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Bradman Lake Inc. Bradman-Lake has added the LJ Series of automatic, robotic, product collating and loading machinery to its existing range of Top Load, End Load and Wraparound cartoning machinery. This enables Bradman Lake to design, manufacture and integrate completely automatic cartoning systems capable of operating at speed up to 800 products per minute – depending on product size and shape. The LJ Top Loader Series incorporates well-proven ABB Robots. Top Load Systems: Well proven forming machines which erect flat carton blanks using mechanical locks, hot melt glue or hot air at speeds up to 240 cartons per minute depending upon carton size. Carton 3-flap lid covers are closed using the wide range of Lugless Closers at speeds up to 250 cartons per minute depending upon carton size. End Load Systems Range from small continuous motion end flap sealers through semi automatic hand pack cartoners to fully automatic systems capable of speeds up to 300 cartons per minute.

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