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Otari has been a manufacturer of professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post-production, film and live sound markets, of products such as; analog and digital recorders, mixing consoles, plus high-speed industrial audio and video cassette loading and duplication systems

CM-20 Series photo
Otari CM-20 Series DVD Packaging Line
Inventory #: B6273

Used Otari CM-20 Series DVD Packaging Line with: Modular DVD packaging line which can handle 2 discs per case Recommended DVD case specifications: 7.5 inches tall x 5.35 inches wide x .59 inches deep...

CM50-3 photo
Otari CM50-3 DVD Casing Machine
Inventory #: B6272Can Rent

Use Otari CM50-3 DVD Casing Machine with: Labor and cost saving solution for DVD casing process for small and flexible production Inserts DVD booklet and disc into the case, then wraps the case Output:...

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