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These units use a piston to measure and control product amounts for filling. These have an adjustable range set for each unit. The type of product this unit fills is high and low viscosity liquids.

Fill Rite 8 Head Stainless Steel Piston Filler
Inventory #: G7528

Piston filler: Currently set to run 16 ounce bottles Minimum fill: 12 ounces Maximum fill: 32 ounces 8 filling heads Previous application: oil based salad dressing Touch pad controls No...

F87 photo
IMA Farmomac F87 Mono Block 6 Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: G7455

Used IMA F87 Farmomac Mono Block 6 Head Piston Filler with: Up to 20-30 containers per minute Maximum fill range: 9.5 ounces 6 filling pistons (4) 30 mL pumps (2) 80 ML pumps Pre...

IMI 4 Head Inline SS Pneumatic Piston Filler
Inventory #: G4594

Used IMI 4 Head Inline Pneumatic Piston Filler with: Conveyor dimensions: 120 inches long x 1.25 inches wide 17 gallons storage tank 4 filling heads Currently set to run 22 ounce bottles Pneumatic...

Colborne SS Single Piston Air Operated Filler
Inventory #: G6962

Used Colborne Piston Filler with: Stainless steel cylinder dimensions: Length: approximately 7 inches Width: approximately 4 inches Hopper dimensions: Opening: 30 x 18 inches Depth:...

PF-1 photo
Colborne PF1 SS Single Piston Air Operated Filler
Inventory #: G6961

Used Colborne Piston Filler with: Output: Up to 90 cycles per minute Cylinder & piston: Dimensions (inches): 7 long x 4 diameter Stainless steel cylinder with plastic pistons for hot product...

FEMC Four Head Stainless Steel Piston Filler
Inventory #: G5705

Used FPEC Piston Filler with: Four filling heads 9 inch piston stroke Piston diameter: 2 inches Discharge diameter: 2.25 inches Hopper volume: approximately 120 gallons Paddle mixer in hopper...

JG Machine Four Piston Heated Hot Pour Filler
Inventory #: G6358

Used Custom Piston Filler with: Features: Extruded aluminum conveyor body Conveyor dimensions (inches): 2 wide x 84 long Pneumatically operated (4) container indexing station at filler ...

19S photo
Colton Hope 19S Stainless Steel Dual Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6357

Used Colton-Hope Filler with: Twin pistons: Diameter: 1.5 inches Maximum stroke: 7 inches Maximum fill: approximately 12 ounces Product hopper: Stainless steel Drain port Dimensions...

Model J photo
Geyer J Four Valve Automatic Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6301

Used Geyer Filler with: Output: 40 - 100 containers per minute Includes (3) sets of (4) each pistons: (1) 1 inch diameter (1) 1.5 inches diameter (1) 2.25 inches diameter Conveyor:...

Kalix Automatic Twin Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6310

Used Kalix Filler with: Output: up to 20 bottles per minute Dual pistons: Diameter: 2 inches by stroke Micro adjust fill volume controls on each piston Product reservoir (inches): 16...

YH-500 photo
JW Lesser YH500 Two Valve Automatic Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6300

Used J.W. Lesser Filler with: Maximum output: 36 containers per minute Nozzles: Total number: 2 Diameter: 0.25 inches Twin pistons: Maximum fill rate per piston: 36 ounces ...

Model A photo
Apacks A Four Valve Inline Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6298

Used JJ Industrial Filler with: Pistons: Total number: 4 Diameter: 2.5 inches Maximum stroke: 13 inches (2) Air cylinders operate a pair of pistons with movable sensors to control stroke...

AS 1 photo
Simplex AS 1 Single Head Table Top Piston Filler
Inventory #: G4572

Used Simplex AS 1 Piston Filler with: Single filling head Hopper included Hopper capacity: approximately 7 gallons Stainless steel contact parts Table top design

STS-RF30-4V photo
Speck-Tech STS-RF30-4V 30 Head Rotary Filler
Inventory #: G5880Featured

Used Speck-Tech STS-RF30-4V Filler with: Previous application: filling bottles of motor oil 30 filling heads Currently set up for 12 ounce rectangular bottles Timing screw Digital touch screen...

Anderson Machine Works 8 Head SS Piston Filler
Inventory #: G6175

Used Anderson Machine Filler with: Pistons: Capacity: 8 pistons Currently equipped with 6 pistons Nozzle diameter: 3 inches Stroke: 5.25 inches Adjustable stroke length Bottom...

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