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This type of coating equipment tumbles product inside a drum or tumbler as it applies coating or seasoning. The drum rotates to keep the product moving, ensuring that each piece of the product is evenly coated. Seasoning drums are often used to apply seasonings to snack foods, such as popcorn. Tumblers are often used to apply coatings to candy, such as the outside candy shell of a jelly bean.

LT-60 photo
Lance LT 60 1000 Lb Capacity SS Vacuum Tumbler

Used Lance Vacuum Tumbler with: Capacity: Liters: 600 Gallons: 160 Pounds: 1,000 Maximum vacuum (Hg"): 26 Variable drum speed: 1 - 9 rotation per minute Front mounted controls...

LT 5 photo
Lance LT5 50 Lb Table Top Seasoning Drum Tumbler

Used Lance Seasoning Drum Tumbler with: Capacity: 10 gallons Drum dimensions: 32 inches wide x 20 inches wide x 21 inches tall Stainless steel construction Variable speed drive: 1...

TRC10 photo
Wolfking TRC10 20,000 Lb Capacity Vacuum Tumbler

Used Wolfking Vacuum Tumbler with: Capacity: 20,000 Pounds total capacity 14,500 Pounds maximum meat content Drum dimensions: Drum length: 168 inches Interior drum diameter: 79 inches...

FD 24-40 photo
Rothum FD 24-40 Bread Crumb Coating Drum
Can Rent

Used Rothum FD 24-40 Bread Crumb Coating Drum with: Product is coated with bread crumbs or coatings by being placed through the rotating drum Wire mesh conveyor infeed and outfeed Excess coating catch...

NRP 40 photo
Nothun NRP 40 Stainless Steel Tumbler 46" Diameter

Used Nothun NRP 40 Tumbler with: Diameter: 46 inches Length: 6 feet Conveyor: Width: 46 inches Discharge height: 42.5 inches Process length: 16 feet Stainless steel construction...

113" Long x 24" Diameter Seasoning Drum Tumbler

Used 113" Long x 24" Diameter Seasoning Drum Tumbler with: Length: 113 inches long Diameter: 24 inches wide Infeed/discharge height: 37 inches

114" Long x 21" Diameter Seasoning Drum Tumbler

Used 114" Long x 21" Diameter Seasoning Drum Tumbler with: Length: 114 inches long Diameter: 21 inches wide Food grade stainless steel 1/2 horsepower motor

8700 photo
Lyco Chill Flow 8700 Pouch Chilling Tumbler

Used Lyco Chill Flow 8700 Pouch Chilling Tumbler with: 72 inch diameter by 24 feet long cooling reel Removable 3/8 inch perforated screen 24 inch diameter open throat infeed Cushioned entry design...

300L photo
80 Gallon Stainless Steell Vacuum Meat Tumbler

Used 80 Gallon Vacuum Tumbler with: PLC controls Stores up to 50 programs Loading: 75 to 80% Busch vacuum pump included Adjustable speeds: 2 to 9 rotations per minute Products: salads, meat...

Spray Dynamics Two Stage Seasoning Drum System

Used Spray Dynamics Seasoning Tumbler with: All components from Spray Dynamics Stainless Steel Coating Drum Length: 82 inches Diameter: 36 inches Slurry Encoater Spray Applicator...

96 photo
Stainless Steel Seasoning Drum Tumbler 96" Long

Used Seasoning Tumbler with: Dimensions: Length: 72 inches Diameter: 36 inches Infeed height: 72 inches Discharge height: 56 inches Less than 1 horsepower motor Allen Bradley components...

T40X76 photo
Hi Side Fabrication Stainless Steel Seasoning Drum

Used Hi Side Sealsoning Drum with: Dimensions: Length: 76 inches Diameter: 40 inches Six (6) interior baffles Driven by 1 horsepower, 1740 rpm drive motor Stainless steel construction...

300T photo
Pellegrini 60" Stainless Steel Coating Pan Tumbler

Used Pellegrini Coating Tumbler with: Capacity: 660 Pounds 300 Kilograms Includes interior baffles Revolution speed: 3 - 13 rotations per minute All stainless steel construction ...

8 Foot Stainless Steel Enrobing and Seasoning Drum

Used Seasoning Drum with: Drum dinemsions: Length: 93 inches Diameter: 30 inches Infeed: Height: 49 inches Diameter: 24 inches Discharge height: 39 inches Trunnions: ...

LT-30 photo
Koch LT-30 Rotary Vacuum Tumbler 500 Pounds

Used Koch LT-30 Rotary Vacuum Tumbler with: Capacity: 500 pounds 321 liters 85 gallons Maximum vacuum: 26 inches Drum speed: 1 - 9 rotations per minute Digital display Manual...

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