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Used Enrober Equipment

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This type of coating equipment completely or partially covers food items with a coating medium, commonly chocolate. Types of foods coated by enrobers include nuts, cookies, ice cream, toffee and other miscellaneous candy items. Enrobing equipment delivers quicker and more consistent results than traditional hand-dipping.

TG50 photo
Belshaw TG50 Thermoglaze Frozen Donut Glazer
Inventory #: C5771

Used Belshaw TG50 Thermoglaze Frozen Donut Glazer with: System that reheats and glazes pre-fried frozen donuts and other baked goods Simple two switch operation, oven and glazer Output: approximately...

1051 photo
Higgs Equipment 1051 Enrober
Inventory #: C3925

Used Higgs Equipment 1051 Enrober with: Application: waterfall glazer for donuts and other coated products. It can be used for chocolate or other low viscosity materials. Recycles glazing material Approximately...

Bakon Industrial Enrobing Machine
Inventory #: C2074

Used Bakon Industrial Enrobing Machine with: The pouring machine is based on a waterfall type system and allows the enrobing and the finishing of a variety of products It is the perfect solution for pouring...

Stainless Steel Waterfall Topping Batter Enrober
Inventory #: C2522R

Used Stainless Steel Waterfall Topping Batter Enrober with: Dual waterfall system enrobes product with batter or other toppings Conveyor dimensions: 111 inches long x 30 inches wide Conveyor height:...

Waterfall Topping Applicator with Mesh Conveyor
Inventory #: C2507R

Used Waterfall Topping Applicator with Mesh Conveyor with: A topping applicator that pours topping over the product as it travels down the conveyor Conveyor dimensions: 34 inches wide x 108 inches long...

Waterfall Glazer with Recirculating Pump and Tank
Inventory #: C2739

Used Waterfall Glazer with: Recirculating pump Heated glaze-holding tank Waterfall dispenser dimensions: 25 inches long x 3.625 inches wide Heated tank dimensions: 35 inches wide x 41 inches deep...

Topos Mondial Enrober
Inventory #: C2620

Used Topos Mondial Enrober with: Stainless steel construction Top mounted reservoir Curtain style coating application Coating re-circulation pump Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 HMI Previously...

TS 1050 photo
Sollich Bottom Enrober TS1050
Inventory #: C1298

Used Sollich Bottom Enrober TS1050 with: Wire mesh conveyor: 70 inches long x 42.75 inches wide Cutting bar: 42.5 inches wide Product apeture: 45 inches wide x 16.25 inches tall Push/pull start/stop...

WA-40 photo
Pizzamatic WA-40 Waterfall Topping Applicator
Inventory #: C2208

Used Pizzamatic WA-40 Waterfall Topping Applicator with: Designed to cover a wide range of production rates Can apply shredded cheese and IQF meat and vegetables Heavy-duty stainless steel construction...

Baden Baden Food Equipment Enrober
Inventory #: B6927

Used Baden Baden Food Equipment Enrober with: Holding tank dimensions: 20 inches long x 10 inches deep x 6 inches wide Holding tank capacity: 5 gallons Conveyor dimensions: 48 inches long x 16 inches...

Roby-450 photo
Hacos van Meulenbeke Roby 450 Enrober
Inventory #: B5353

Used Hacos van Meulenbeke Roby 450 Enrober: Equipped for full or partial enrobing as well as bottoming Equipped with chocolate filtering system with isolation valves for filter change Full stainless...

CB-4 photo
Hoyer CB-4 Enrober
Inventory #: B4406

Used Hoyer CB-4 Enrober with: Allen Bradley panel view 1000 27 topping tubes Stainless steel Belt: 35 inches width x 50 inches length

B-8 photo
Stein B-8 Stainless Steel Waterfall Applicator
Inventory #: B3410

Used Stein B-8 Waterfall Applicator with: Stainless steel construction Catch pan for re-circulation of unused product Wire mesh conveyor Simple push button operator interface Conveyor width: 8...

Inventory #: B2475

Used Enrober with: Wire mesh belt: 1550 millimeters long x 200 millimeters wide .5 horsepower Baldor motor Casters for easy mobility Previously used for chocolate truffles Variable speed conveyor...

UT280 photo
Sollich UT 280 Chocolate Enrober System
Inventory #: A6705

Sollich UT 280 Chocolate Enrober System 500mm Infeed Mol D'Art Cooling Tunnel 11 Metres Long Chocoma Tempering Kettle Type 20F

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