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This type of equipment is used to add seasoning or saline into meat evenly. Injectors can be used on beef, pork, duck, fish, ham, sausage, etc.

PI 54/105 photo
Gunther PI 54 105 Automatic Reversible Injector
Inventory #: D6617

Used Gunther Injector with: Number of injection needles: 54 Maximum output: up to 50 strokes per minute Project clearance: 7.8 inches Variable stroke height selection Variable injection pattern...

BI-135 photo
Inject Star BI 135 Stainless Steel Brine Injector
Inventory #: D3854

Used Inject Star BI 135 Stainless Steel Brine Injector with: Needle count: 135 Belt width: 23.25 inches Passage height: 10.25 inches Food grade, stainless steel construction Variable speed conveyor...

1450 photo
Townsend 1450 Brine Injector
Inventory #: C8298

Used Townsend 1450 Brine Injector with: Conveyor dimensions: 13.75 inches wide x 74 inches long Feed height: 41.5 inches Apeture height: 5 inches Adjustable height Stainless steel construction...

FGM 26 SC photo
Reiser Fomaco FGM 26 SC Brine Injector
Inventory #: C6917

Used Fomaco FGM 26 SC Brine Injector with: 26 needles 20-70 strokes per minute 30 millimeter (1.18 inch) conveyor belt advancement per stroke of needle bridge Conveyor dimensions: approximately 13.5...

FGM 26 / 52 photo
Fomaco FGM 26 / 52 Injection Machine
Inventory #: C3679

Used Fomaco FGM 26 / 52 Injection Machine with: Application: injecting food products with liquid solutions Pump capacity: 55 liters per minute Needle sizes: 26 and 52 Speed range: 20-70 strokes per...

360/420FM photo
Wolf-Tec 360-420FM Meat Injectors
Inventory #: B7392

Used Wolf-Tec 360/420FM Meat Injectors with: Includes: controls, stand, load cells, and vacuum pump 420 Needles Stainless steel construction Three available, priced individually

PI 72 photo
Gunther Stainless Steel PI 72 Needle Meat Injector
Inventory #: B2891

Used Gunther PI 72 Meat Injector with: 72 needles Stainless steel Plastic chain conveyor Dimensions: 2200 millimeter length x 1000 millimeter wide x 2100 millimeter height ...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco Stainless Steel FGM 26-52 Injector
Inventory #: B2898

Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Injector with: Pressure equalizing tank with easy access for inspection and cleaning Gearshift for easy change of injection pattern Stainless steel waterproof box for electrical...

FGM 26/104 photo
Fomaco 2 Horsepower FGM 26/104 Injector
Inventory #: B2899

Used Fomaco FGM 26/104 Injector with: Needles: 26 and 104 The conveyor system as well as the needle head is driven by an asynchronous drive Push button control 2 horsepower drive motor Variable...

PSM54 photo
Dorit Inject-Jet PSM54 Injector for Meats
Inventory #: A4071

Used Dorit Inject-Jet PSM54 Injector for Meats with: Meat injection system Start/stop button Bar gauge Stainless steel Injectors are interchangeable Plastic chain belt: 15 inches wide x 53.5 inches...

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