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This type of mixer has an agitator that spins in a stationary position while the bowl rotates. A spiral mixer is a quick, efficient tool for mixing dough. Because they only mix one part of the dough at a time, the mixer does not affect the temperature of the dough as much as other types of mixers. Spiral mixers are great for mixing large amounts of dough.

SE250 photo
Sancassiano SE250 Spiral Mixer 360 Liter Capacity
Inventory #: G7669

Used Sancassiano SE250 Spiral Mixer with: Mixing bowl capacity: 360 liters (95 gallons) Hook mixing attachment Siemens PLC controls Personnel guarding Stainless steel construction Two mixing...

SPK 240 photo
Diosna Oase SPK 150 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G7391

Used Diosna Mixer with: Spiral kneader/mixer Capacity: Flour: 330 pounds Dough: 525 pounds Bowl capacity: Liters: 350 Gallons: 92 (2) Speeds (2) Timers ...

SP 120 D photo
Diosna SP 120 D Spiral Mixer 180 Liter 48 Gallon
Inventory #: G7358

Used Diosna SP 120 D Spiral Mixer with: Dough capacity: 120 kg (265 pounds) Flour capacity: 75 kg (165 pounds) Bowl contents: 180 liters (48 gallons) Bowl diameter: 750 mm (30 inches) Hook drive:...

SP 125 A photo
Kemper SP 125 A Spiral Mixer 2 Bowls 125/200KG
Inventory #: G7357

Used Kemper SP 125 A Spiral Mixer 2 Bowls 125/200KG with: Comes with two bowls: 125 and 200 kg Operating principle: the dough is driven through the mixing and resting zones alternately which greatly reduces...

W120 photo
Diosna W120 Wendel Mixer 120 KG Dough Kneader
Inventory #: G7355

Used Diosna W120 Wendel Mixer with: The special feature of the DIOSNA wendelmixers are the two counter-rotating wendel tools between which the dough is kneaded. This kneading system achieves higher efficiency....

SP 75L photo
Kemper SP 75L Spiral Mixer 50 Gallon Capacity
Inventory #: G7279

Used Kemper SP 75L Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 165 pounds flour 265 pounds dough 50 gallon bowl 2 mixing speeds Analog timer controls 12 minute timers Hook mixing attachment...

HF 120B photo
Hobart HF 120B 80 Quart Spiral Dough Mixer & Bowl
Inventory #: G4809

Used Hobart HF 120B Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 80 quarts Digital display Personnel guarding One (1) bowl included Spiral dough hook 10 horsepower motor Touch pad controls Bowl dimensions:...

SP75L-II photo
WP Kemper SP75L-II Spiral Mixer 265 Lbs 120 kg
Inventory #: G6296

Used WP Kemper SP75L-II with: Spiral mixer 2 speeds (high and low) Filling quantity: 75 kg (165 pounds) flour / 120 kg (265 pounds) dough Bowl dimensions: 29.64 inches from floor level to upper edge...

SP 160 AD photo
Diosna SP 160 AD 160 Liter Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G6237

Used Diosna SP 160 AD Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 160 liters Includes 2 mixing bowls Hook mixing attachment Variable speed Stainless steel construction Guarding

SGL50-02 photo
Univex SGL50-02 70 Quart 110 Pound Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G5185

Used Univex SGL50-02 70 Quart 110 Pound Spiral Mixer with: 70 quart (68 liter) (17.5 gallon) capacity 110 pound dough capacity Stainless steel bowl, spiral dough hook, and shaft 3.5 horsepower motor...

Pagani 140 Quart Double Arm Mixer Dough Kneader
Inventory #: G4596

Used Pagani Double Arm Mixer with: Bowl capacity: 140 quarts Stainless steel contact parts Manual arm adjustments Personnel guarding Bowl included Bowl dolly included

SP75 photo
WP Kemper SP75 Mobile Mixer with Guard
Inventory #: G4171

Used WP Kemper SP75 Mobile Spiral Mixer: Application: spiral dough mixer Capacity: Flour: 165 pounds Dough: 265 pounds Includes: Stainless steel mixing bowl with guarding...

HR270 photo
Hobart HR270 270 Quart Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G3637

Used Hobart Mixer with: Capacity: Quarts: 270 Gallons: 67.5 Mixing bowl: Removable Stainless steel bowl guarding Digital timer (not working) (1) Fixed speed with reverse...

ISE/A photo
Esmach ISE/A 240 Quart Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G2998

Used Esmach ISE/A Spiral Mixer with: 240 quart mixing bowl Removable mixing bowl Variable mixing speeds Bowl height: 33 inches Stainless steel bowl construciton Gear driven Reversible bowl...

CSL-4000-P-A photo
Cozzini CSL 4000 Screw Loader Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G2525

Used Cozzini Spiral Mixer with: Auger diameter: 9 inches Trough dimensions (inches): 70 length x 61.5 width x 51.5 depth Discharge port outer diameter: 3.5 inches 2 horsepower agitator motor

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