Used SKA Fabricators Can Repalletizing Line

SKA Fabricators Can Repalletizing Line
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Equipment Details

Equipment # E12932
Item SKA Fabricators Can Repalletizing Line
Category Complete Line
Beverage Complete Line
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Equipment Description

Used SKA FAB Canning Line with:

  • Can-i-Bus Depalletizer High Trim v5.0
    • Variable height system
    • 116 inch discharge
      • Belt dirve sweep/ actuator
    • Runs standard pallet size:
      • Width: 44 inches
      • Length: 56 inches
    • Siemens controls
  • Machine Control Box 3rd VFD
    • Additional VFDs
    • For line with additional pre-rinse conveyance
  • 90°F Twist Cage
    • Stainless stell
    • Twist only
    • No rinse
    • Capabilities:
      • 12 ounce
      • 16 ounce
      • 12 ounce sleek
      • 250 mililiter slim
  • Repalletizer - Full Height Semi Auto V1.0
    • Narrow in - narrow out configuration
    • 116 inches infeed elevation for full heigh pallets
    • Siemens controls
    • Remote HMI
  • Electrical: 208-240 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Location Details:

Eastern Canada

This machine is located at a client’s facility in Eastern Canada. To coordinate an inspection of this item, please contact your SIGMA sales team.

Call us at (812) 303-8383.

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