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This type of coating equipment completely or partially covers food items with a coating medium, commonly chocolate. Types of foods coated by enrobers include nuts, cookies, ice cream, toffee and other miscellaneous candy items. Enrobing equipment delivers quicker and more consistent results than traditional hand-dipping.

Stein SS Waterfall Batter Applicator 28" Wide
Inventory #: G7066

Used Stein Batter Applicator with: Waterfall style applicator Conveyor dimensions: Length: 50 inches Usable width: 28 inches Includes: Batter pump Level control tank ...

1000 photo
Nielson Bottom Enrober for Sandwich Cookies
Inventory #: G6085

Used Nielson Bottom Enrober with: Water jacketed chocolate holding tank Temperature valve ON/OFF Emergency stop button Main and wire stop disconnect switch Allen-Bradley Panelveiw 1000 Allen-Bradley...

Woody Stainless Steel 32" Chocolate Stringer
Inventory #: G6599

Used Woody Stringer with: Stringer size: 32 inches Conveyor: Wire mesh Variable speed Dimensions (inches): 27.25 long x 32.25 wide Capable of singe and double loops Stainless steel...

EA14JH photo
Stein Batter EA14JH Crumb Breading Applicator
Inventory #: G6152

Used Stein Batter EA14JH Crumb Breading Applicator with: Overall Dimensions: Length: 288 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 82 inches Newly replaced hoses Breading belt wire mesh:...

ENRO-6 photo
Perfect Choco 6" Chocolate Enrober Bottom and Full
Inventory #: G4914

Used Perfect Choco Chocolate Enrober with: Full coating of product, bottom enrobing or bottom and sides up to 0.5 inch The modular design 6 inch wide x 79 inch long stainless steel wire belt, variable...

Woody 32" Chocolate and Icing Stringer Decorator
Inventory #: G5849

Used Woody Stringer with: Stringer size: 32 inches Wire conveyor has 2 sections (inches): (1) section: 32 wide x 25 long (1) section: 32 wide x 27 long Stainless steel construction mounted...

04-4465 photo
EBR 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Enrober
Inventory #: G4449Can Rent

Used EBR SS304 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Enrober with: Conveyor dimensions (inches): 70 long x 34 wide Conveyor height from ground: 40 inches 2.5 inch inlet for enrobing liquid 304 stainless steel...

CCE2400 photo
Fedco CCE-24 SS 24" W Chocolate Enrobing Conveyor
Inventory #: G4435Can Rent

Used Fedco 18 Inches Wide x 72 Inches Long Steel Wire Conveyor with: Infeed/outfeed height from floor: 37.5 Inches Conveyor total dimensions (inches): 72 Long x 18 Wide Outfeed conveyor dimensions (inches):...

42 IG photo
Moline 50 Gal Stainless Steel Icing Glazing Tank
Inventory #: G5660

Used Moline Enrober with: Tank capacity: Liters: 190 Gallons: 50 Agitation: Bottom & sides scrape Cutting blades built into scrape apparatus Includes: ...

Autosaucer photo
WunderBar Autosaucer Pizza Sauce Applicator
Inventory #: G5183

WunderBar Rotary Pizza Sauce Applicator with: Output: up to 350 pizzas per hour Control settings for 5 sizes of pizza: Small Medium Large Extra large Personal pan pizza Linear...

WC Smith 6 Inch Chocolate Enrobing Line
Inventory #: G4992Featured

Used WC Smith 6 Inch Chocolate Enrobing Line with: Reservoir capacity: 40 pounds Pre-bottomer capacity: 15 pounds 2 foot in-feed conveyor 5 foot enrober 2 foot decorating area 12 foot cooling...

P30 photo
Fedco P30 Stainless Steel Waterfall Icing Enrober
Inventory #: G3935

Used Fedco Enrober with: Waterfall icing enrober System includes: Product tank with agitation Icing pump Water pump Water heating system Drum roller meters icing onto product as...

ChocoMa 13 Inch Wide Chocolate Enrobing System
Inventory #: D9980

Used ChocoMa Enrobing System with: Enrober: Full product enrobing Wire mesh conveyor belt Conveyor dimensions: 13 inches wide x 35 inches long Excess chocolate catch pan/reservoir...

All Food Equipment 39" Stainless Steel Enrober
Inventory #: G2148

Used AFE Enrober with: Top and bottom enrober Conveyor: Stainless steel mesh Width: 39 inches Variable speed: 10 - 24 feet per m inute Blower Scraping device Reservoir tank ...

E-24 photo
Stein E24 Inch Stainless Steel Breading Applicator
Inventory #: G1514

Used Stein Breading Applicator with: Conveyor: Stainless steel mesh Dimensions (inches): 80 long x 24 wide Variable speed: up to 60 feet per minute Coating specs: Lower coating...

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