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In the food industry, this type of coating equipment is used to spray a liquid solution, such as oil or egg wash, onto food or pans. Spray coating equipment can also be used to spray coating into a seasoning drum or tumbler, or it can be designed to apply a coating as the product travels on a conveyor. In the pharmaceutical industry, this type of equipment is used to spray coating on tablets.

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MKIII photo
Thomas Engineering Accela-Cota MKIII Spray Coater

Used Thomas Engineering Spray Coater: Tumbling drum Diameter: 59 inches Depth: 47 inches 6 baffles 6 head spray coater Infeed height: 39 inches Push button controls Timer Stainless...

Gk05-335 photo
Goe Oil Spray Coating Line 5

Used GOE Oil Spray Coating with: Last used for spray coating with oil Process pumps Allen-Bradlety PanelView controls Air conditioner: 1800-2000 BTUs Refrigerant: R134A Air supply:...

STS 300 photo
Stanza Machinery STS 300 Linear Spray Machine

Used Stanza Machinery STS 300 Linear Spray Machine with: Maximum work piece dimension: 12 inches W x 3 inches H Minimum work piece length: 30 inches Feed speed: 30-150 feet per minute, product dependent...

Custom Martin E-Z Dry Ingredient Spreader with Spray Nozzles

Used Custom Dry Ingredient Spreader with Spray Nozzles with: Width: 35.5 inches Mesh conveyor dimensions: Length: 84 inches Width: 36 inches Includes: (2) Spraying Systems Co...

Burford 7100-3 SS Hydraplate Pan Oiler

Used Burford Pan Oiler with: Output: up to 220 pan cavaties per minute Includes: 3 Nozzle spray head assembly Programmable pan selection Left hand operation Stainless steel frame, cabinet &...

Bauer Sorbate Disc Spray Applicator

Used Disc Spray Applicator With: 2 disc sprayers Re-circulation pump DC variable speed control Stainless steel construction Air pressure maximum: 150 psi Belt dimensions (inches): 32 wide x 71 long...

Bakon Disc Sprayer

Used Bakon Disc Sprayer with: For use with: egg wash, oil, liquor, water and thin fluids both warm and cold Disc spray hood with 2 discs Conveyor: Polycord belt Variable speed Dimensions (inches):...

LC111 photo
O'Hara LC111 Labcoat 3 Coating Pan 80 Kg Batch

Used O'Hara Labcoat 3 Coating Pan with: 24 and 36 inch pans Batch size: 80 kilograms 2-20 RPM Stainless steel construction Includes Donaldson Torit dust collector

LDCS-5 photo
Vector Corporation LDCS-5 Hi-Coater Coating Pan

Used Vector Corporation LDCS-5 Hi-Coater Coating Pan with: 316 stainless steel product contact surfaces 8.5", 11.5", 13", 14.5" and 16" diameter perforated pans with plenums .5,...

BGB-150D photo
BGB-150D Film Coating Machine

Used BGB-150D Film Coating Machine with: Production capacity: 150 kg (330.69 pounds) per batch Speed-adjusting range of film coating drum: 2 - 15 revolutions per minute Motor power of main machine: 2.2...

RAS4-40R photo
Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator 40" W

Used Wilevco Rotary Atomization Spray Applicator with: Spray applicator which utilizes spinning discs to apply coating to product Applies a uniform coating without air knives and eliminates over and under...

48-S photo
Thomas Engineering 48-S Accela-Cota Tablet Coater

Used Thomas Engineering 48-S Accela-Cota Tablet Coater with: Stainless steel exterior with painted steel sub frame 48in diameter perforated rotary coating drum with four internal baffles 12in diameter...

Clog Free Slurry photo
Spray Dynamics Clog Free Slurry Spray Encoater

Used Spray Dynamics Encoater with: 8 sprayers Casters 304 stainless steel construction Steel wire mesh conveyor Clog-Free spray stations with positive shut-off Conveyor dimensions: 41 inches long...

500/600 photo
Driacoater 500/600 Vario Coater

Used Driacoater 500/600 Vario Coater with: Batch size range: 2 to 36 liters Filtered air input Interchangeable polygonal drums are available for various batch sizes Supports water-based coating...

CC2N photo
Hosokawa Bepex CC2N Compound Conditioner

Used Hosokawa Bepex CC2N Compound Conditioner with: Throughputs from 100 kg/h to 2,000 kg/h Perfect pre-crystallized enrobing masses Suitable for highly viscous masses Coating masses with inclusions...

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