Used Scandia 626 Folded Film Overwrapper

Scandia 626 Folded Film Overwrapper
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Equipment Details

Equipment # G2383
Item Scandia 626 Folded Film Overwrapper
Category Wrapper
Folded Film Overwrapper
Manufacturer   Scandia
Model 626
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Equipment Description

Used Scandia 626 Overwrapper with:

  • Folded film overwrapper for products such as CD and DVD cases, Cigar 5-packs, Chicklet cartons, small plumbing fixtures in trays,  Post-it Notes, pharmaceutical cartons, audio cassettes, etc.  
  • Best suitable for low profile packages
  • Output:  up to 120 packages per minute, depending on package size
  • Package size range:
    • Minimum:  5/16 inches tall x 3.25 inches wide x 2 inches long
    • Maximum:  2 inches tall x 8 inches wide x 6.875 inches long
    • Specific change parts are needed for each package size.
    • Package height of over 1 inch requires special engineering, special bracketry, and folding lines.
  • Method of Operation: The package is presented to the machine by the gravity hopper and transferred to the Feed Chain. The package is carried through the vertically fed web of film and enters the Side Folding and Sealing Section. The film on the leading edge of the carton is tucked by the stationary Side Tuckers mounted to the package track then folded and heat sealed.  After reaching the end of this section, the package is transferred 90 degrees to the Crossfeed Assembly, where the final folding and sealing of the envelope fold on the trailing side is completed.  The package then exits the machine.
  • Film is cut from the film roll, by a Rotary Knife cutting against a Stationary Knife, immediately after the carton has engaged the film are both are trapped between bottom and top plates for positive film positioning. 

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Additional Details

Minimum Product Size:5/16" tall x 3.25" wide x 2" long
Maximum Product Size:2" tall x 8" wide x 6.875" long
Output Rate: 120 packages per minute
Print Registration:No
Electrical Phase:3Ph

Product Information

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Inspection Details

Location: Evansville, IN

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