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Kalix Semi Automatic Table Top Stainless Steel Piston Filler

Used Kalix Table Top Piston Filler with: Semi auto Stainless steel Single piston Stroke: 5 inches Inner diameter: .625 inch Bottom hopper Jacketed Diameter: 12 inches Straight side: 16...

FEMC 4 Piston Filler with Dispensing Nozzles

Used FEMC Piston Filler with: (4) Pistons (4) dispensing nozzles Range: From 4 ounces to 21 ounces depending on materials and application Piston size: Diameter: 3.5 inches Stroke: 3. 5 inches...

MR900 photo
Apple International MR900 Piston Filler

Used piston filler with: Cycles per minute: 60 Air consumption: 400 liters per minute at 5.5 bar Discharge range: 1/2 ounce to 5 ounces Minimum number of components provides quick disassembly Can...

SP-32 photo
Hinds-Bock SP-32 Single Head Piston Filler

Used Hinds-Bock SP-32 Single Head Piston Filler with: Current piston dimensions: 2 inch diameter x 7 inches long Top mounted stainless steel hopper Servo motor driven Foot switch with pneumatic discharge...

FM-60 photo
12 Headed ELF FM-60 Filler

12 Headed ELF FM-60 Filler: Stainless steel constructed 12 filler heads Mounted on casters Overall dimensions: Length: 38 inches Width: 50 inches Height:90 inches

PVR-01 photo
Capmatic PVR-01 Tabletop Piston Filler

Used Capmatic Piston Filler With: Automatic or semi-automatic function Maual turn handle adjustment crank Fill volume range: 1 - 33 ounces Accuracy of +/- 0.5% Stainless steel construction ...

1219-087 photo
FEMC 1219-087 Stainless Steel Piston Filler

Used FEMC Piston Filler with: Pneumatically operated Single piston: Air operated Internal diameter: 4 inches Stroke length: 6 inches Maximum fill: 41.25 ounces 60° Hopper: ...

KP350-B photo
King-Pack KP350-B Soft Tube Filler & Sealer

Used King-Pack Soft Tube Filler with: Speed: 35 tubes per minute Filling range: 5 to 250 grams Tube sizing: Diameter: 16 to 40 millimeters Length: 20 to 250 millimeters Gravity tube infeed with...

PF-1 photo
Colborne Pf-1 Stainless Steel Single Piston Filler

Used Colborne Pf-1 Stainless Steel Single Piston Filler with: Dimensions Height to spout (adjustable): 33.75"-40.5" Length: 48.5" Width (overall): 23.5" Output...

1002-257 photo
FEMC 1002-257 Stainless Dual Lane Piston Filler

Used FEMC Filler with: Two Pistons Split cone hopper: Length: 19.5 inches Width: 29 inches Depth: 23 inches Two nozzles: Manually adjustable on three axis Approximate discharge...

SVF Series photo
Accutek SVF Series Semi-Automatic Piston Filler

New Accutek SVF Series Semi-Automatic Piston Filler with: Single head piston filler that delivers a measured volume of product Production output rate: Up to 30 containers per minute Air requirements:...

LLR12 DM 500 photo
Mengibar LLR12 12 Station Rotary Piston Filler

Used Mengibar Filler with: Filling stations: Total stations: 12 All AISI & teflon contacts Piston fill volume: 500 ml Tapered rotary 3-way valves with teflon rotor Pneumatically activated for...

Foot Pedal Activated Stainless Steel Piston Filler

Used Piston Filler with: Semi-automatic operation Foot-Pedal activated Product hopper Dual discharge Stainless steel construction to be mounted on tabletop

300 photo
Kalish 300 Stainless Steel Dual Head Piston Filler

Used Kalish Piston Filler with: Semi-Automatic Output: Up to 60 fills per hour Stainless steel hopper: Top mounted Capacity: 6 gallons Approximate diameter: 14.5 inches Approximate depth:...

4 Cylinder photo
PackWest Stainless Steel Inline Four Piston Filler

Used PackWest Piston Filler with: Output: up to 80 containers per minute, depending on product viscosity & container size Piston specs: Number of pistons: 4 Diameter: 3 inches Length: 12 inches...

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