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Used Slicer Equipment

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Slicers are used in size reduction of product based on product size, weight, volume or a combination. Slicers vary in size from bench top, hand load units to high speed, automatic production line units. They are typically used for food products such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

X13AE photo
Berkel X13AE Gravity Fed Radial Meat Slicer
Inventory #: D6263

Used Berkel Meat and Cheese Slicer with: Production speed: up to 60 slices per minute 13 Inch forged stainless steel knife Maximum product sizes: Rectangular: 10.5 inches x 6.75 inches ...

06308041 photo
Niko Food Processing 06308041 Transverse Slicer
Inventory #: D5228

Used Niko Transverse Slicer with: Slicer for For carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, peppers, leeks, rhubarb, celery, aubergines, courgettes, kiwi fruit and similar products Output: up to 6,600 pounds per...

902 SLC photo
Weber 902 SLC Slicer with Interleaver
Inventory #: D5809

Used Weber Slicer with: Slicing throat: 15 inches wide x 5 inches high Circular blade Slicer/blade speed: up to 600 rotations per minute Slice thickness: 0.1 - 50 mm Maximum product length: 63...

VSC photo
Urschel VSC Stainless Steel Segment Cutter
Inventory #: D5705

Used Urschel Segment Cutter with: Lengthwise slicer cuts: Square Rectangular Segment Spear Wedge Stick Slab For products up to 4 inches in diameter including: Cucumbers...

GSP  HD33 photo
Bizerba USA GSP HD33 Automatic Gravity Feed Slicer
Inventory #: D5509

Used Bizerba USA GSP HD33 Automatic Gravity Feed Slicer with: Blade diameter: 13 inches Slice thickness: 0 - to 1 inch Touch pad controls Adjustable stroke and speed Stainless steel construction...

CL50 photo
Robot Coupe CL50 Vegetable Preparation Machine
Inventory #: D5546

Used Robot Coupe CL50 Vegetable Preparation Machine with: Vegetable Preparation Machine equipped with 2 hoppers: 1 kidney shaped hopper to cut bulky vegetables, like cabbage, beets, celeriac, etc. and 1 cylindrical...

OV photo
Urschel OV Crosscut Slicer
Inventory #: D5375

Urschel Crosscut Slicer with: Application: crosscut slices elongated products such as pickles, carrots, potatoes, etc. Hopper feed 13 Blade cutting head assembly Maximum product diameter: up to 2.75...

OC-45 photo
Urschel OC 45 Crosscut Bias Slicer
Inventory #: D5350

Used Urschel Crosscut Bias Slicer with: Application: angled coin cuts of oblong fruits and vegetables 45° Angled cutting head Slice thickness: Minimum: 1/16 Inch Maximum: 1.75 inches...

ASETSM-E photo
Fuema ASETSM-E Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer
Inventory #: D5181

Used Fuema ASETSM-E Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer with: Stainless steel and anodized aluminum design 12 apples per minute 155 to 245 lbs. per hour Magnetic safety device Motor protection switch ...

8000 photo
Lyco 8000 Abrasive Vegetable Peeler and Washer
Inventory #: D5327

Used Lyco Peeler and Washer with: Continuous hydraulic driven abrasive vegetable peeler Rollers: Number of roller: 8 Roller dimensions: 72 inches long x 5 inches diameter Feed chute dimensions:...

Bichel SS Abrasive Screw Vegetable Peeler
Inventory #: D5310

Used Bichel Abrasive Screw Peeler with: Rollers: Number of rollers: 8 Type: abrasive Roller dimensions: 7 inches diameter x 70 inches long 20 Inch diameter stainless steel screw conveying...

Autoslicer 5100 photo
Carruthers Autoslicer 5100 Slice and Dice Machine
Inventory #: D5254

Used Carruthers Autoslicer 5100 Slice and Dice Machine with: Application: ideal for slicing fresh, tempered or pre-cooked meat and poultry, as well as, tropical fruit and produce Includes 13 inch wide...

B35 photo
Norfo B35 Stainless Steel Portion Cutter
Inventory #: D4887R

Used Norfo B35 Stainless Steel Portion Cutter with: Maximum conveyor speed: 15.75 inches per second Maximum cutting speed: up to 600 cuts per minute Memory capacity: up to 84 programs Accuracy: 97-98%...

5-AF photo
Food Tools 5-AF Butter and Cheese Block Cutter
Inventory #: D5140

Used Food Tools Block Cutter with: Applications: cheeses and butter Manual operation Speeds: up to 120 blocks per hour Product size range: 17 inches x 22 inches Product weight capacity: 40 pound...

613-VS2 photo
Grote 613 Multi-Slicer
Inventory #: D5055

Used Grote 613 Multi-Slicer with: 37 up to 90 strokes per minute Bulk slice, stack, and shingle modes 6” x 13” (152 x 330 mm) slicing zone 26” (660 mm) tall product holder Up...

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