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In the food industry, this type of coating equipment is used to spray a liquid solution, such as oil or egg wash, onto food or pans. Spray coating equipment can also be used to spray coating into a seasoning drum or tumbler, or it can be designed to apply a coating as the product travels on a conveyor. In the pharmaceutical industry, this type of equipment is used to spray coating on tablets.

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SPG-FA-E photo
Food Makers Equipment SPG-FA-E Stainless Steel Liquid Pan Sprayer

Used Foods Makers Equipment Pan Sprayer with: Tank capacity: 5.75 gallons Conveyor speed: Minimum: 20 feet per minute Maximum: 75 feet per minute Usable belt width: 22 inches Belt height: 35...

509 photo
Burford Corporation 509 Stainless Steel Roll Oiler with Conveyor

Used Burford Roll Oiler and Conveyor with: Number of sprayers: 6 Oil capacity: 10 gallons Fully adjustable nozzle heads Stainless steel construction Mounted on casters Push button controls Electrical...

MKIII photo
Thomas Engineering Accela-Cota MKIII Spray Coater

Used Thomas Engineering Spray Coater: Tumbling drum Diameter: 59 inches Depth: 47 inches 6 baffles 6 head spray coater Infeed height: 39 inches Push button controls Timer Stainless...

Gk05-335 photo
Goe Oil Spray Coating Line 5

Used GOE Oil Spray Coating with: Last used for spray coating with oil Process pumps Allen-Bradlety PanelView controls Air conditioner: 1800-2000 BTUs Refrigerant: R134A Air supply:...

8830 photo
Burford Corp. 8830 Stainless Steel Melting Rack and Butter Applicator with Side Scrape Agitation

Used Burford 8830 Melting Rack and Butter Applicator with: Stainless steel product tank dimensions: 18 diameter x 23 height (inches) Agitation: Side scrape Temperature range: 65 to 135...

LCM10 photo
O'Hara LCM10 10 Kilogram Stainless Steel Tablet Coater

Used O'Hara LCM10 Tablet Coater with: Capacity: 1.5 - 10 kilograms Revolutions per minute: 3 - 30 Basket diameter sizes: 12 inches 15 inches 19 inches Aqeous and solvent...

STS 300 photo
Stanza Machinery STS 300 Linear Spray Machine

Used Stanza Machinery STS 300 Linear Spray Machine with: Maximum work piece dimension: 12 inches W x 3 inches H Minimum work piece length: 30 inches Feed speed: 30-150 feet per minute, product dependent...

Custom Martin E-Z Dry Ingredient Spreader with Spray Nozzles

Used Custom Dry Ingredient Spreader with Spray Nozzles with: Width: 35.5 inches Mesh conveyor dimensions: Length: 84 inches Width: 36 inches Includes: (2) Spraying Systems Co...

Burford 7100-3 SS Hydraplate Pan Oiler

Used Burford Pan Oiler with: Output: up to 220 pan cavaties per minute Includes: 3 Nozzle spray head assembly Programmable pan selection Left hand operation Stainless steel frame, cabinet &...

Bauer Sorbate Disc Spray Applicator

Used Disc Spray Applicator With: 2 disc sprayers Re-circulation pump DC variable speed control Stainless steel construction Air pressure maximum: 150 psi Belt dimensions (inches): 32 wide x 71 long...

LC111 photo
O'Hara LC111 Labcoat 3 Coating Pan 80 Kg Batch

Used O'Hara Labcoat 3 Coating Pan with: 24 and 36 inch pans Batch size: 80 kilograms 2-20 RPM Stainless steel construction Includes Donaldson Torit dust collector

LDCS-5 photo
Vector Corporation LDCS-5 Hi-Coater Coating Pan

Used Vector Corporation LDCS-5 Hi-Coater Coating Pan with: 316 stainless steel product contact surfaces 8.5", 11.5", 13", 14.5" and 16" diameter perforated pans with plenums .5,...

BGB-150D photo
BGB-150D Film Coating Machine

Used BGB-150D Film Coating Machine with: Production capacity: 150 kg (330.69 pounds) per batch Speed-adjusting range of film coating drum: 2 - 15 revolutions per minute Motor power of main machine: 2.2...

RAS4-40R photo
Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator 40" W

Used Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator with: Spray applicator which utilizes spinning discs to apply coating to product Applies a uniform coating without air knives and eliminates over and under...

48-S photo
Thomas Engineering 48-S Accela-Cota Tablet Coater

Used Thomas Engineering 48-S Accela-Cota Tablet Coater with: Stainless steel exterior with painted steel sub frame 48in diameter perforated rotary coating drum with four internal baffles 12in diameter...

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