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This type of baler is either either auto-tie or Manual-Tie. An automatic horizontal baler is fed by a conveyor. After the machine dispenses retaining wires, it compacts the material into bales, and then pushes the bales out on rollers. A manual-tie baler requires the retaining wires to be manually placed around the baler. After a bale is formed, the door of the baler must be opened for the bale to eject. Auto-tie horizontal balers are good for large scale projects and places such as recycling plants. Manual-tie horizontal balers work well for smaller scale recycling.

62M20SH photo
Economy 62M20SH Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G9070

Used Economy 62M20SH Horizontal Baler with: Feed hopper: 55 inches wide x 91 inches long 20 horsepower motor Previously used for baling cardboard Semi-automatic bale tie system

HRB-516N photo
Harris HRB 516N Two Ram Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G8030

Used Harris Baler with: Horizontal, two ram baler Horsepower: 150 Cylinder: Main cylinder: 12 inch bore Ejection cylinder: 8 inches Materials baled: Newspaper Cardboard...

PW3560 photo
American Baler PW3560 Closed Door Full Eject Baler
Inventory #: G7668

Used American Baler Horizontal Baler with: Cycle time: No-load short stroke: 17 seconds No-load full stroke: 25 seconds Horsepower: 30 Main cylinder: Bore: 8 inches internal...

7018867630 photo
Cobalt EPS SC3000 Semi Automatic Compactor
Inventory #: G7186Featured

Used Cobalt EPS SC3000 Semi Automatic Compactor with: Automatic tie system Finished bale size: Variable L x 14.5 inches W x 14.5 inches H Pre shredder motor - 1.5 kilowatts Main motor 15 kilowatts...

M66-4 photo
Maren M664 Manual Tie Closed Door Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G6293

Used Maren M664 Manual Tie Horizontal Baler with: Cycle time: full stroke: 42 seconds half stroke: 20 seconds Feed opening: 58 inches x 40 inches System pressure: 3,000 psi Platen...

1272 HD photo
International Closed Door Baler 1272 HD
Inventory #: G5783

Used International Closed Door Baler 1272 HD with: 30 horsepower motor 7 inch cylinder Hydraulic door latch Feed opening with flared hopper (inches): 30 x 50 Bale size (inches): 72 x 30 x 36 ...

7242WS photo
American Baler 7242WS Horizontal Auto Tie Baler
Inventory #: G5773

Used American Baler 7242WS Horizontal Auto Tie Baler with: 75 horsepower motor 8 inch cylinder 20 horsepower dual fluffer package Wide mouth opening: 72 length inches x 42 wide inches Above ground...

Gemini 3560 photo
Marathon Gemini 3560 Horizontal Closed End Baler
Inventory #: G4683

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 34 seconds Horsepower: 20 Twin bore cylinders: Diameter: 6 inches each Rod: 40 inches Stroke: 57 inches Bale specs: Full eject Bale...

SE-503042-720 photo
Marathon Horizontal 20 HP Automatic Baler
Inventory #: G4680

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 21 seconds Horsepower: 20 Cylinder: Bore: 7 inches Rod: 4.5 inches Stroke: 68 inches Bale specs: Side bale eject Weight: 1,200...

Marathon 10 HP Horizontal Cardboard Baler
Inventory #: G4206

Used Marathon Horizontal Baler with: Previous application: Cardboard 10 horsepower motor Baling chamber dimensions: 42 inches long x 31 inches wide Hopper dimensions: 28.75 inches wide x 28.75 inches...

HX-72 photo
Cram A Lot HX72 Closed Door Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G4659

Used Cram-A-Lot Baler with: Wide-mouth, closed door baler Cycle time: 24 seconds Main cylinder: Bore: 8 inches Stroke: 70 inches Rod: 5 inches Door cylinder: Bore: 4 inches...

Marion Horizontal Baler With Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G4205

Used Marion Horizontal Baler With Incline Conveyor with: Bailing chamber dimensions: 77 inches long x 48 inches high 30 horsepower motor Top mounted infeed Infeed conveyor included Conveyor width:...

SC-T2-30-LP photo
Cram-A-Lot SC-T2-30-LP Self Contained Compactor
Inventory #: G3301

Used SC-T2-30-LP Self Contained Trash Compactor with: Rear Load System to feed through the wall Break away hopper Over all length: 22 feet, 1 inch (265 inches) Clear top length: 41 inches ...

EO-720 photo
Balemaster EO720 Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G3103

Used Balemaster Baler with: Wide mouth, auto tie baler Cylinder: 10 inches diameter Feed opening: Length: 60 inches Width: 41.5 inches Bale size: Width: 44 inches Height: 30...

SE-50-4842-830 photo
Marathon SE504842 Automatic Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G2964

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time/speed: 20 seconds Horsepower: 30 Cylinder: Bore: 8 inches Rod: 4.5 Inches Stroke: 68 inches Infeed opening (inches): 42 wide x 50 long ...

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