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This type of case packer can accommodate a wide range of products. Semi-automatic case packers require a person to insert the box to be filled, and some require a person to remove it after it is filled.

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ErgoPack-20 and TBS 100 photo
Combi Packaging ErgoPack 20 Case Erector with Hand Packing Station and Top Case Sealer

New Combi Packaging ErgoPack 20 Hand Packing Station with: Both RH/LH case capability (17 CPM LH / 20 CPM RH) Two person hand pack station with TBS 100 Top Case Sealer Tape head: 3 inches (capable of...

E4000 photo
Combi ErgoPack Hand Packing Station with Case Sealer

Used Combi ErgoPack With: Output: Up to 12 cases per minute Magazine: Up tto 54 inches wide x 42 inches high Ergopack hand pack station Plastic tabletop product conveyor Length: 18 feet Width: 18...

Blueprint Automation Semi Automatic Case Packer

Used Blueprint Automation Case Packer with: Infeed conveyor: 13.5 inches wide x 64 inches long Discharge conveyor: 15.5 inches wide x 75 inches long Product conveyor:...

Econopacker photo
Econocorp Econopack Semi-Automatic Case Packer

Used Econocorp Case Packer with: Output: Up to 10 cases per minute Up to 600 cases per hour Case size range: Minimum (inches): 8 long x 6 wide x 4 high Maximum (inches): 24 long x 16 wide...

CL 100 photo
SWF CL100 Case Packer with Infeed Conveyor

Used SWF CL100 Case Packer with Infeed Conveyor with: Last ran 12 and 16 ounce products Minimum case size: 10 inches long x 9 inches wide x 7.5 inches high Maximum case size: 20 inches long x 17 inches...

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