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An employee is needed to put the product into the box before a hand-load tuck cartoner can seal the carton. Tuck cartoners are designed to seal cartons by tucking small tuck flaps into the other flaps of the carton. Many close the minor flaps of the carton, close one of the major flaps of the carton, close the other major flap of the carton, and tuck a tuck flap of the carton into the proper slot to seal the carton. Several different types of tuck cartons have been designed for various applications. Some tuck the tuck flap on the major flap into the other major flap. Other tuck cartons only have one major flap and the tuck flaps are designed to tuck just inside the opposite side of the carton. Products such as cosmetics are packaged with Tuck Automatic Horizontal Cartoners.

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5973 photo
Econoseal 5973 Hand Load Tuck Cartoner

Used Econocorp Handload Horizontal Tuck Cartoner: Suitable for erecting, loading and closing end load cartons Production output rate: Up to 25 cartons per minute, depending on carton style adn...

15D105-EC photo
ADCO 15D105-EC Hand Load Tuck Cartoner

Used ADCO 15D105-EC Cartoner with: Hand load cartoner for running standard end tuck cartons Output: Up to 125 cartons per minute, depending on carton dimensions and operator dexterity Minimum...

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