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This type of coating equipment tumbles product inside a drum or tumbler as it applies coating or seasoning. The drum rotates to keep the product moving, ensuring that each piece of the product is evenly coated. Seasoning drums are often used to apply seasonings to snack foods, such as popcorn. Tumblers are often used to apply coatings to candy, such as the outside candy shell of a jelly bean.

Stainless Steel 16" Diameter Seasoning Drum
Inventory #: G2927

Used Stainless Steel 16" Diameter Seasoning Drum with: Diameter: 16 inches Length: 32 inches Discharge height: 46 inches+ Infeed height: 50.5 inches .25 horsepower motor Stainless steel...

M1500CVT photo
MPBS M1500 SS Continuous Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: G3045

Used MPBS Vacuum Tumbler with: Batch capacity: 1,500 pounds Vessel dimensions: Length: 48 inches Diameter: 48 inches Product intake: Ingredient port: 7.35 inches Product...

DVTS 500 photo
Daniels Food Equipment DVTS500 SS Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: G3041

Used Daniels Vacuum Tumbler with: Capacity: 550 pounds Electronic controls: Tumbler speed: adjustable up to 15 rpm Toggle switches: Jog - run Forward - reverse Start - stop Vacuum...

VT85 photo
FPEC VT85 Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: G1889

Used FPEC 700 Gallon Tumbler: Capacity: approximately 700 Gallons Discharge height: 4 feet Diameter: approximately 5 feet Infeed/outfeed diameter: 21 inches Food grade stainless steel

Colton 36 Inch Stainless Steel Coating Drum
Inventory #: G1922

Used Colton Stainless Steel Coating Drum with: Bowl opening diameter: 24 inches Bowl depth: 31.5 inches Inside bowl diameter: 36 inches Bowl height: 42.5 inches

MA-2000 PS photo
Nowicki MA-2000 PS Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: G1566

Used Nowicki MA-2000 PS Tumbler with: Capacity: 2000 liters Hydraulic loader Loading: up to 1200 kilogram Drum rotational speed: 0-9 reps per minute Maximum program time: 600 hours Maximum...

175 Gallon Stainless Steel Rotary Seasoning Drum
Inventory #: G1522

Used Seasoning Drum with: Capacity: 175 gallons Drum dimensions: 48 inches long x 23.5 inch diameter Stainless steel construciton Removable lid Pressurized lid

8 Foot Stainless Steel Enrobing and Seasoning Drum
Inventory #: G1035

Used Seasoning Drum with: Drum dimensions: Diameter: 30 inches Length: 93 inches Inlet: Diameter: 24 inches Height: 49 inches Discharge height: 39 inches Trunnions:...

Stainless Steel Enrober and Seasoning Drum
Inventory #: D9433

Used Seasoning Drum with: Drum dimensions: Diameter: 36 inches Length: 108 inches Inlet: Diameter: 27.5 inches Height: 47.5 inches Discharge height: 31.75 inches Trunnions:...

Stainless Steel 38 inch Diameter Tumbling Drum
Inventory #: D8700

Used Tumbling Drum with: Diameter: 38 inches Depth: 32 inches Manual load Stainless steel construction

VT85 photo
FPEC VT85 2500 Pound Shaft Load Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: D8580

Used FPEC Vacuum Tumbler with: Drum capacity: 2500 pounds 1,134 kilograms Direct drive Single door Vacuum loading Continuous vacuum Reverse rotation unloading Adjustable...

175 photo
Amfec Model 175 2000 Pound Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: D8560

Used Amfec Vacuum Tumbler with: Capacity: 2,000 pounds 907 kilograms Dual pivoting doors Drive: Variable speed 10 horsepower, 220 volt, 3 phase Includes: Control...

TM4000CVT photo
Promarks TM4000CVT 4000 Pound Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: D8563

Used Promarks Vacuum Tumbler with: Capacity: 4,000 pounds 1,814 kilograms Continuous vacuum Reverse discharge function Drum has 4 interior flights Product infeed: 20 inches diameter...

118" Long x 36" Diameter Rotary Tumbling Drum
Inventory #: D5616

Used Rotary Tumbling Drum with: Drum dimensions: 118 inches long x 36 inch diameter Infeed diameter: 20 inches Infeed height: 8 inches Discharge height: 8 inches 1.5 horsepower motor Sealed...

Stainless Steel Seasoning Drum
Inventory #: D3970

Used Stainless Steel Seasoning Drum with: Dimensions: 22 inch diameter 24 inch deep 18 inch opening Agitator bars Dewatering option Tilt option Stainless steel

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