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Used Meat Processing Equipment

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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

Super Model 54 photo
Hollymatic Super Model 54 Patty Former
Inventory #: D3675

Used Hollymatic Super Model 54 Patty Former with: Stainless steel base Forms patties up to 8 oz. in weight, Patty thickness range from 3/16 inch to 3/4 inch Production rate ...

Pro-9 photo
Biro Pro-9 Sir Steak Meat Tenderizer
Inventory #: D3650

Used Biro Pro-9 Sir Steak Meat Tenderizer with: Use to tenderize, and knit beef products Stainless steel case top, coated steel frame Enhances eye appealing beef patties Enhance the texture and tenderness...

TC700M photo
Ross TC700M Tenderizer
Inventory #: D3511

Used Ross TC 700 MC Meat Tenderizer with: Bone-in or boneless tenderizer Stainless steel blades produce 32 incisions per square inch Tenderizer blades are positioned in magnetic carriers, retracting...

1411 photo
Anco 1411 15 Inch x 34 Inch Platen Bacon Press
Inventory #: D4263

Used Anco 1411 Bacon Press with: Application: press bacon to uniform thickness & width to maximize slicing yields Manual or automatic operation modes Press chamber dimensions: 15 inches x 34 inches...

KDCM 400 photo
Tipper Tie KDCM 400 Semi-Automatic Double Clipper
Inventory #: D4350

Used Tipper Tie KDCM 400 Semi-Automatic Double Clipper with: Semi-automatic operation Capacity: handles casings up to 120mm diameter Clip sizes: 370 390 400 Casings: ...

TriPower Bacon Press
Inventory #: D4239

Used Tri-Power Bacon Press with: Production speed: 11 bellies per minute

KLE-100 photo
Koch KLE-100 Single Truck Smokehouse
Inventory #: D2543

Used Koch KLE-100 Single Truck Smokehouse with: Stainless Steel Smokehouse, 2 truck capacty Door dimensions: 49 inches wide x 80 inches tall Spray Shower Cooling system for cheeses Chart Recorder...

FMG-16/64F photo
Fomaco FMG 1664F Injector for Fish
Inventory #: D4104

Used Fomaco 16/64F Injector for Fish with: Number of needles: 64 16 needles each with 4 needle heads Needle carriage width: 12 inches Speed range: variable up to 65 strokes per minute...

51000 photo
Carruthers 51000 Logger Portioner
Inventory #: D4042

Used Carruthers 51000 Logger Portioner with: Infeed: 42" Discharge: 40" Belt size: 12 1/2" and 10" Overall dimensions: 98" Long X 45" Wide X 86" Tall

7500 photo
Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner
Inventory #: D3763

Used Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner with: Application: removes membranes from various meat, poultry and fish Open top Stainless steel construction

BI-135 photo
Inject Star BI 135 Stainless Steel Brine Injector
Inventory #: D3854

Used Inject Star BI 135 Stainless Steel Brine Injector with: Needle count: 135 Belt width: 23.25 inches Passage height: 10.25 inches Food grade, stainless steel construction Variable speed conveyor...

U 2500 BE photo
Reich U 2500 BE Single Cart Friction Smokehouse
Inventory #: D3861

Used Reich U 2500 BE Single Cart Friction Smokehouse with: Application: used to cook meat with hot air and smoke Single cart capacity Friction smoke generation In-door unit Dimensions: 80.5 inches...

2800/2 photo
Kerres 2800/2 Electric Smokehouse
Inventory #: D3983

Used Kerres 2800/2 Electric Smokehouse with: Interior drain Electric heat source Inside dimensions: 44 inches W x 87 inches L x 83 inches H Outside dimensions: 62 inches W x 90 inches L x 108 inches...

Votron 1 Truck Smokehouse
Inventory #: D3977

Used Votron 1 Truck Smokehouse with: Outside dimensions:53" W X 57" D X 9'6" H Stainless Steel Trucks: Dimensions: 43" X 39" X 70" H 4 shelves per truck...

MMP64 photo
FPEC MMP64 Mega Meat Press
Inventory #: D3142

Used FPEC MMP64 Mega Meat Press with: Stainless steel construction Forty (40) inch wire conveyor width Designed for heavy duty, high production applications Hydraulic driven

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