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Slicers are used in size reduction of product based on product size, weight, volume or a combination. Slicers vary in size from bench top, hand load units to high speed, automatic production line units. They are typically used for food products such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

Lion FB photo
Treif Lion FB Single Blade Automatic Slicer
Inventory #: D9785

Used Treif Lion FB Slicer with: Previous application: Beef jerky Capacity: up to 200 cuts per minute Cut off length range: 1/50 of an inch to 2-4/5 inches Cross section of product: 13-4/5 inches...

2003 photo
Oliver 2003 Variable Thickness Bread Slicer
Inventory #: D9250

Used Oliver 2003 Variable Thickness Bread Slicer with: Slice thickness: 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 1, and 1-1/2 inches Slicing blade diameter: 14 inches Production capacity: up to 9 inches x 4-1/4 inches...

GU20W-8ST photo
LeMatic GU20W-8ST Slicing Head Only
Inventory #: D9440

Used LeMatic GU20W-8ST Slicing Head Only with: Heavy duty hinged or webbed slicer Can be used on 4 slicing lanes 8 blades on each slicing station Emergency stop button 5.5 inch diameter cutter...

Vari-Slicer 2003 photo
Oliver VariSlicer Bread Loaf Slicer
Inventory #: D9520

Used Oliver Bread Slicer with: Slicing thickness range: Minimum: 0.375 inches Maximum: 1.5 inches Maximum loaf size (inches): 15 long x 9 wide x 4.5 high Overall dimensions (inches): 36...

979-32 photo
Oliver 797 32 Bread Slicer with Bagger
Inventory #: D9519

Used Oliver Bread Slicer and Bagger with: Model 797-32 Slicer Output: up to 200 loaves per hour Maximum loaf size: Length: 16 inches Height: 5 inches Slice thickness: 0.75 inches...

109PC photo
BIRO 109PC Electronic Boneless Horizontal Slicer
Inventory #: D9423

Used BIRO 109PC Electronic Boneless Horizontal Slicer with: Maximum slice thickness: 15/16 inch Minimum slice thickness: 1/16 inch Takeaway Conveyor Touch pad controls Smooth edge hardened sickle...

MB 7/16 photo
Berkel Equipment MB 7/16 Counter top Bread Slicer
Inventory #: D9095

Used Berkel 7/16 slicer with: Slice thickness: 7/16 inch Counter top Slicing is completed in approximately 8 seconds per loaf depending on bread size and type Loaf dimensions: Length: 15.5...

704N photo
Oliver 704N Bun Bagel Slicer
Inventory #: D8161

Used Oliver 704N Bun Bagel Slicer with: Maximum product size: 6.75 inches wide and 3 inches high Blade height: 5/8 inch to 1.5 inches Maximum cutting depth: 6 inches .5 horsepower motor

SL-400 photo
Grasselli SL400 Inline Multi Blade Slicing System
Inventory #: D9181

Used Grasselli Slicer with: Applications - fresh: Fish Meats Poultry Slicing bar (inches): 15 wide x 4 high Adjustable cutter Fully guarded Chamber dimensions (inches): 11.8...

Puma 700 CE photo
Treif Puma 700 CE Stainless Steel Slicer
Inventory #: D9098

Used Treif Slicer with: Output: up to 200 cuts per minute Product: Cheese Boneless or bone-in meats Fresh or frozen Aperture (inches): 8.5 x 7 Cross-section of product (inches):...

T 2000 photo
Spirocut Equipment T 2000 Sprial Ham Slicer
Inventory #: D9047

Used Spirocut Slicer with: Output: 60 rotations per minute Cycle for 14 pound ham: 65 seconds Slice thickness: 0.16 inches Adjustable spring tension of blade Retractable blade guard...

109PC photo
Biro 109PC Stainless Steel Horizontal Slicer
Inventory #: D8633

Used Biro Slicer with: Applications: Fresh or frozen: Cheeses Boneless meat products Output: up to 180 slices per minute (depending on product) Loading chamber (inches): 30 long x...

SE-12 photo
Bizerba SE 12 Tabletop Stainless Steel Slicer
Inventory #: D8252

Used Bizerba Slicer with: Blade diameter: 13 inches Blade speed: 286 RPM Maximum product size: Round: up to 9.5 inches diameter Rectangular: 11.4 inches x 9.6 inches Slice thickness:...

613-VS2 photo
Grote 613-VS2 Semi-Automatic Stainless MultiSlicer
Inventory #: D8184

Used Grote 613-VS2 Semi-Automatic Multi-Slicer with: 90 strokes per minute Product size: 6 inches x 13 inches maximum Slice thickness: .04 inch minimun - .50 inch maximum Finished stack height: up...

Stainless Steel Table Top Press Slicer
Inventory #: D8376

Used Slicer with: Speed: 3 dozen stacks of tortillas per second Air requirements: 50 PSI 3 Round blade Diameter: 6.5 inches Cuts 4, 5, and 6 pieces into triangle shape Stainless...

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