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Cutter and slicer equipment cuts and processes various types of product using various styles of knives to reduce the size of the size of the product. This equipment is commonly used to process cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables, and other foods. Different blades and knives are used for different products depending on if the final product needs to be sliced, chopped, peeled, shredded, or some other type of process.

Urschel 2 Horsepower Stainless Steel Slicer
Inventory #: G1611

Used Urschel Slicer with: 2 horsepower motor Discharge height: 25 inches Manual switches Stainless steel construction Welded tubular frame Casters

Tilting Bowl Chopper 4 Gallon Stainless Steel
Inventory #: G1615

Used Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 4 gallons Variable speed controls Tilting discharge Stainless steel construction Clear plastic viewing top Locking, hinged lid

KSG 470 photo
Weber KSG 470 Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener
Inventory #: G1691

Used Weber Knife Sharpener with: Sharpening cycles: 1 - 99,999 Angle: 15 - 35° Infinitely adjustable Sharpens knives: Circular: 16 - 18.5 inches diameter Electronic...

OPM9401 photo
CMI OPM940 Slit and Blow Onion Peeler
Inventory #: G1365

Used Onion Peeler with: Stainless steel construction 30 - 50 onion per minute 7 1/2 horsepower motor Consumes 120 CFM when running Infeed dimensions height from floor: 72 inches ...

302-7/16 10250 photo
Omcan 10250 7/16" Countertop Bread Slicer
Inventory #: G1377

Used Omcan Bread Slicer with: 1/4 horsepower motor 15 inch wide blade Cuts 7/16 inch bread slices Maximum loaf slicing (inches): 15 long x 6 high

ABL Watermelon Cutter Mid to Large for 1 In Cubes
Inventory #: G1177

Used ABL Watermelon Cutter Mid to Large for 1 In Cubes with: Currently set up for mid to large size watermelon Currently cuts a 1 inch x 1 inch cube 8 blades Camera enables the machine to get the...

90-75 photo
United Bakery Equipment 90 75 Bread Band Slicer
Inventory #: G1634

Used UBE Bread Slicer with: Output: up to 65 loaves per minute Loaf size range: Minimum (inches): 6 long x 3 wide x 2 high Maximum (inches): 16 long x 6 wide x 6 high Slice thickness:...

Conveyorized Vertical SS Automatic Slicer
Inventory #: G1635

Used Automatic Slicer with: Infeed conveyor: Width: 6 inches Length: 48 inches Shielded inlet to slicing area Discharge conveyor: Width: 6 inches Upward angle to separate...

PVB3301110 photo
Alpina PBV3301110 Vacuum Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G1610

Used Alpina PBV3301110 Vacuum Bowl chopper Capacity: 330 liter Stainless steel constructed Vacuum capability with pump Loader Right unloader

K325 photo
Seydelmann K325 325 Liter Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: G1535

Used Seydelmann K325 325 Liter Bowl Chopper with: All stainless steel bowl chopper 325 liter with approximate emulsion capacity of 600 pounds Bowl un-loader, starter panel, and 6-blade knife set ...

Uni-Slicer photo
Dixie Union Uni Slicer Stainless Steel Slicer
Inventory #: G1515

Used Dixie Union Slicer with: Output: Minimum: 50 cuts per minute Maximum: up to 600 cuts per minute (depending on product & size) Blade assembly: Blade diameter: 16 inches...

2100 Comitrol photo
Urschel Comitrol 2100 Processor Emulsifier
Inventory #: G1458

Used Urschel Size Reduction Processor with: Application: Fresh & frozen tempered meats Size reduction ranging from coarse to fine emulsion Powered by: Main drive: 40 horsepower...

PBV-330-1100 photo
Alpina 330 Liter SS Bowl Cutter with Auto Loader
Inventory #: G1422

Used Alpina Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: Liters: 330 Gallons: 87 Knife head: Hydraulic (6) Knives (3) speeds, up to approximately 4,000 rpm Includes: Ejector...

K330 photo
Laska 330 Stainless Steel Liter Bowl Cutter
Inventory #: G1423

Used Laska Bowl Cutter with: Capacity: Liters: 330 Gallons: 87 Variable speed unloader disc Maximum mix cycle speed: 195 rpm Bowl speed: 2 - 16 rpm Internal control box All...

STC S-3 StripCutter photo
Marel STC S3 24 Inch Wide Poultry Strip Cutter
Inventory #: D6634Rental Option

Used Marel STC S3 StripCutter with: High speed cutting solution for fixed-size portions Conveyor dimensions: 24 inches wide x 115 inches long Previously used to split poultry breast lobes Currently...

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