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TBD15 photo
IMS Model TBD15 Belt Corner Drum Tumbler

Used IMS 1.5 HP Corner Drum Tumbler Single drum tumbler Capability to convert to double tumbler 55 gallon drum Load capacity: 280 pounds Maximum drum dimensions ...

140 photo
Ameripak 140 Horizontal Film Flow Wrapper

Used Ameripak Wrapper with: Output: up to 140 packages per minute Centers: 13.5 inches Print registration Package size range: Minimum (inches): 4 long x 0.5 wide Maximum (inches): 16 long...

B/H-20 photo
Kasel Slice N Tact BH20 Stainless Steel Slicer

Used Kasel Slicer with: Application: single pass, end-to-end slicer Product capabillites: Fresh Cooked Bone-in Boneless Output: Up to 10 strokes per minute Up to 7,500 pounds...

PPM photo
GEI Mateer Burt PPM PS Spot Wraparound Labeler

Used GEI Mateer Burt Labeler with: Maximum label height: 6.5 inches Conveyor: Variable speed Spacer wheel Width: 4.5 inches Plastic tabletop chain Includes: Wraparound belt...

Legacy photo
Jones Legacy Automatic Cartoner w Hot Glue Sealer

Used Jones Cartoner with: Capacity/output: up to 400 cartons per minute Carton size range: Minimum (inches): 0.75 long x 0.75 wide x 2.5 high Maximum (inches): 5 long x 3 wide x 7.25 high ...

A6 photo
Kaps All A 6 Spindle Capping Machine

Used Kaps-All Capper with: Output: up to 200 containers per minute Number of spindles: 6 Cap specs: All materials & styles Size range: 18 - 120 mm Containers: Glass Metal...

SL01350 photo
All Food Equipment SL01350 Cooling Tunnel

Used All Food Equipment SL01350 Cooling Tunnel with: Unit is 55 feet in length Plastic belt, 52 inches wide Height from floor to belt surface: 39 inches Linear speed, depending on product: 12-22...

JN photo
Dutchess JN Semi-Automatic Dough Divider/Rounder

Used Dutchess JN Semi-Automatic Dough Divider/Rounder with: Divides and rounds up to 36 pieces Weight range: 1 ounce up to 2.75 ounce Optional interchangeable 18, 9, and 6 part heads Production...

Eucomap Twin 762 MM Feed Rollers Sheeter

Used Eucomap Sheeter with: Belt width: 30 inches (762 millimeters) Discharge height: 36 inches .5 horsepower motor

4P 08NT photo
Hinds Bock 4P 08NT 4 Head SS Tabletop Depositor

Used Hinds Bock Depositor with: Deposits: Up to 1000 deposits per hour Weigh range: 1 - 9 ounces Spacing: 4 inches between deposits Pan size: up to 18 inches Hopper capacity: 28...

797 photo
Oliver Machinery 797G Gravity Feed Bread Slicer

Used Oliver 797 Bread Slicer with: Gravity fed bread slicer Output: up to 600 loaves per hour, depending on loaf size Discharge height: 32 inches Stainless steel contact parts Easy to replace...

23C0201 photo
Radiant Cougar UV 23C0201 UV Disinfection System

Used Radiant Cougar UV 23C0201 UV Disinfection System with: Conveyor: Width: 12 inches Height: 40 inches Length: 10 feet .5 horsepower motor Tunnel aperture: Height: 3 inches...

Vertek 750 LP photo
Weighpack Vertek 750 LP Vertical Form Fill Seal

Used Weighpack Vertek 750 Volumetric VFFS with: einview color touch screen panel Pneumatically operated horizontal seal jaws Speeds up to 50 bags per minute Maximum bag width: 7.5 inches Powered...

220X photo
PillowPack 220X Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper

Used PillowPack 220X Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper with: Maximum film width: 250 millimeters Maximum film roll diameter: 320 millimeter Bag dimensions: Length: 120 - 280 millimeters Width:...

MSK 280 / 284 E3 photo
MSK Covertech MSK 280 Model 284 E3 Pallet Hooder

Used MSK Covertech MSK 280 Model 284 E3 Pallet Hooder with: Pallet weight: Minimum: 1,102 pounds Maximum: 3,306 pounds Load height (including pallet): Minimum: 55 inches ...

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