Used Maer NTN 20/12 Neck to Neck PET Bottle Trimmer

Maer NTN 2012 Neck to Neck PET Bottle Trimmer
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Equipment Details

Equipment # G9963
Item Maer NTN 20/12 Neck to Neck PET Bottle Trimmer
Category Miscellaneous Equipment
Model NTN 20/12
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Equipment Description

Used Maer NTN 20/12 Neck to Neck PET Bottle Trimmer with:

  • Spin trimmers that allow cutting the dome shared by two bottles joined at the neck coming from the same mould, known as “Logs neck to neck” tandem bottles
  • Suitable for:
    • Liquid yogurt and other dairy drinks bottled in Polyethylene bottles (PE-HDPE) on 80 ml to 300 ml capacity bottles
    • Blow moulders of all kind of bottles, as a complement of the blow moulding machine with tandem bottle cavities
    • Bottle manufacturers with IN-HOUSE blow moulding operations in the plant of the end customer
  • Output:  up to 14,520 bottles per hour
  • Previously ran 8 ounce and 4 ounce logs/bottles of standard/generic bottle shapes

Location Details:

Evansville, IN

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