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Unifiller Systems Unifiller is a global supplier, designer, and manufacturer of processing and portioning equipment for bakeries and food plants.

SIGMA supplies piston fillers, icing applicator depositors and more.

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Econo 1000i photo
Unifiller Econo 1000i Stainless Steel Depositor

Used Unifiller Depositor with: Application: batters, chunky fillings, sauces or delicate mousse fillings Capacity/output: up to 120 deposits per minute, depending on portion size Deposit range: ...

Compact Series photo
Unifiller Compact SS Single Head Piston Filler

Used Unifiller Piston Filler with: Output: up to 140 deposits per minute based on 20% volume & product consistency Piston specs: Number of nozzles: 1 Diameter: 1.5 inches Length: 7 inches...

Hopper Topper Tote photo
Unifiller Hopper Topper Tote Bakery Transfer Pump

Used Unifiller Transfer Pump with: Application: move product from bowl, tote or other container to hopper Product: Smooth Chunky Thick Pneumatically operated Product level sensor...

Deco-Mate 3 photo
Unifiller Deco-Mate 3 Icing Applicator Depositor

Used Unifiller Deco-Mate 3 with: The Deco-Mate 3 was created to replace the conventional pastry bag with a new way of piping icings and frostings on cakes Full wash down capable, all food contact parts...

Mini photo
Unifiller Mini Single Head SS Piston Depositor

Used Unifiller Depositor with: Output: Up to 90 cuts per minute Up to 5,400 desposits per hour Hopper capacity: 35 pounds Rotary cutoff valve: Various die sizes available Currently...

Double Bordermaster photo
Unifiller Double Bordermaster Decorating Machine

Used Unifiller Double Bordermaster Decorating Machine with: Previous application: cake decorating Two 4 gallon hoppers 2 filling pistons Food grade, stainless steel construction Allen-Bradley...

Deco-Mate 3 photo
Unifiller Deco Mate 3 Icing Depositor Appllicator

Used Unifiller Icing Applicator with: Output: Speed: operator controlled Volume: up to 17 fluid ounces Hopper: Capacity: 10 gallons Dimensions (inches): 13.75 diameter x 17 deep...

Unifiller Custom Drizzler Zig-Zag Icing System

Used Unifiller Custom Drizzler Zig-Zag Icing System with: Drizzles and zig-zags strands of icing onto cakes going by a conveyor (not included) May also be used as a chocolate or caramel stringer Pumps...

083B7-0000 photo
Unifiller 083B7-0000 Injection System

Used Unifiller 083B7-0000 Injection System with: 30 inch x 8 foot conveyor Fitted legs with locking castors and adjustable feet Unitronics V350 touch screen control panel NEMA 4X SS rated control...

Deco-Mate photo
Unifiller Deco-Mate Cake Decorating Machine

Used Unifiller Deco-Mate Cake Decorating Machine with: Application: Allows an entry level operator to decorate cakes, cupcakes, mini-desserts, and pastries within minutes with little training Air requirements:...

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