paste. These fillers are used in a wide range of industries including food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical. Gravity fillers are the most economical type of filling machines but have a limited range of applications.

Process and Packaging 6 Head Gravity Filler
Inventory #: D8916

Used Process and Packaging Gravity Filler with: 6 Filling heads Previous application: gravity filling beer Emerson Commander SK VFD 1.5 horsepower conveyor motor Conveyor dimensions: 3 inches...

RTS 1-9-1 photo
FiMER RTS 1-9-1 9 Head Rotary Filler
Inventory #: D8420

Used Firmer RTS 1-9-1 9 Head Rotary Filler with: Bordeaux and 375 ml bottle change-parts Maximum speed: 1500 bottles per hour Single head corker N2 doser before bottling Fills from bottom up with...

Stainless Steel 7 Head Inline Filling System
Inventory #: D8454Rental Option

Used Inline Filling System with: 7 nozzles Capacity: approximately 80 gallons Nozzles are 6.5 inches from conveyor Conveyor width: 4.5 inches (7) .5 horse power motors Stainless steel construction...

EASI63 photo
FOGG EASI63 6 Head MI Filler and 3 Head Capper
Inventory #: D8149

Used FOGG EASI63 6 Head MI Filler and 3 Head Capper with: This monobloc has an orientator screw cap and chute set up for a 38 mm screw cap Designed to run 355 ml (12 ounce) round bottles Change parts...

SKF5000 photo
SureKap SKF 5000 Gravity and Pressure Filler
Inventory #: D6385

Used SureKap SKF 5000 Gravity and Pressure Filler with: Application: This machine is designed to handle foaming and non-foaming light to medium viscosity fluids Hopper capacity of 11.7 gallons Photo...

PF-8-38 photo
US Bottlers 8 Valve Filler with Balance Tank
Inventory #: D8048

Used US Bottlers Filler with: Application: for hot filling of products such as juices, sauces, etc. Right to left container flow Number of valves: 8 Includes tooling for: 8 ounce bottles...

Criveller Group Gravity Filler and Corking Machine
Inventory #: D7402

Used Criveller Group Gravity Filler and Corking Machine with: Tank capacity: 17 gallons 6 rotary fillers heads 1 manually operated corking machine Corks: Diameter: 24- 28 mm Height: 35-50...

Gravity Filler with Stainless Steel 50 Gallon Tank
Inventory #: D7392

Used Gravity Filler with: Stainless steel tank capacity: 50 gallons Conveyor: Width: 4.5 inches Length: 90 inches Height: 43 inches Bottle platform to filler: 8 inches 9 rotary...

Meyer Filler 60 Head Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: D6505

Used Meyer Filler Volumetric Filler with: Previous application: 2 liter bottles 60 filling stations Conveyor width: 3.25 inches Push button controls Food grade, stainless steel construction ...

Crown Filler 52 Head Rotary Volumetric Filler
Inventory #: D6503

Crown Filler Volumetric Filler Previous application: set to run 1 liter bottels 52 filling heads Allen-Bradley panelview 900 control panel Food grade, stainless steel construction Rotary design...

Fillrite 4 Head Semi-Automatic Bottle Filler
Inventory #: D6411

Used Fillrite Bottle Filler with: (4) Head filler Nozzles: .75 inches diameter Sliding bed feed system Automatic fill cycle Overflow tank Recirculating pump

ELF 6 Valve Inline Bottle Filler with Conveyor
Inventory #: D6410

Used ELF Inline Filler with: Integrated pressure/gravity bottle filler Application: filling water-thin to semi-viscous liquids (6) Filling valves with 5/8" diameter nozzle openings Stainless...

16 4 photo
Elf 164 4 Head Gravity and Pressure Filler
Inventory #: D5048

Used Elf 164 Gravity and Pressure Filler with: Application: filler for liquids, oils and thin products Fills bottles, tubs and/or containers Conveyor: Width: 4.5 inches Length: 119 inches...

J-1 photo
Filpaco J-1 Siphon Filler
Inventory #: D6032

Used Filpaco J-1 Siphon Filler with: Filling valves: 9 Stainless steel construction Adjustable fill head spacing

Biner Ellison 12 Head Rotary Bottle Filler
Inventory #: D4745

Conveyor dimensions: Width: 4.75 inches Length: 110 inches 12 heads

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