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This type of coating equipment completely or partially covers food items with a coating medium, commonly chocolate. Types of foods coated by enrobers include nuts, cookies, ice cream, toffee and other miscellaneous candy items. Enrobing equipment delivers quicker and more consistent results than traditional hand-dipping.

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CGIC-24 photo
Hinds-Bock CGIC-24 Icer/Glazer

Used Hinds-Bock Conveyor and Recycle System with: Conveyor dimensions (inches): Length: 73 Width: 24 Height from floor: 33.5 Recycle Hopper dimensions (inches): Length:...

04-4465 photo
EBR 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Top Enrober

Used EBR SS304 34 Inch Wide x 70 Inch Long Enrober with: Conveyor dimensions (inches): 70 long x 34 wide Conveyor height from ground: 40 inches 2.5 inch inlet for enrobing liquid 304 stainless steel...

CCE24CO photo
Fedco CCE-24 SS 24" W Chocolate Enrobing Conveyor

Used Fedco 18 Inches Wide x 72 Inches Long Steel Wire Conveyor with: Infeed/outfeed height from floor: 37.5 Inches Conveyor total dimensions (inches): 72 Long x 18 Wide Outfeed conveyor dimensions (inches):...

ChocoMa 13 Inch Wide Chocolate Enrobing System

Used ChocoMa Enrobing System with: Enrober: Full product enrobing Wire mesh conveyor belt Conveyor dimensions: 13 inches wide x 35 inches long Excess chocolate catch pan/reservoir...

Sollich 54" x 80" Full Product Chocolate Enrober

Used Sollich Chocolate Enrober with: Waterfall enrober previously used to coat product in chocolate Conveyor dimensions: 54 inches wide x 80 inches long Wire mesh conveyor belt Unused chocolate...

TG-50 # 22306W photo
Belshaw TG50 Stainless Thermoglazer Donut Glazer

Used Belshaw TG50 Thermoglaze Frozen Donut Glazer with: Output: approximately up to 50, depending on product Heavy duty glazing pump Adjustable production speed and temperatures Stainless steel...

Bread Coating Applicator System

Used Bread Coating Applicator System with: Applies a bread coating to product as it travels on the conveyor Wire mesh product conveyor Conveyor dimensions: 32 inches wide Product height clearance:...

Sauce Topping Applicator with Conveyor

Used Sauce Topping Applicator with Conveyor with: Band conveyor dimensions: 88 inches long x 38 inches wide Waterfall sauce applicator Dual sauce pumps Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 HMI Allen-Bradley...

T-1-24 photo
Stein T-1-24 Total Immersion Batter Applicator

Used Stein T-1-24 Total Immersion Batter Applicator: Designed for thick tempura style batter Top submerged conveyor: 24 inches Variable speed drive: 0 to 60 feet per minute Adjustable top submerger...

7 photo
Smith Chocolate Erober with Cooling Tunnel 7" Wide

Used Smith Enrober with: Conveyor width: 7 inches Product tank: Water jacketed Electrically heated Blower Detailer Cooling tunnel: Infeed: 30 inches long Packing area:...

U-3000 photo
Lloveras U-3000 3 Ton Chocolate Conche Machine

Used Lloveras U-3000 Chocolate Conche Machine with: Previously running compound chocolate Capacity: 3 Ton Enrobing style: Full enrobing Coating method: Wheel circulation Motor: 35 horsepower...

48 CP photo
O'Hara Stainless Steel Coating Pans 48" Diameter

Used O'Hara Coating Pan with: Dimensions: Diameter: 48 inches Port opening: approximately 24 inches Drive specs: 5 Horsepower with worm gear reducer VFD speed controller connected...

XL-34 / APB photo
Stein Stainless Steel Batter & Breading Line

Used Stein Batter & Breading Line with: Three (3) Stein APB Batter Applicators Upgrade all to electrical drives with controls Three (3) Stein XL-34 Breading Applicators Upgrade all...

XL-34 photo
Stein XL34 Stainless Steel Breader Applicator

Used Stein Breader with: Uniform coating of: Flour Free flowing crumbs Japanese crumbs Nearly any breading material Conveyor: Wire mesh Width: 34 inches Length: approximately...

42 photo
APV Stainless Steel Top and Bottom Enrober

Used APV Enrober with: Top & bottom enrober Adjustable chain depth for bottom enrobing Conveyor: Stainless wire mesh Width: 42 inches Length: 62 inches VFD controls Chocolate...

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