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Donut Robot Mark VI photo
Belshaw Donut Robot Mark VI Fryer Line
Inventory #: G4590Featured

Used Belshaw Donut Robot Mark VI Fryer line: Electric fryer Maximum output: Cake donuts: up to 91 dozen donuts per hour Yeast donuts: up to 78 dozen donuts per hour Frying area:...

54 CP/LF photo
Post 54" CP/LF Carton Folder and Gluer
Inventory #: G4689

Used Post 54" CP/LF Carton Folder Gluer with: Maximum open blank width: 54 inches Minimum open blank width: 3 inches Maximum blank length: 36 inches Minimum blank length: 2.5 inches ...

DP3-1 photo
Climax Packaging Machinery DP3-1 Drop Packer
Inventory #: G4558

Used Climax Packaging Machinery DP3-1 Drop Packer with: Previous application: bottles of wine Smallest case size: 8 inches long x 8 inches wide x 3 inches high Largest case size: 22 inches long x 15...

CS-320/350-IIA photo
Netzsch CS-320/350-IIA 3 Blade Fine Cutting Mill
Inventory #: G2990

Used Netzsch CS-320/350-IIA Mill with Cutting compartment dimensions: 14 inches long x 13 inches wide x 14 inches deep (3) blade milling design 20 horsepower motor Stainless steel blades Belt...

De Laval 97 Plate Stainless Steel Heat Exchange
Inventory #: G4117

Used De Laval Heat Exchange with: 97 plates Inlet diameter: 2 inches Outlet diameter: 2 inches Previous application: ice pop flavoring Expandable design Stainless steel construction

Padlocker Glue Tray Former with Nordson Glue Unit
Inventory #: G3646

Used Padlocker Glue Tray Former with: Bottom tray conveyor Conveyor width: 18 inches Previous application: Trays for 1 gallon bottles Nordson 3500 glue unit Personnel guarding

Pro Series EZ Load photo
Arpac Pro Series High Profile Turntable Wrapper
Inventory #: G4243

Used Arpac Stretch Wrapper with: Production speed: up to 30 loads per hour Load specs: Maximum load height: 74 inches Maximum load weight: 4,000 pounds Maximum load diagonal clearance: 85...

FB25SHEU-6 photo
Komatsu FB25SHU6 Cushion Tire Electric Forklift
Inventory #: G4257

Used Komatsu Forklift with: Capacity: 5,000 pounds Mast: 3 stage mast Cushion tires: Size, front (inches): 21 x 7 x 15 Size, rear (inches): 16 x 6 x 10.5 Number of wheels, front/rear:...

EHW - 3000 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 3000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Inventory #: G4679

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Horizontal tank Capacity: 3,000 gallons Cooling jacket Front end mounted: Manway Hinged door Dimensions (inches): 16 x 20 Various...

Canmatic photo
Krones Canmatic Wraparound Glue Labeler
Inventory #: G3648

Used Krones Canmatic Wraparound Glue Labeler with: Fully automatic labeling machine Capable of applying full wrap-around labels using hot melt adhesives All types of cylindrical containers can be handled,...

HMT Mini photo
Elliott HMT-Mini Automatic Glue Top Case Sealer
Inventory #: G4554

Used Elliott HMT-Mini Automatic Glue Top Case Sealer with: Up to 1500 cases per hour (25 cases per minute) Case size range: Length: 8 inches to 18 inches Width: 6 inches to 16 inches Depth:...

400 HP Underwater Pellitizing Complete Line
Inventory #: G4681

Underwater Pellitizing Line with: Consisting of: Sterling single screw extruder: Diameter: 6 inches Approximately 28 to L/D ratio Driven by 400 horsepower, 230-460 volt, 3 Ph, 60 Hz,...

SE-503042-720 photo
Marathon Horizontal 20 HP Automatic Baler
Inventory #: G4680

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 21 seconds Horsepower: 20 Cylinder: Bore: 7 inches Rod: 4.5 inches Stroke: 68 inches Bale specs: Side bale eject Weight: 1,200...

Gemini 3560 photo
Marathon Gemini 3560 Horizontal Closed End Baler
Inventory #: G4683

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 34 seconds Horsepower: 20 Twin bore cylinders: Diameter: 6 inches each Rod: 40 inches Stroke: 57 inches Bale specs: Full eject Bale...

SH-1 photo
Mikro Pulverizer Horizontal Screw Feed Hammer Mill
Inventory #: G4691

Used Mikro Pulverizer Mill with: Single screw feed Gravity infeed from hopper Feed screw: Stainless steel Diameter: 1.750 inches Driven by 0.25 horsepower variable speed drive motor ...

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