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The bowl chopper is stronger and more durable than other food mixers so that it can mix some of the toughest meats and ingredients. A bowl chopper works by rotating food in a bowl through spinning blades to chop meats and other ingredients down to the desired texture and size. When first introduced, bowl choppers were intended only to chop meats. Today, they are made for a variety of additional purposes. Some are made for industrial uses such as chopping up large pieces of meat into smaller, more workable sizes. Other bowl choppers are made for restaurants which need to process meat and mix ingredients. These smaller mixers can be used not only for meat, but also for vegetables, grains and other ingredients.

Tilting Bowl Chopper 4 Gallon Stainless Steel
Inventory #: G1615

Used Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 4 gallons Variable speed controls Tilting discharge Stainless steel construction Clear plastic viewing top Locking, hinged lid

PVB3301110 photo
Alpina PBV3301110 Vacuum Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G1610

Used Alpina PBV3301110 Vacuum Bowl chopper Capacity: 330 liter Stainless steel constructed Vacuum capability with pump Loader Right unloader

K325 photo
Seydelmann K325 325 Liter Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G1535

Used Seydelmann K325 325 Liter Bowl Chopper with: All stainless steel bowl chopper 325 liter with approximate emulsion capacity of 600 pounds Bowl un-loader, starter panel, and 6-blade knife set ...

PBV-330-1100 photo
Alpina 330 Liter SS Bowl Cutter with Auto Loader
Inventory #: G1422

Used Alpina Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: Liters: 330 Gallons: 87 Knife head: Hydraulic (6) Knives (3) speeds, up to approximately 4,000 rpm Includes: Ejector...

K330 photo
Laska 330 Stainless Steel Liter Bowl Cutter
Inventory #: G1423

Used Laska Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: Liters: 330 Gallons: 87 Variable speed unloader disc Maximum mix cycle speed: 195 rpm Bowl speed: 2 - 16 rpm Internal control box All...

VCM40 photo
Hobart VCM40 40 Quart Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G1006

Used Hobart Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 40 quarts Food grade, stainless steel 2 speed motor 7.5 horsepower with 1750 rotations per minute Motor controller is three position switch for Off-Low-High...

HCM-450 photo
Hobart HCM-450 12 Gallon Vertical Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D9105Rental Option

Used Hobart HCM-450 Vertical Bowl Chopper with: Bowl capacity: approximately 12 gallons Clear Lexan bowl covering 5 horsepower mixing motor Mixing baffle S-blade Stainless steel construction...

UMM/SK25 E3-GN1 photo
Stephan UMM SK25 SS Double Jacketed Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D9752

Used Stephan Bow Chopper with: Capacity: Liters: 25 Gallons: 6.6 Double jacket: 3/4 Coverage MAWP: 2 bar Connection ports: 0.5 inches Vessel MAWP: 4 bar Smooth...

500 L photo
Laska 500 Liter Bowl Cutter with Auto Loader
Inventory #: D9708

Used Laska Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: Liters: 500 Gallons: 132 Cutting impact: 360° Variable speed Loader/unloader All stainless steel construction

VCM 44 A/1 photo
Berkel VCM 44 Stainless 47 Quart Vertical Cutter
Inventory #: D9094

Used Berkel Vertical Cutter with: Capacity: 47 quarts Rotates 90 degrees forward Stainless steel cover 1 Speed 7.5 horse power motor Knifes rotate : 1750 RPMs 99 minute digital timer

Blixer 23 photo
24 Quart Robot Coupe Blixer 23 Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D8263

Used 24 quart Robot Coupe Blixer Bowl Chopper with: 0 - 15 minute timer 24 quart capacity Stainless steel 2 speeds 1800 rotations per minute 3600 rotations per minute 6...

HCM 150 photo
Hobart HCM450 Vertical 45 Quart Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D9114

Used Hobart HCM450 Vertical 45 Quart Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 45 quarts Knife speed: 1140 RPM 20 degree tilt 5 minute timer Hold and jog settings Stainless steel construction Electromechanical...

R60T photo
Robot Coupe R60T Mixer and Vertical Cutter
Inventory #: D9252

Used Robot Coupe Mixer/Cutter with: Bowl capacity: 63 quarts Speeds: 1800 / 3600 rotations per minute Utility/functions: Grinding Emulsion Kneading Coarse chopping Blades:...

R60 photo
Robot Coupe R60 Vertical Cutter Mixer
Inventory #: D8841

Used Robot Coupe R60 Vertical Cutter Mixer with: 60 liter bowl capacity 16 Horsepower motor 1500 and 2000 revolutions per minute Control panel 0-15 minute timer. When the appliance is...

VCM-44 photo
Stephan 45 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D8489

Used Stephan Stainless Steel Tilting Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 45 liters 3 motor speeds Propeller style blade Side scrape Digital timer Manual switches Manual tilt function Stainless...

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