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This type of case packer loads cartons, cans, tapered canisters, etc. vertically up through the bottom of a case. The case is extracted and opened over the accumulated product. The product is lifted up into the case, which then transfers horizontally for sealing. Bottom load case packers help eliminate possible packaging re-positioning during casing. Items such as jars and boxes can be packaged by a bottom load case packer.

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AMC 1023 photo
AMC2 AMC1023 Top Load Case Erector

Used AMC2 Top Load AMC1023 Case Erector with: Rate: up to 100 boxes / min. Multi-format machine designed as a standard module Secured manual post Motorized product transfer Bipod, tripod...

8358,8542 photo
Benhil 8358 8542 Mini Butter Portion Packer

Used Benhil 8358 / 8542 Mini Butter Portion Packer with: Adjustable volume by the height of the brick Special wheel to regulate it Rotary packer Double head...

SE photo
(2) Sabel Model SE Case Packers

Used Sabel Model SE Case Packer with: Bottom load case packing Tape case sealing Speeds up to 25cpm 2 available; price is for one

PS-500 photo
Morosin Controls PS-500 Case Packer

Used Morosin Controls PS-500 Case Packer with:

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