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Douglas Machine Inc. Douglas has provided customers with high-quality automated packaging solutions using paperboard, corrugated, and shrink film. They specialize in the design and manufacture of horizontal case and tray packers , top load case packers, bottom load case packers, shrink wrap systems, and cartoners and sleevers.

WR-150 photo
Douglas WR-1500 Conveyor Tunnel Washer Sanitizer
Inventory #: G8695Featured

Used Douglas WR-1500 Conveyor Tunnel Washer Sanitizer with: Application: wash, rinse and sanitize totes, lids, buckets and trays Infeed opening: 28 inches W x 18 inches H Three motors: (1) 20 horsepower,...

1536-N-16 photo
Douglas 1536-N-16 Baking Rack and Pan Washer
Inventory #: G6810

Used Douglas 1536-N-16 Washer with: Walk in design Usable wash rack area: 36 inches deep x 27.75 inches wide x 62 inches high BTU input rate: 160,000 Natural gas fuel 15 Horsepower pump motor...

Douglas Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor 21" W x 95" L
Inventory #: G6579

Used Douglas Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 21 inches wide x 95 inches long Conveyor height: 38 inches Mild steel frame .5 horsepower motor Product guide rails Screw...

SD20-E-480/3 photo
Douglas SD20-E-480/3 Commercial Dishwasher
Inventory #: G4285

Used Douglas SD20-E-480/3 Commercial Dishwasher with: Wash temperature: 150 degrees Fahrenheit minimum Wash pressure: 20 PSI minimum Wash time: 4 minutes minimum Rinse temperature: 180 degrees to...

2554-SPW-ELEL photo
Douglas Machines 2552 Tote Washer 2500 Tunnel
Inventory #: G1533

Used Douglas Machines Tote Washer 2500 Tunnel with: Designed to wash totes Recirculating detergent wash Recirculating rinse Fresh water sanitizing rinse Currently set up for 16 inch x 16 inch...

IMWACP photo
Douglas IMWACP Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: D8043

Used Douglas IMWACP Glue Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Carton dimensions: 5.375 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep Intermittent motion Right to left product flow Nordson 3100V...

WACP15 photo
Douglas WACP15 Wrap Around Case Packer
Inventory #: D1356Can Rent

Used Douglas WACP15 Wrap Around Case Packer with: Automatic wrap-around case packer Hot melt glue seal Output: 5 to 25 cases per minute, depending on product and case size 4 chain system Centers:...

CMWACP-18 photo
Douglas CMWACP-18 Case Packer
Inventory #: D2138

Used Douglas Tray Packer System with: Fully automatic tray packer with barrel cam side loading system Two belt product laner infeed: left belt:12 foot long x 12 inches wide; right belt: 190 inches long...

478 MS photo
Douglas 478 MS Heat Shrink Tunnel
Inventory #: C6875

Used Douglas 478 MS Heat Shrink Tunnel with: Conveyor dimensions: 24 inches wide x 173 inches long Tunnel dimensions: 17 inches tall x 31 inches wide Dual zone heat tunnel 1.5 horse power motors...

APV Douglas Tray Packer
Inventory #: C6880

Used APV Douglas Tray Packer with: Minimum tray size: 8.0625 inches wide x 10.75 inches long x 1.75 inches tall Maximum tray size: 13.3125 inches wide x 17.75 inches long x 3 inches tall Variable speed...

APV Douglas Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Inventory #: C6881

Used APV Douglas Shrink Sleeve Applicator with: Running 18.5 inch wide film In feed height: 37 inches Conveyor length: 67 inches Last product ran: Canned vegetables

SR100 photo
Douglas SR100 Tray Packer
Inventory #: C3996

Used Douglas SR100 Tray Packer with: Currently used to produce bundle wrapped tray measuring 11 inches wide x 8 inches long x 4 inches high The tray is pre-formed and the product is placed into the tray...

TDL-SR4 photo
Douglas TDL-SR4 Shrink Bundler with Print Register
Inventory #: C1714Featured Can Rent

Used Douglas Overwrapper Shrink Bundler with: Continuous motion, tray direct load overwrapper Output: up to 50 trays/minute Currently set to run 12 pack of 12 ounce bottles in a 3 x 4 formation ...

TFL photo
Douglas TFL Glue Tray Former and Packer
Inventory #: B8212

Used Douglas TFL Glue Tray Former and Packer with: Size range (inside case dimension): Direction of travel: 5.6875 inches to 13.75 inches Vertical dimension: 3.125 inches to 5 inches Across...

TF\L-18 photo
Douglas TFL-18 Case Packer
Inventory #: B3682

Used Douglas TF\L-18 Case Packer with: Touch screen HMI Nordson 3500 hot melt glue system Top and Bottom case seal Magazine max case size 23.5 inches wide 4 suction cup case transfer...

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