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A Depositor portions dough, fillings, and batters onto moving or stationary lines. This type of equipment can be used for soft doughs to make spritz or drop cookies. A depositor can be paired with a guillotine to slice hard dough as it is extruded. Depositors can use pneumatic, pistons, servo/pistons and pumps to flow content through the unit.

4P-08NT photo
Hinds-Bock 4P-08NT Stainless Steel Depositor
Inventory #: D7942

Used Hind-Bock 4P-08NT Depositor with: 4 pistons Approximately 28 gallon hopper Width: 29.5 inches Length: 37.5 inches Depth: 22 inches

CTRT-4 photo
Rademaker 5 Valve Piston Stainless Steel Depositor
Inventory #: D8131

Used Rademaker Depositor with: 5 Head piston depositor Application: bakery filler/depositor for croissants, cookies, etc. All stainless steel wash-down design construction Hopper internal dimensions...

Stainless Steel Dual Piston Depositor
Inventory #: D8004

Used Depositor with: Width: 8.5 inches Length: 19 inches 2 pistons 4 outputs

Stainless Steel Dual Piston Depositor
Inventory #: D8002

Used Depositor with: Width: 21 inches Length: 29 inches 2 pistons 5 nozzles 1 inch wide

DT-40-CM photo
Fedco DT-40-CM Stainless Steel Depositor
Inventory #: D7825

Used Fedco DT-40-CM Stainless Steel Depositor with: Hopper capacity: 9 gallons (4) outlets Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 Micro Water house hook up to help with cool down Stainless steel construction...

MKD 180 photo
Awema MKD 180 Chocolate Depositor
Inventory #: D7502

Used Awema Depositor with: (11) Pistons: 1.1 inches diameter Hopper: Agitated Dimensions: 16 inches diameter x 22 inches deep Index conveyor: 96 Inches long Lugs: 13.5 inch...

246V-SA30W photo
Magna Mixer 246V-SA30W Wire Cut Depositor
Inventory #: D6836Rental Option

Used Magna Mixer 246V-SA30W Depositor with: Hopper dimensions: 23 inches x 25 inches x 10 inches deep Conveyor width: 27 inches Previously ran 18 inch x 26 inch baking trays of cookies Wire cut...

Racine 16" Confectionary Depositor
Inventory #: D7112

Used Racine Depositor with: Depositor width: 16 inches 10 Outlet rotary pump Lug chain conveyor New control panel Stainless steel agitated hopper Hot water heating system with pump and electric...

Kook-e-King photo
Rhodes Kook-e-King Automatic Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: D4347

Used Rhodes Cookie Depositor with: Automatic operation Output: up to 300 cookies per minute (depending on dough) Cookie weigh range: 0.25 - 3.5 ounces Comes with one die Hopper dimensions: 7 inches...

PF 10T photo
Fedco PF 10T Piston Depositor
Inventory #: D5961

Used Fedco PF 10T Piston Depositor with: Hopper dimensions: 14.5 inch diameter 17 inches deep 6 inch straight side Casters Stainless steel construction

PF-10 photo
Fedco PF-10 Stainless Steel Piston Depositor
Inventory #: D5444Rental Option

Used Fedco PF-10 Stainless Steel Piston Depositor with: Hopper capacity: 23 gallons Stroke: 10 inches Piston diameter: 3.5 inches Discharge height: 50 inches Throat depth: 14 inches Air...

SP-160 photo
Hinds Bock SP 160 Single Piston Depositor
Inventory #: D5994

Used Hinds Bock Depositor with: Single piston depositor Automatic, semi-automatic or hand fill Hopper capacity: 20 gallons Hopper dimensions: 36 inches top diameter x 33 inches deep All stainless...

083B7-0000 photo
Unifiller 083B7-0000 Injection System
Inventory #: D4342

Used Unifiller 083B7-0000 Injection System with: 30 inch x 8 foot conveyor Fitted legs with locking castors and adjustable feet Unitronics V350 touch screen control panel NEMA 4X SS rated control...

MD011 photo
Rheon MD011 Continuous Screw Type Depositor
Inventory #: D4817

Used Rheon MD011 Continuous Screw Type Depositor with: Application: Continuous depositor with screw feeder 4 depositing heads Maximum dough width: 15.75 inches Adjustable depositing amount: .7 ounce...

Magna Mix Handy V Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: D3386

Used Magna Mix Handy V Cookie Depositor with: 17 inch pans Semi-automatic operation Speeds: up to 70 strokes per minute/1750 cookies per hour 2 variable speed controllers: Pan speed & product...

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