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Used Ribbon and Paddle Blender Equipment

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This type of blender is a u-shaped trough with a horizontal agitator inside. These machines have ribbons, ribbons and paddles, or paddles only. Ribbon blenders can have one or two ribbons on the same shaft, or two ribboned shafts next to each other. Some ribbon blenders have a double helix design, while others have a ribbon oriented in different directions on the same shaft, allowing the ribbons to push the products two different ways to mix them. Some blenders have release valves under the trough while some troughs tilt to dump their contents. Ribbon carbon blenders are commonly used for for mixing dry powders, and mixing liquids into a dry mixture. Ribbon blenders are one of the slowest types of mixers, working slowly to create a consistent product.

KM-600-D photo
Littleford KM-600-D 11 Cubic Foot Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4416

Used Littleford KM-600-D Plow Mixer with: Carbon steel construction Continuous mixer Working capacity: 11 cubic feet (159) gallons 10 inch x 14 inch flanged product inlet Mounting brackets for...

Aaron Process 7 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: D4394

Used Aaron Process 7 Cubic Foot Ribbon Blender with: Stainless steel Mixing Chamber Dimensions: 24 inch wide x 36 inch long x 27 in deep Internal welds are ground polished to food grade standards ...

FKM1200 photo
Littleford FKM1200 E Jacketed Paddle Blender
Inventory #: D4206

Used Littleford FKM1200 E Jacketed Paddle Blender with: 100 PSI Hydraulic drive 100 HP Jacket PSI: 75 Provisions for two choppers 43.3 total cubic feet 26 cubic feet working capacity FV...

AG-78 photo
Walter Equipment AG78 65 CU FT Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4134

Used Walter Equipment AG-78 65 CU FT Plow Mixer with: Working capacity: 65 cubic foot/2,000 liters/528 gallons Jacket: rated to 15 psi Mixing chamber dimensions: 115.5 inches long x 44.5 inches diameter...

FKM 300 photo
9.9 CU FT Littleford Day FKM 300 Batch Mixer
Inventory #: D4131

Used 9.9 Cubic Feet Littleford Day FKM 300 Batch Mixer with: Capacity: 9.9 cubic feet working capacity 11 cubic feet total capacity 79 gallons Stainless steel with carbon steel jacket...

FKM-1200-D photo
Littleford Day FKM1200D 42 CU FT Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4111

Used Littleford Day DKM-1200-D 42 Cubic Foot Plow Mixer with: Total capacity: 42 cubic feet/1200 liters/317 gallons Working capacity: 26 cubic feet 34 Square foot dust collector/filter Full vacuum...

FM-300D photo
10.6 CU FT Littleford FM 300D Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4071

Used 10.6 Cubic Foot Littleford Day FM-300D Plow Mixer with: Capacity: 10.6 cubic foot/300 liters/79 gallons Mix chamber dimensions: 39.5 inches long x 25 inches diameter Magnetic bolt on plows Jacketed...

FKM1200E-2Z photo
42 CU FT Littleford FKM1200E 2Z Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4070

Used 42 Cubic Foot Littleford Day FKM1200E-2Z Plow Mixer with: Working capacity: 29.4 cubic foot Total capacity: 42 cubic foot Jacketed: 75 psi @ 320° fahrenheit (2) standard access doors: 16...

RB200 photo
Srugo Machines 4.94 CU FT Rapid Batch Plow Mixer
Inventory #: D4079

Used Srugo Machines 4.94 Cubic Foot Rapid Batch Plow Mixer with: Working capacity: 4.94 cubit foot Total capacity: 7 cubic foot Non-jacketed chamber: 35 inches long x 22 inches diameter Top access...

Double Ribbon Stainless Steel Mixer
Inventory #: D4045

Used Double Ribbon Stainless Steel Mixer with: 2.5 CF working capacity 304 stainless steel contacts 26” long x 14” wide x 18” deep 3mm shell thickness Mirror interior finish...

1000LRB photo
Branik 1000LRB 1000 L Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: D3860

Used Branik 1000LRB 1000 Liter Dual Ribbon Blender with: 3 horse power motor Dual mixing shafts Single ribbon on each shaft Discharge height: 32 inches Push-button type controls

250F photo
Butcher Boy 250F Paddle Mixer and Dumper
Inventory #: D3146

Used Butcher Boy 250F Paddle Mixer and Dumper with: Stainless steel construction Two (2) horsepower motor 200 lb capacity depending upon product Dumping / unloading position is 15 inches from the...

94 Gallon Single Shaft Ribbon Blender w 5 HP motor
Inventory #: D3243

Used Dual Ribbon Blender with: Single shaft, dual ribbon Capacity: 94 gallons 5 horse power motor Infeed height: 49 inches Outfeed height: 21 inches

Patterson 90 Cubic Ft Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: D3113

Used Patterson Double Ribbon Blender with: Working capacity: 90 cubic feet Total capacity: 115 cubic feet Blending chamber dimensions: 96 inches long x 48 inches wide x 54 inches deep ...

Patterson Double Ribbon Blender 40 Cubic Feet
Inventory #: D3112

Used Patterson 40 Cubic Ft. Double Ribbon Blender with: Working capacity: 40 cubic feet Bowl: 72 inches long x 36 inches wide x 36 inches deep Double stainless steel ribbons: Outer ribbon:...

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