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GEA Process Engineering Inc. is a progressive process engineering company and remains the leader in diverse technologies like: granulation, drying, mixing and blending, fermentation, cell disruption, evaporation, distillation, membrane filtration, tablet compression, crystallization, pasteurization, powder and tablet coating, powder and particulate conveying and packaging, aseptic filling and bottling, containment, and material handling. GEA Process Engineering Inc. is active in the following and related industries: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, dairy, beverage, brewery, food ingredients, fine chemical, sugar, starch, pulp and paper.

Fillstar FX PET2 photo
Complete Aseptic ESL Bottling Production Line
Inventory #: D9230

Used GEA Group Bottling Line with: Line production output: 600ml Fill: 28,600 bottles per hour 500ml Fill: 36,000 bottles per hour SIG Corpoplast Blomax 20 PET Reheat Stretch Blow...

E2200 photo
GEA Nica E220 Low Shear Extruder
Inventory #: D7873

Used GEA Nica E220 Low Shear Extruder with: 4.4 - 17.5 pounds per minute Patented high efficiency design Gentle product treatment Low product temperature Multiple screen and impeller options...

Crumbmaster photo
GEA Crumbmaster 36 Inch Wide Breader
Inventory #: D5753Can Rent

Used GEA Crumbmaster Breader with: Conveyor width: 36 inches Conveyor length: 8 feet Breading hopper dimensions: 40 inches wide x 25 inches long x 16 inches deep Wire mesh conveyor belt allows...

110GM photo
GEA 110GM Medium Series 200HP Screw Compressor
Inventory #: D4359

GEA 110GM Medium Series 200HP Twin Screw Compressor with: 200 Horsepower Oil flooded Refrigerant: R-507 Capacity: 58.3 tons Power: 151.4 BHP Performance: 2.60 BHP/TR Speed: 3550 rotations...

GEA Microfiltration System Aseptic Filler
Inventory #: D2887Featured

Used GEA Microfiltration System and Aseptic Filler with: GEA Cross Flow Aseptic Tote Filler: Capable of filling 225 Gallon totes Mettler Toledo Pallet Jack Scale (2) Pall Membralox Filters Reimers...

GEA Double Shaft Paddle Mixer
Inventory #: C6989

Used GEA Double Shaft Paddle Mixer with: 144 inches long x 36 inches wide 33 inch wide x 12 inch long double shaft paddle 30 horsepower 1800 revolutions per minute

SR-S36-28 photo
GEA Ammonia Compressors
Inventory #: B6950

Used Set of GEA Ammonia Compressors: Motor 400 horsepower Hydrolic test press 620 psi Maximum work press 406 psi Geo swept volume 3550...

16LE photo
FES 16LE 200 HP Refrigeration Package
Inventory #: B2330

Used FES 16LE 200 HP Refrigeration Package with: Liquid injected screw compressor Economizer RAM Starter Jordan vessel 36 inch x 120 inches recirculator 2 Cornell pumps: 2CB3-4 ...

Compact photo
CFS Compact Horizontal Theromoformer 12.5" W Film
Inventory #: A8458

Used CFS Compact Tray Sealer with: FM 3 touchscreen control panel 12.59 inch film width 7.87 inch stroke Vario die set Vacuum and gas Labeler: Tiro-Label Built in Busch pump

475GLB photo
FES 200 Horse Power Screw Compressor
Inventory #: A5701

Used FES 200 Horse Power Screw Compressor

FES 1110 Ton Refrigeration Chiller
Inventory #: E4485

Used FES 1110 Ton Chiller with: Includes compressor Motor receiver

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