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This type of mixer has an agitator that spins in a stationary position while the bowl rotates. A spiral mixer is a quick, efficient tool for mixing dough. Because they only mix one part of the dough at a time, the mixer does not affect the temperature of the dough as much as other types of mixers. Spiral mixers are great for mixing large amounts of dough.

SE 300 KG photo
San Cassiano SE 300 KG Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D9794

Used San Cassiano Mixer with: Capacity: Pounds: 660 Kilograms: 300 (2) speeds Bowl reverse rotation (2) stainless steel mix bowls

1BT2-2 photo
Sottoriva IBT2-2 Double Arm 70 Quart 2 Speed Mixer
Inventory #: D9053

Used Sottoriva IBT2-2 Double Arm Planetary Mixer With Fixed Bowl with: Bowl volume: 70 quarts Dough capacity: 110 pounds AISI 431 stainless steel arms without lifting AISI 304 stainless steel bowl...

Rondo 529 Pound Spiral Mixer Removable Bowl
Inventory #: D9044

Used Rondo Spiral Mixer with: 250 kg or 529 pound capacity 2 speed Removable bowl 4 units available, each priced separately

SM160 photo
Lucks VMI SM160 352 Pound Capacity Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D8850

Used Lucks Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Dough: 362 pounds / 160 kilograms Flour: 220 pounds / 100 kilograms (2) Fixed speeds Stainless steel mixing bowl: Depth: 19 inches Diameter:...

SP160 photo
Diosna SP160 Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D8810

Used Diosna Mixer with: Capacity: Flour: 100 kilograms Dough: 160 kilograms Mixing bowl: Stainless steel Capacity: 260 liters Dimensions (inches): 33 diameter x 19 deep ...

ECO 75 photo
Kemper ECO75 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D8436

Used Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Flour: 75 kilograms Dough: 120 kilograms Two speeds Bowl rotation: Clockwise Counter-clockwise Flour dust cover guard Two...

130 Gallon 35 Horsepower Planetary Mixer
Inventory #: D7538

Used Planetary Mixer with: Capacity: 130 gallons Motor horsepower: 35 Mixing drum dimensions: 33 inches high x 35.5 inches in diameter Steel mixing drum included Previous application: building...

120 FBF/S photo
VMI 120 FBF/S 49 Gallon Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D6494

Used VMI 120 FBF/S Spiral Mixer with: Maximum dough capacity: approximately 264 pounds Maximum flour capacity: approximately 165 pounds Bowl capacity: 49 gallons Spiral mixing attachment Bowl...

CG/160K/(2S)/STH photo
Cinelli Esperia CG 160 Planetary Mixer
Inventory #: D6088

Used Cinelli Esperia CG 160 Planetary Mixer with: Bowl diameter: 32 inches Bowl capacity: 265 quarts 2 speeds 1,740 rpm Heavy duty construction

W240A photo
Benier Diosna W240A Wendel Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4942

Used Benier Diosna W240A Spiral Mixer with: Performance in dough: 240 kilograms Performance in flour: 150 kilograms Bowl capacity: 370 liters Unit to be rebuilt: Rewiring Modular plugs...

ST75 photo
Kemper Bakery ST75 Two Speed Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4819

Used Kemper Bakery ST75 Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 165 pounds Dough capacity: 265 pounds Hydraulic raising/lowering of the mixer head Automatic bowl locking system Analog timer Two...

President 150 photo
WP Kemper President 150 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4476

Used WP Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 150 kilograms/330 pounds Dough capacity: 528 pounds Spiral dough hook Removable bowl Clockwise and counter-clockwise bowl rotation Driving...

SP 150 photo
Kemper SP 150 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4384

Used Kemper SP 150 Spiral Mixer with: Stainless steel mixing bowl Dough capacity: 240 kilograms Bowl carriage Hydraulic raising/lowering of the mixer head and hydraulic bowl locking system Automatic...

IS-160 photo
Cinelli IS-160 Spiral Dough Mixer
Inventory #: D4218

Used Cinelli IS-160 Spiral Dough Mixer with: 160kg (350 lbs) dough capacity 2-speed 2-timers Auto switch-over from LOW-HI speed Reversing bowl Stainless dough contact

SF100 photo
San Cassiano SF100 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D3412

Used San Cassiano SF Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 100 kilograms/220 pounds of dough Removable bowl Mixing attachment: hook All stainless steel contact parts

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