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The bowl chopper is stronger and more durable than other food mixers so that it can mix some of the toughest meats and ingredients. A bowl chopper works by rotating food in a bowl through spinning blades to chop meats and other ingredients down to the desired texture and size. When first introduced, bowl choppers were intended only to chop meats. Today, they are made for a variety of additional purposes. Some are made for industrial uses such as chopping up large pieces of meat into smaller, more workable sizes. Other bowl choppers are made for restaurants which need to process meat and mix ingredients. These smaller mixers can be used not only for meat, but also for vegetables, grains and other ingredients.

HCM450 photo
Hobart HCM450 45 Quart Vertical Chopper Mixer
Inventory #: H1724

Used Hobart HCM450 Vertical Chopper with: Cut, mix, blend, and knead a wide variety of ingredients Bowl capacity: 45 quarts 5 horsepower motor Double-S blade Stainless steel construction Designed...

USF 40 photo
Stephan USF 40 High Speed Vertical Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: H1155Featured

Used Stephan USF 40 High Speed Vertical Bowl Chopper with: 40 quart capacity Bowl diameter: 10 inches 7.5 horsepower mixing motor Stainless steel contact parts

HCM300 photo
Hobart HCM300 7.5 Gallon Stainless Cutter Mixer
Inventory #: G9938Featured

Used Hobart HCM300 Cutter Mixer with: 5 horsepower motor 7.5 gallon (30 quart) capacity bowl with pouring lip Bowl tilt lever Start/stop rocker switches 5 minute timer with hold and jog settings...

84186 photo
Hobart 84186 Buffalo Chopper Food Processor
Inventory #: G9316

Used Hobart 84186 Buffalo Chopper Food Processor with: Holds up to 15 pounds of product 18 inch stainless steel bowl Bowl cover safety lock makes unit not operational until cover locked in position...

Fatosa C75 VV photo
Ultra Source Fatosa C75 VV 75 Liter Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G8970

Used Ultra Source Fatosa C75 VV 75 Liter Bowl Chopper with: 75 liter cutter Stainless steel Variable cutting speed: up to 5,000 revolutions per minute 5 cutting speeds 1 reverse slow speed for...

CT 120 photo
Cato CT 120 Liter Bowl Cutter Range
Inventory #: G9291

Used Cato CT 120 Liter Bowl Cutter Range with: Bowl capacity: 120 liters 2 blade speeds Knife speed: 1500 rotations per minute 1 horsepower cutter motor Emergency E stop

RSM 325 photo
Meissner RSM 325 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter
Inventory #: G9287

Used Meissner RSM 325 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: 325 liters Loader and ejector included Cutting speed: 1650 rotations per minute Vacuum bowl 3 bowl speeds 8 blade cutter...

K324 photo
Seydelmann 324 Liter SS Vacuum Bowl Cutter
Inventory #: G8636

Used Seydelmann Bowl Cutter with: Vacuum and cooking cutter Bowl capacity: 325 liters Capabilities: Mixing Chopping Emulsification Products: Meats Fish Fruits Vegetables...

FP350 photo
Hobart FP350 Continuous Feed Food Processor
Inventory #: G7535

Used Hobart FP350 Food Processor with: Compact design Angled front Planetary drive All aluminum hopper and housing Plate speed: 430 RPM Currently equipped with a shredder plate for cheese,...

UM5 photo
Stephan UM5 SS Table Top Bowl Chopper and Mixer
Inventory #: G7495

Used Stephan Chopper with: Capacity: Liters: 5 Gallons: 1.3 Batch size: 0.1 - 0.6 gallons Double jacket: water Maximum processing temperature: 203° Fahrenheit Manually removable...

SM90 photo
Kramer Grebe SM90 SS Bowl Chopper 90 Liters
Inventory #: G7241

Used Kramer Grebe SM90 Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 90 liters Manual switches Hinged lid Stainless steel construction Variable speed Main drive motor NOT included

UM60E photo
Stephan UM60E 60 Liter Stainless Vertical Cutter
Inventory #: G7413

Used Stephan UM60E Vertical Cutter with: Bowl capacity: Liters 60 Gallons: approximately 16 Batch size: Liters: 10 - 40 Gallons: 2.6 - 10.5 Capabilities: Mixing...

K206 photo
Seydelmann K206 200 Liter Capacity Bowl Cutter
Inventory #: G7334

Used Seydelmann K206 Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: 200 liters Product loader and unloader Provides fast and smooth reduction and emulsification Suitable for the chopping, mixing, and emulsification...

K325 photo
Seydelmann 325 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G6923

Used Seydelmann Bowl Chopper with: Applications: ideal for meat emulsions and shredding cheese Capacity: Bowl: 325 liters Emulsuion capacity: 600 pounds (2) Fixed speeds: 1780/3500...

CL50 photo
Robot Coupe CL50 SS Vegetable Prep Machine
Inventory #: G6382

Used Robot Coupe Vegetable Processor with: Applications: fruit, vegetables, cheeses Output: 50 - 400 meals per service Capabilities (with appropriate cutting discs): Slicing Dicing Shreds...

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