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This type of coating equipment completely or partially covers food items with a coating medium, commonly chocolate. Types of foods coated by enrobers include nuts, cookies, ice cream, toffee and other miscellaneous candy items. Enrobing equipment delivers quicker and more consistent results than traditional hand-dipping.

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Ultra V photo
JBT Stein Ultra V Stainless Batter Applicator 24" Wide

Used Stein Batter Applicator: Designed for applying standard or lightly leavened batters to a wide range of food substrates prior to the breading application or fryer step Interchangable enrobing mechanisms: ...

138C photo
Ryco 138C Compact Belt Type Dip Glazer Enrober

Used Ryco 138C Compact Belt Type Dip Glazer Enrober with: Production rate: 15,000 pounds per hour, product dependent Feeds from table height and offloads to table height Marine grade aluminum construction...

04-4465 photo
EBR 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Top Enrober

Used EBR SS304 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Enrober with: Conveyor dimensions (inches): 70 long x 34 wide Conveyor height from ground: 40 inches 2.5 inch inlet for enrobing liquid 304 stainless steel construction...

CCE24CO photo
Fedco CCE-24 SS 24" W Chocolate Enrobing Conveyor

Used Fedco 18 Inches Wide x 72 Inches Long Steel Wire Conveyor with: Infeed/outfeed height from floor: 37.5 Inches Conveyor total dimensions (inches): 72 Long x 18 Wide Outfeed conveyor dimensions (inches):...

ChocoMa 13 Inch Wide Chocolate Enrobing System

Used ChocoMa Enrobing System with: Enrober: Full product enrobing Wire mesh conveyor belt Conveyor dimensions: 13 inches wide x 35 inches long Excess chocolate catch pan/reservoir...

U-3000 photo
LLoveras U-3000 Chocolate Conche

Used LLoveras U-3000 Conche Enrober with: Overall dimensions: Length: 124 inches Width: 80 inches Height: 90 inches Working capacity: 3 tons Last known application: compound chocolate conching...

E-24 photo
Stein E-24 24 Inch Wide Stainless Steel Hydraulic Breader

Used Stein Breader with: Conveyor dimensions: Length: 103 inches Width: 24 inches Height: 45 inches Discharge: 48 inches Hopper dimensions: Width: 31 inches Length: 34 inches Height:...

Stainless Steel Chocolate Enrober 10" Wide

Used Chocolate Enrober with: Conveyor: Stainless steel wire Width: 10 inches Length: 48 inches Coating/depositing tubes: Number of tubes: 6 Diameter of tubes: 0.75 inches Single feed manifold...

XS 200 photo
Savy XS 200 Stainless Steel Enrober

Used Savy Enrober With: Capacity: 42 kilograms Belt Width: 8.5 inches Belt Speed: up to 4 meters per second Variable speed brewer and disk Adjustable flow thickness Electrical: ...

ACME Stainless Steel Revolving Coating Pan

Used Mixer with: Allis-Chalmers induction motor Tigear Speed Reducer Mixes up to 5 cubic feet Adjustable speed Specs: Horsepower: Up to 1.86 Torque: Up to 1112 foot pounds Input RPM: 1750 ...

Colton Stainless Steel Revolving Coating Pan

Used Colton Stainless Steel Revolving Coating Pan with: Last used for: caramel corn, hot mix popcorn, savory pretzel mix Capacity: previous use, 30 pounds caramel corn Application type: dual (dry seasonings...

T-1-24 photo
Stein T-1-24 Total Immersion Batter Applicator

Used Stein T-1-24 Total Immersion Batter Applicator: Designed for thick tempura style batter Top submerged conveyor: 24 inches Variable speed drive: 0 to 60 feet per minute Adjustable top submerger...

48 CP photo
O'Hara Stainless Steel Coating Pans 48" Diameter

Used O'Hara Coating Pan with: Dimensions: Diameter: 48 inches Port opening: approximately 24 inches Drive specs: 5 Horsepower with worm gear reducer VFD speed controller connected...

XL-40 photo
FMC Food Tech XL-40 Breading and Battering System

Used FMC Food Tech XL-40 Breading and Battering System with: Viscosity mixer for batter Line consists of 2 machines, one for breading and the other for batter application Conveyor width: 40 inches...

FLU200 photo
Tindo FLU200 Stainless Steel Top and Bottom Coater

Used Tindo FLU200 Coater with: Application: coating food processing, it coats the bottom of the products by the layer of the flour on the conveyor belt, the coats the surface of the products by the unique belt...

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