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TBS100FC photo
Combi Ergopack Left to Right 3CE Erector-Packer- TB1 Sealer-System

Used Combi Ergopack 3CE Erector-Packer-TBF Sealer System with: Closure Type: top and bottom 3M Accuglide 2" Tape Head Product infeed conveyor: Length: 156 inches Width: 12 inches Left to right...

ErgoPack photo
Combi ErgoPack Box Erecting Packing And Sealing System

Used Combi ErgoPack: The Ergopack combines a case erector, a hand pack station, and a sealer into a compact and cost-effective work cell Output: up to 12 cases per minute depending on application Left...

5151 photo
Wexxar Bel 5151 Semi-Automatic Bottom Tape Case Sealer

Used Wexxar Bel Bottom Tape Case Sealer with: Speed: up to 15 cases per minute (dependent on case dimensions) Approximate minimum case dimensions: Length: 8 inches Width: 5 inches Height:...

ErgoPack-20 and TBS 100 photo
Combi Packaging ErgoPack 20 Case Erector with Hand Packing Station and Top Case Sealer

New Combi Packaging ErgoPack 20 Hand Packing Station with: Both RH/LH case capability (17 CPM LH / 20 CPM RH) Two person hand pack station with TBS 100 Top Case Sealer Tape head: 3 inches (capable of...

E4000 photo
Combi ErgoPack Hand Packing Station with Case Sealer

Used Combi ErgoPack With: Output: Up to 12 cases per minute Left hand cases Magazine: Up tto 54 inches wide x 42 inches high Ergopack hand pack station Plastic tabletop product conveyor ...

VP15 photo
Pearson VP15 Case Erector and Packing Station

Used Pearson VP15 Case Erector and Packing Station with: Semi-automatic, hand packing system for cases Erects and bottom seals cases with tape Output: up to 15 cases per minute, depending on operator...

BEL 252 photo
Belcor Bel 505 and Bel 252 Case Sealing System

Used Belcor Bel 252 Sealer and Bel 505 Hand Pack System with: Semi-automatic case erector and top and bottom case sealer designed to assist in hand-packing operations Output: 15 to 20 cases per minute depending...

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