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A top load case packer is able to accommodate a wide variety of product types, including fragile or heavy containers and flexible pouches. A robotic and pick and place case packer uses a robotic arm to pick up product from a certain location and place it into the case. The product is first collated, then a special plate or load head descends on the product and lifts it using either vacuum or mechanical grippers. The load head then lowers the containers into the case. Top load case packers are ideal for containers that can be gripped at the top, such as glass or plastic bottles.

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Vertical Pick and Place Blueprint Automation Case Packer

Used Vertical Pick and Place Blueprint Automation Case Packer: No nameplate or tag Last packing 6 to a case Loading conveyor dimensions: 104 inches long 19 inches wide Allen-Bradley control screen...

R-400-BP photo
Fallas R400 Robotic Case Packer with Uppender

Used Fallas Case Erector Case Packer and Upender with: Fallas R400 Robotic Case Packer: Serial number: R400031202-05 Case size range: Minimum: 10...

GSH 5031 B photo
Bosch GSH 5031B Pick and Place Case Packer

Used Bosch GSH 5031B Case Packer with: Creates vertical or horizontal pillow packs in cartons Output: up to 180 bags per minute, 10 cartons per minute, depending on bag and carton dimensions Different...

Universal 2 Mini photo
Pearson GTL Universal 2 Mini Pick Place Case Packer

Used Pearson Universal 2 Mini Pick Place Case Packer with: Automatic, intermittent motion case packer Rated for approximately 200 packages per minute depending on materials and applications Erected...

PEWO Form TLC2 photo
Pester PEWO-form TLC2 Auto Robotic Case Packer

Used Pester PEWO-form TLC2 Auto Case Packer and Labeler with: Top loading robotic concept Equipped with Kuka robotic pick and place loading Present application is to pick and place 36 bottles in a 6...

IASE Automatic Robotic Pick and Place System

Used IASE Robotic Pick and Place System with: Type: automated 3-cell modular Capable of packing up to 480 items per minute depending on materials and application Number of robots: (2) Denesting robots...

SD-59 photo
Cermex Sidel SD59 Robotic Compact Case Packer

Used Cermex Sidel Case Packer with: Top loading robotic carton case packer with case erecting & case tape closing Capacity/output: Up to 8 cases per minute depending on: Collation Product weight...

MPV 300 photo
Wepackit MPV 300 & 300P Case Packer

Used Wepackit Case Packer with: Conveyor dimensions: Infeed height: 35 inches Width: 14.5 inches Length: 7.5 feet long Last box size ran: Width: 11 inches Length: 13...

KR240 R2700 photo
Kuka KR240 R2700 Robotic Arm with Controls and Electrical Box

Used Robotic Arm with: Range: 106 inches Load: 529 pounds Weight: 2450 pounds Control Box Electrical Box Cables Orignally produced for car manufacturer and has been reprogrammed for safety usage...

JR VAC CE photo
Fallas Automation JR VAC CE Robotic Case Packer

Used Fallas Case Packer with: Automatic, top load, robotic case erector & packer Output: 5 - 30 Robotic cyles per minute 2 - 14 Cases per minute, depending on materials & application Package...

FSU-550 photo
Fres-Co FSU-550 Case Packer

Used Fres-Co Case Packer with: Package style: Gusseted, cathedral or square top package Package sizes: Maximum bag height: 375 millimeters Bag cross section size: Length: 50 to 200 millimeters...

200ic & R-30iA photo
Fanuc Robot LR Mate 200iC & R-30iA Mate Controller

Used Fanuc Robot LR Mate 200iC and R-30iA Mate Controller with: Tabletop size unit with small footprint for tight spaces Six (6) axes Payload at wrist: 5 kilograms Reach: 892 millimeters Interference...

KR 240-2 photo
KUKA KR 240-2 Robot 6-Axis Arm and KRC Controller

Used KUKA KR 240-2 Robot 6-Axis Arm and KRC Controller with: Number of axis: Six (6) axis Maximum reach: 2700 millimeters Maximum load weight: 640 kilograms Includes: KRC Controller Spindle motor:...

100L90-2 photo
KUKA KR 100L90-2 HA 6 Axis Robot and Controller

Used KUKA KR 100L90-2 HA 6 Axis Robot and Controller with: Number of axes: Six (6) axis Maximum reach: 2800 millimeters Maximum load weight: 340 kilograms Includes: Controller Power supply: 480...

P255i photo
RML P255i Robotic Top Load Case Packer

Used RML Robotic Top Load Case Packer with: Output: up to 7 cartons per minute Capable of doing 3 bag sizes: 4.4 pounds 12 pounds 26.5 pounds Fixed or variable carton and product sizes Touch...

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