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Marathon Equipment Company, a Dover company, manufactures waste compactors, recycling products and organics processing.

SIGMA Equipment sells, rents or buys vertical balers, stationary waste compactors and more.

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V-6030 HD photo
Marathon V-6030 HD Vertical Heavy Duty Baler

Used Marathon V-6030 HD Vertical Baler with: Cylinder (bore, rod, stroke): 6 inches x 3.5 inches x 48 inches Pump flow: 10.5 gallons per minute 10 horsepower motor Maximum system pressure: 2,200...

V-6030-HD photo
Marathon Equipment V 6030 HD Heavy Duty Vertical Baler

Used Marathon Vertical Baler with: Finished bale size: 60 inches x 30 inches x 48 inches Bale volume: 50 cubic yards Bale weight: up to 1,100 pounds Cylinder: 6 inch bore 3.5...

Gemini Xtreme photo
Marathon Gemini Xtreme Closed-Door Horizontal Baler

Used Marathon Baler with: 20 horsepower motor Full penetration baler Twin 6 inch cylinder Charge box: Length: 35 inches Width: 60 inches Bale size: Length: 30 inches ...

Galaxy photo
Marathon Galaxy Two-Ram Baler with Feed Conveyor

Used Marathon Automatic Baler with: Model: 2R-450-102-W-D Style: two ram Cleated steel-belt feed conveyor Main cylinder: 12 inches Hours: 4,500 Cycle time: No load average of 13.2 seconds...

Marathon Plastic Bottle or Aluminum Can Crusher and Baler

Used Marathon Baler with: Horizontal side eject baler Cycle time: 21 seconds Finished bale size: Length: 60 inches Width: 30 inches Height: 42 inches Hydraulic cylinder: ...

Dick Moll Marathon Folder Gluer

Used Moll Folder Gluer with: Application: capacity to produce variety of layouts & pocket folders Maximum linear speed: up to 425 feet per minute Media size: Minimum: 5.5 x 5.5 inches ...

TR9 photo
Marathon TR9 Dual Ram Horizontal Baler w/ Feed Conveyor

Used Horizontal Baler with: Cycle time: 13 seconds Feed opening: Width: 40 inches Length: 70 inches Cylinders: Main cylinder: 9 inches Eject cylinder: 9 inches Includes...

Marathon Dual Ram Horizontal Baler

Used Horizontal Baler with: Feed opening: Length: 57 inches Width: 40 inches Cycle time: 12 seconds Cylinder: Main cylinder: 8 inches Eject cylinder: 6 inches Finished...

V-6030-02 photo
Marathon V-6030-02 Heavy Duty Vertical Baler

Used Marathon V-6030-02 Vertical Baler with: Designed to bale paper, cardboard, and clothing Finished bale dimensions: 60 length x 30 width x 36 height (inches) Infeed dimensions: ...

RJ-250 SC photo
Marathon RJ-250 SC Horizontal Baler 30 Cubic Yards

Used Marathon RJ-250 SC Horizontal Baler with: Capacity: 30 cubic yards Mounting rails Horizontal design Painted, mild steel construction

V-6030-HD photo
Marathon V 6030 HD Industrial Vertical Baler

Used Marathon Vertical Baler with: Drive: 10 Horsepower RPM: 1,750 Bale size: Dimensions (inches): 60 long x 30 wide x 48 high Volume: 50 cubic feet Weight: up to 1,100 pounds...

v-6030-HD photo
Marathon V 6030 HD 02 Vertical Baler

Used Marathon V6030 HD 02 Vertical Baler with: Production output rate: 56 second cycle time Finished bale dimensions: 60 length x 30 width x 36 height (inches) Infeed...

SE-504840-830 photo
Marathon Horizontal Auto 30 HP Side Eject Baler

Used Marathon Side Eject Baler with: Horsepower: 30 Cylinder: Bore: 8 inches Rod: 4.5 inches Stroke: 68 inches Bale specs: Side bale eject Weight: 1,200 - 1,400 pounds...

V-6030-HD photo
Marathon V-6030-HD Vertical Baler

Used Marathon V-6030-HD Vertical Baler with: Card board baler Bale size: Dimensions: 60 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 48 inches high Volume: 50 cubic feet Weight: up to 1,100 pounds...

Marathon 10 HP Horizontal Cardboard Baler

Used Marathon Horizontal Baler with: Previous application: Cardboard 10 horsepower motor Baling chamber dimensions: 42 inches long x 31 inches wide Hopper dimensions: 28.75 inches wide x 28.75 inches...

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