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This type of blender is commonly used to mix powder materials. Because there are no blades, there is minimal reduction in particle size. The V blender rotates and tumbles, causing the ingredients to free-fall and combine. The V shape repeatedly splits the materials in two then recombines the mixture, creating a consistent product. After blending, the product is released through a valve. V blenders are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry due to the low chance of contamination.

Double cone blenders have two cones that are welded to a round, tube-like connecting piece. A rotation bar connects horizontally to the center piece on either side, and is connected to supports on either side. Some double cone blenders have an agitator on the inside. Double cone blenders can be loaded or unloaded manually, or by using suction or gravity. Double cone blenders commonly used to blend powders and other dry materials.

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Patterson-Kelly Harsco Zig Zag Continuous Blender
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Used Patterson-Kelly Harsco Zig Zag Continuous Blender with: Provides the precision of a twin-shell blender on a continuous basis Produces precise, intimate blends of solids-solids, liquid solids, and...

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