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This type of case packer loads, fills or packs flat five-panel case blanks with product, then erects the case around the product and closes the case. Wrap around case packers normally seal the cases with glue, with the seam of the case being on the back or front face of the case. Wrap around case packers are typically larger and more complex than loaders for pre-made cases, but can offer potential savings through the use of the five-panel case blank. Sodas and other drinks often use wrap around case packers.

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Sen-Pack WA-30 Wrap Around Glue Seal Case Packer

Used Sen-Pack Case Packer with: Speed: up to 30 cases per minute, depending on application Minimum case size: Length: 150 millimeters Width: 100 millimeters Height: 100 millimeters ...

Pak-Master PMX-2HC Case Packer

Used Pak-Master Case Wrapper with: Speed: up to 15 packs per minute Pack size range: 12 to 24 bottles per pack Bottle size range: 15 ounces to 22 ounces Bottle cap specifictions; snap cap or pump...

DPM 1000H photo
Arpac DPM 1000H Wrap Around Case and Tray Packer

Used Arpac Case & Tray Packer with: Output: up to 20 cases per minute Container & case size range per application Includes: Carton magazine Product infeed conveyor Nordson hot...

PC-2000 photo
Arpac PC2000 SS Wrap Around Case Packer

Used Arpac Case Packer with: Capabilities: Trays Wrap around cases Output: up to 20 cases/trays per minute Case size range: Minimum (inches): 3.2 long x 7.7 wide x 4.7 high ...

TWCP-30 photo
APV Douglas TWCP 30 Wrap Around Case Packer

Used APV Douglas TWCP 30 Wrap Around Case Packer with: Production output rate: 300 per hour Case size dimensions: 22 inches minimum 28 inches maximum Pack pattern current setting:...

PPWA KAM5 photo
Packpojkarna PPWAKAM5 Automatic Wrap-Around Packer

Used Packpojkarna Case Packer with: Current application: (20) 1 pound packages of butter Pack pattern: 5 x 2 x 2 Case size: Inches: 25 long x 8.26 wide x 4.73 deep Millimeters: 635 long...

TC 300 photo
Prasmatic TC 300 Wraparound Case Packer

Used Prasmatic TC 300 Wraparound Case Packer with: Up to 45 packages per minute depending on product sizes Carton magazine capacity: up to 600 depending on thickness Max dimensions of open cardboard...

FS 60 V photo
Krones Kettner Variopac Multi-Packer Case Packer

Used Krones Kettner Variopac Multi-Packer Case Packer with: Continuous motion packing and shrink wrapping of single products or multi-packs and trays Handles cartons, cans, bottles and other metal, plastic...

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