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Enrobing and coating machines are used to cover all sides of a product in material, such as enrobing candy in a chocolate covering, or coating popcorn with seasoning.

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Belshaw Century Sugar Tumbler

Used Belshaw Sugar Tumbler with: Output: up to 207 dozen donuts per hour Tumbler diameter: 16 inches Infeed height: 42 inches Discharge diameter: 11 inches Push button controls Mounted on...

HSL 750-224 photo
Inject Star HSL 750-224 200 Pound Rotary Meat Tumbler

Used Meat Tumbler HSL 750-224 with: Drum capacity: 200 pounds Batch capacity: 800 pounds Variable speed Stainless steel construction

Woody Chocolate Stringer, 12" Wide

Used Woody Stringer with: Capacity/width: 305 mm 12 inches Dectoration capabilities: Zig-zag patterns With 1/4 - 2" swing Electrical: 115 volts, 1 Ph, 60 Hz Stainless...

320 photo
Dedy 320 Chocolate Enrober

Used Dedy 320 Chocolate Enrober with: Electric air circulation heating Melted chocolate capacity: 66 pounds Enrobing capabilities: Full Bottom Side Partial Maximum product...

220 photo
Dedy Chocolate Enrober

Used Dedy 220 Chocolate Enrober with: Electric air circulation heating Melted chocolate capacity: 44 pounds Enrobing capabilities: Full Bottom Side Partial Maximum product...

Gold Medal Mark 10 Caramel Popcorn Cooker Mixer

Used Gold Medal Popcorn Carmelizer with: Capacity: Hopper: 10 gallons Batch cycle time: 15 minutes Up to 40 gallons per hour Temperature sensor with digital display Pre-alarm standard...

PTF-GP photo
Solbern PTF-GP Tumble Filler

Used Solbern PTF-GP Tumble Filler with: Maximum aperture/clearance: 10 inches wide x 9-1/2 inches tall Infeed/exit conveyor height: 30 inches Drum diameter: 36 inches Shaker tray: 27...

HSB-1000 photo
JBT Stein Stainless Steel 5-Star Home Style Breader

Used JBT Breader: The 5 Star Home Style Breader is uniquely designed to apply an appealing home style surface texture with consistency and high quality Breading capacity: Flour: 350-450 pounds ...

DVTS 1000 photo
Daniels Food Equipment DVTS 1000 Rotary Tumbler

Used Daniels Food Equipment DVTS 1000 Rotary Tumbler with: Maximum capacity: 1,110 pounds Direct drive tumbler Tumbler dimensions: 48 inches long 3 horsepower drive motor...

Cretors CMD100DR CTF Stainless Steel Cooker/Coater

Used Cretors Cooker & Carmelizer with: Output: Up to 100 pounds per hour Up to 1,600 1 ounce servings per hour Tank capacity: 20 gallons Agitated mix tank Hand dump operation...

Monty 2000 photo
Delani Monty 2000 Universal Chocolate Refiner Conch

Used Delani Chocolate Conch with: Capacity: 2000 kilograms Refine chocolate mass to 20-25 microns Drum diameter: 42 inches Infeed: Length: 16 inches Width: 10 inches Discharge: ...

ACME Stainless Steel 36" Revolving Coating Pan

Used Enrobing Pan with: Mixing capactiy: 5 cubic feet Speed specifications (adjustable speed): Horsepower: Up to 1.86 Torque: Up to 1112 foot pounds Input RPM: 1750 Bowl dimensions: ...

TG50 photo
Belshaw TG50 Thermoglaze Donut Oven and Glazer System

Used Belshaw TG50 thermoglaze donut oven and glazer with: Capacity/speed: up to 75 donuts per hour Heavy duty glaze pump Glaze thicknes: 1/8 of an inch Variety of donuts: ring donuts, fritters,...

MKIII photo
Thomas Engineering Accela-Cota MKIII Spray Coater

Used Thomas Engineering Spray Coater: Tumbling drum Diameter: 59 inches Depth: 47 inches 6 baffles 6 head spray coater Infeed height: 39 inches Push button controls Timer Stainless...

Gk05-335 photo
Goe Oil Spray Coating Line 5

Used GOE Oil Spray Coating with: Last used for spray coating with oil Process pumps Allen-Bradlety PanelView controls Air conditioner: 1800-2000 BTUs Refrigerant: R134A Air supply:...

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