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Used Depositor Equipment

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A Depositor portions dough, fillings, and batters onto moving or stationary lines. The dough is extruded uniformly. This type of equipment can be used for soft doughs to make spritz or drop cookies. A depositor can be paired with a guillotine to slice hard dough as it is extruded.

5p-08WT photo
Hinds-Bock 5p-08WT Table Top Depositor
Inventory #: C5367

Used Hinds-Bock 5p-08WT Table Top Depositor with: Accurately scales 2 to 8 ounces per cylinder Handles batters ranging from thin cake batters to stiff muffin batters with frozen blueberries or high particulate...

65S photo
Champion 65S Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: C5194

Used Champion 65S Cookie Depositor with: Cutting wire 11 headed depositer Currently has 4 cutting lanes Hopper is 9 inches wide x 16 inches long x 10.75 inches deep Casters

Multi-Drop photo
Polin Multi-Drop Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: C5047

Used Polin Multi-Drop Depositor with: Application: depositing cookies Hopper capacity: 80 pounds Tray size: 18 inches x 26 inches 5 depositing dies included Stainless steel construction

APT Chocolate Candy Depositor and Cooling Tunnel
Inventory #: C5964

Used APT Chocolate Candy Depositor and Cooling Tunnel with: Application: Deposit chocolate into candy molds then transported through cooling tunnel Speed range: between 6-10 molds per minute Cooling...

Delta photo
Mono Delta Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: C4592

Used Mono Delta Cookie Depositor with: Features user friendly color touchscreen that can store up to 99 programs Suitable for soft and hard doughs Quick and easy one person set up and operation Small...

Multidrop photo
Polin Multidrop Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: C4689

Used Polin Cookie Multidrop Depositor with: 6.5 inch tall opening from belt Electronic controls Wire cutting Stand with casters not included 17.75 inch width for pans with dual belts

65-S photo
Champion 65-S Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: C4825

Used Champion 65-S Cookie Depositor with: Stainless steel hopper capacity: 30 quarts 19 inch maximum pan width 5 inch casters for ease of mobility Variable speed drive 0.5 Horsepower motor ...

Kook-E-King photo
Rhodes Kook-E-King Manual Dough Depositor
Inventory #: C4221

Used Rhodes Kook-E-King Manual Dough Depositor with: Manual operation Small footprint Stainless steel construction No die plates included Hold down clamp Accepts various types of dough for...

FG-60-6 photo
Fritsch FG-60-6 Dough Depositor
Inventory #: C3934

Used Fritsch FG-60-6 Dough Depositor with: 6 head depositor Hopper gaurding Compressed air: 400 L/min at 6 bar (87.02 psi) On casters for ease of mobility

17V-SX3-G photo
Magna Mixer 17V-SX3-G Depositor
Inventory #: C4157

Used Magna Mixer 17V-SX3-G Depositor with: Last used for crunchy cookies, 14 grams each 1.5 inch diameter deposits Hopper dimensions: 15.5 inch length x 7.5 inch width x 13.5 inch depth Tray size...

6 Head Depositor With Bimba SR-246-DP
Inventory #: C3916

Used 6 Head Depositor with: Bimba SR-246-DP pneumatic cylinders Approximately 23 inch wide x 83.5 inch long conveyor Conveyor stands approximately 34 inches tall Push button controls Casters...

MAXIDROP 660-F5 photo
Mimac Maxidrop 660-F5 Dough Depositor
Inventory #: C3560

Used Mimac Maxidrop 660-F5 Dough Depositor with: Dosing unit rollers type for hard pastries with stainless steel rollers, extractable and completely knockdown for the correct cleaning of the parts in touch...

SD-18-SE-1L1H photo
Pizzamatic Single Lane Cheese Depositor
Inventory #: C2776

Used Pizzamatic Single Lane Cheese Depositor with: Application: used to deposit cheese or shredded ingredients to pizza Stainless steel constructed Wash-down resistant PLC Controlled system with...

5P-08T photo
Hinds-Bock 5P-08T Muffin Depositor
Inventory #: C2788

Used Hinds-Bock 5P-08T Muffin Depositor with: Number of pistons: 5 Hopper width: 44.25 inches Hopper capacity: 39 gallons Pan width: 26.5 - 18 inches Gentle depositing Simple operation...

MD390 photo
Polin MD390 Multi-Drop Depositor
Inventory #: C2781

Used Polin MD390 Multi-Drop Depositor with: Wire-cut attachment 18 inches wide for standard sheet pans Stainless steel hopper dimensions: 17 inches x 12 inches x 14 inches deep 18 inch wide x 54...

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