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Rietz, a division of Bepex, manufactures processing equipment for the food industry.

SIGMA Equipment sells, rents or buy paddle blenders, disintegrator mills and more.

RE-24-K9E943 photo
Rietz Bepex RE-24-K9E943 Stainless Steel Frozen Block Grinder

A Rietz Bepex RE-24-K9E943 EXTRUCTOR industrial pulverizer machine, engineered with slow speed and high torque for fracturing, crushing, grinding and tearing large frozen blocks or barrels of bulk materials, such...

C-12-K2212 photo
Rietz C-12-K2212 Stainless Steel Screw Auger Conveyor

Used Rietz Auger Conveyor with: Auger dimensions: Length: 144 inches Diameter: 12 inches Infeed height: 28 inches Discharge height: 74 inches Motor: 3 horsepower Electrical requirements: 230/460...

RE-15 photo
Rietz Extructor RE-15 Sanitary Stainless Steel Food Pulverizer

Used Reitz Food Pulverizer: Application: designed for grinding of cheese blocks Capacity: Size reduction: large blocks down to 3/16 - 1 inch Up to 13,000 pounds per hour, depending on product ...

RS-28 photo
Rietz 4000 Lb Capacity SS Twin Shaft, Ribbon Blender with (2) 20 Hp Motors

Used Rietz RS-28 Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender with: Twin shaft, single ribbon blender Capacity to top of ribbon: 4,000 lbs Open top with top mounted safety grate Mix chamber dimensions: Length: 96 inches...

RDS-28-K3406 photo
Rietz 75 Cu Ft SS Dual Shaft Double Ribbon Blender

Used Rietz Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: Total capacity: 85 cubic feet Working capacity: 75 cubic feet Agitation: Dual shafts (2) Single ribbons: 28 inches diameter each Driven...

RS-33 photo
Rietz Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender 150 Cubic Feet (Approximately 10,000 Pounds)

Used Reitz Double Ribbon Blender: Capacity: 150 cubic feet Approximately 10,000 pounds Trough dimensions: Length: 144 inches Width: 67 inches Depth: 48 inches Dual ribbon agitation: 8...

RP-6-K115 photo
Rietz Manufacturing RP-6-K115 Stainless Steel Disintegrator

Used Rietz RP-6-K115 Disintegrator with: Diameter of housing: 14 inches (approximately) Previous application: Fruits Rotorary blade diameter: 5 inches Screen diameter: 6 inches Screen holes:...

Rietz SS 12 Inch Diameter Disintegrator

Used Rietz Disintegrator with: 45° Angle disintegrator Reduction screens: (3) screens included Diameter: 12 inches Perforations: 3/8 inches Reduction chamber: 21 inches Hammers: Diameter:...

PB-15 photo
Rietz Model PB15 Carbon Steel Prebreaker

Used Rietz Prebreaker with: Feed opening: Length: 21 inches Width: 15 inches Screw diameter: 15 inches Falk gearbox rated 85.68:1 ratio Driven by 40 horsepower, 230/460 volt motor Carbon steel...

RE-15-K98348 photo
Rietz RE-15-K98348 15" Diameter Extructor Grinder

Used Rietz Extructor with: Capacity/output: Up to 15,000 pounds per hour Reduction of up to 60 pound blocks Low rpm, high torque system to reduce frozen blocks including: Meats ...

RE-6-K5F424 photo
Rietz RE6 Stainless Steel Jacketed 10 HP Extructor

Used Rietz Extructor with: Vertical orientation Jacketed: Rated: 40 psi 12 inch section Includes: Feed opening: 6 x 4.5 inches Screw: 6 inches diameter Chamber: 24 inches ...

100 Cu ft photo
Rietz 100 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Paddle Blender

Used Rietz Paddle Blender with: Capacity: 100 cubic feet Liquid capacity: approximately 900 gallons Agitation: Single shaft Paddles Driven by 10 horsepower, 1740 rpm motor ...

C-12-K7208-6 photo
Rietz SS Screw Hopper Approximately 50 Cubic Feet

Used Rietz Hopper with: Capacity: approximately 50 cubic feet Dimensions: Top section (inches): 48 x 60 x 12 Cone section (inches): 48 x 60 x 36 Top opening: 48 x 60 inches Open...

RP-6-K115 photo
Rietz RP6 K115 Stainless Steel Disintegrator Mill

Rietz Disintegrator with: Rotor assembly: Number of blades: 12 Standard angular position Feed throat diameter: 5.5 inches Discharge: Dimensions (inches): 13.5 x 1.75 Discharge...

RD-12 photo
Rietz RD-12 Disintegrator with Hopper

Used Rietz Disintegrator with: Pitch: 9.5 inches Auger: Dimensions (inches): 8 diameter x 29 long Auger drive: 0.5 horsepower, 220/440 volts, 1725 rpm motor Holding tank: Approximate...

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