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This type of equipment is designed to erect a carton from a folded and pre-scored blank, pack a product into the carton, and then seal the carton. Automatic cartoners are designed to accomplish this without input from an operator. They can be loaded vertically or horizontally, and are designed to be either intermittent or continuous motion. Intermittent refers to the start and stop action of the carton while another operation occurs, such as loading the carton. Continuous motion allows the carton to continue to move at a constant motion without stopping. Semi-automatic cartoners may require hand loading or filling the boxes. A sleever distributes and opens sleeve-like boxes (no closure on two sides), then pushes the product into the sleeve.

15F-SS photo
Adco 15F-SS Hand-Load Glue Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: G7310

Used Adco 15F-SS Cartoner with: Hand load horizontal cartoner Carton size rang, may require OEM change parts: Minimum: 5 inches deep x 5 inches long x .375 inches wide Maximum: 10 inches deep...

880 photo
Doboy 880 Tri-Seal Carton Closer Glue Seal
Inventory #: G7163

Used Doboy 880 Tri-Seal Carton Closer with: Tri-seal carton closer Hot glue Carton size specifications: Width: 3 to 8 inches Length: 4 to 14 3/8 inch Height: 1 to 4 inches Speed:...

CMV 5 photo
Jones CMV Vertical Continuous Motion Glue Cartoner
Inventory #: G5221

Used Jones CMV Vertical Continuous Glue Cartoner with: Infeed conveyor width: 5 inches Lug centers: 5 inches Vacuum blank carton pick-off Bucket product feed Glue seal Vertical carton postion...

Vari Straight FO:K22864 photo
Kliklok Vari Straight Tri-Seal Cartoner Closer
Inventory #: G7134

Used Kliklok Vari Straight with: Straight-line closer for tri-seal topload cartons Variable pitch uses pop-up lugs to create infinitely variable flight centers and for constant carton control with random...

TC-600SFX photo
Tisma TC-600SFX Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
Inventory #: G6527

Used Tisma TC-600SFX Automatic Horizontal Cartoner with: Up to 300 cartons per minute 16 inch centers 3 foot long magazine Continuous motion Magazine length: 13 feet long Barrel cam push load...

Twinseal photo
Econocorp Twinseal Stainless Steel Cartoner
Inventory #: G6994

Used Econocorp Cartoner with: Manual load cartoner Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 0.75 long x 0.75 wide x 3 high Maximum (inches): 12 long x 4 wide x 12 high Maximum output: up to...

15CSS photo
Adco 15C SS Inline Top Tri-Seal Carton Closer
Inventory #: G6083

Used Adco Inline Tri-sealer with: Last running top seal tri-close box All stainless steel designed frame Featuring positive, continuous motion lugged carton transfer design ADCO 15C is a perfect...

CMV-5 photo
Jones CMV-5 Glue Vertical Hand Load Cartoner
Inventory #: G5789Can Rent

Used Jones CMV-5 Cartoner with: Vertical, hand-load glue cartoner Current carton dimensions: 4 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x 2.375 inches deep Pitch: 5 inches Hand loading area: 168 inches ...

54L photo
Bivans 54L Convey O Mat Tuck Hand Load Cartoner
Inventory #: G6474

Used Bivans Cartoner with: Output: up to 60 cartons per minute Carton size range, may require change parts: Minimum (inches): 1.25 long x 0.375 wide x 0.875 deep Maximum (inches): 12 long x 3.5...

E-2000 photo
Econocorp E2000 SS Horizontal End Load Cartoner
Inventory #: G6457

Used Econocorp Cartoner with: Output: Up to 25 cartons per minute Up to 1,500 cartons per hour Intermittent motion End load Hot melt glue system Cartons: Corrugated Paperboard...

Econocorp VSYSTEM Vertical End Load Tuck Cartoner
Inventory #: G4203

Used Econocorp VSYSTEM Vertical End Load Tuck Cartoner with: Former centers: 8.5 inches Former height: 5 inches Minimum carton size: 1 inch long x .75 inch wide x 2.5 inches deep Maximum carton size:...

Vertomax 9V, 108-16 photo
Redington Vertomax Cartoner w Arpac 108 16 Bundler
Inventory #: G5992Featured

Used Redington Vertomax 9V Cartoner w Arpac 108 16 Bundler with: Redington Vertomax 9V Vertical Tuck Cartoner Currently set up for a 3.5 inch long x 1.25 inch wide x 3.375 inch deep carton 6 inch...

Graphic Packaging Double Tier Wraparound Sleever
Inventory #: G5966Featured

Used Graphic Packaging Double Tier Wraparound Sleever with: Previous application: double stacked packages of yogurt cups Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 600 HMI Hot glue seal Continuous motion Vacuum...

840E photo
Doboy 840E Tri Seal Carton Closer with Glue Unit
Inventory #: G4462

Used Doboy 840E Tri Seal Carton Closer with: The Doboy 840e handles glue sealing of tri-seal cartons. Cartons are received onto the Doboy 840e infeed conveyor at random. Next cases are automatically timed...

15VBS-60-SS photo
ADCO 15VBS-60-SS Vertical Carton Bottom Sealer
Inventory #: G3974

Used ADCO 15VBS-60-SS Vertical Carton Bottom Sealer with: Erects and seals the bottom of vertical cartons with glue, does not put product into the cartons Counter-clockwise rotation 3-head rotary feeder...

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