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Goldco Industries is a part of BW Integrated Systems. BW Integrated Systems is a leader in the design and manufacture of end-of-line packaging equipment solutions and packaging automation, as well as systems integration.

L2025 photo
Goldco L2025 Low Level Palletizer
Inventory #: B1069

Used Goldco L2025 Low Level Palletizer with: Main line palletizer Siemens electrical controls with settings for approximately 20 different packages Adjustable pallet dispenser for 36 inch x 26 inch...

R4403 photo
Goldco R4403 Depalletizer
Inventory #: A2571Featured

Used Goldco R4403 Depalletizer with: Control panel sits next to outfeed conveyor at the top of the pallet elevator and uses a SYMBOL user interface with a Qwerty keyboard, product scanner, and power supply...

L2025 photo
GOLDCO High Level Case Palletizer
Inventory #: E8723

Used Goldco High Level Case Palletizer High level palletizer including adjustable pallet dispenser for 36" x 36" and 40" x 48" pallets Seimens electrical Controls Contains programs...

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