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Bakery equipment can be any type of equipment that is specifically designated for handling dough. Some examples are dough chunkers, depositors, laminators, sheeters, moulders, and dividers/rounders. This classification also includes specialized equipment such as topping applicators. Automation of these processes often results in greater consistency of baked foods and helps regulate the amount of dough stress.

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MM System photo
Rheon MM System SS Laminator and Piler Line
Inventory #: G3691

Used Rheon Laminator Line with: Rheon MM303 Laminator/Sheeter: Output: up to 3,300 pounds per hour Belt width: 18 inches Independent hoppers for dough and shortening Motor: 200v, 7.985kw ...

VX432 photo
Rheon VX432 SS Stress Free Dough Feeder
Inventory #: G3682

Used Rheon Dough Feeder with: Output: up to 2,200 pounds per hour Portioner: Hopper capacity: 80 liters Star cutter length: 27.5 inches (2) Extruding dough widths: 11.8 inches...

S/90 photo
Sottoriva S/90 Continuous Rotary Dough Divider
Inventory #: G3523

Used Sottoriva S/90 Continuous Rotary Dough Divider with: Knife divider Continuously scales and divides dough Arm length: 50 inches Output: approximately 30 pieces per minute depending on product...

C6/300L photo
Polin C6/300L Semi Automatic Bagel Former
Inventory #: G3515

Used Polin C6/300L Semi Automatic 1-5 Ounce Bagel Former with: Approximately 4000 bagels per hour 1 ounce to 5 ounce bagels - extra sets forming shoes - 2oz, 3.5-4oz, mini bagel Adjustable pressure...

SP-64 photo
Hinds-Bock SP-64 Single Piston Batter Depositor
Inventory #: G3532

Used Hindsbock SP-64 Single Piston Batter Depositor with: Ideal for: hummus, guacamole, salsa and tzatiki, cake and muffin batter with/without inclusions, deli salads, soup, chili and stew, all types of sauces...

B8411 photo
Benier B8411 Single Pocket Dough Divider
Inventory #: G3442

Used Benier Dough Divider with: Scaling range: 1 - 38 ounces Output: Up to 1,800 per hour, depending on dough and size Hopper: Stainless steel Capacity: 130 pounds Includes: Dividing...

Dough Divider
Inventory #: G2979

Used Dough Divider with: Application: divides a wide variety of dough products such as tortillas and pita bread Divides dough to form 1 to 3 ounces pieces All stainless steel cabinet 100 lbs. hopper...

88 photo
Acme Model 88 Stainless Steel Rol-Sheeter
Inventory #: G3312

Used Acme Sheeter with: Conveyor table dimensions: Width: 24 Inches Length: 36 inches Processing rollers: Hard chrome, precision ground Top rollers (inches): 3.5 diameter x...

Custom photo
Delc Engineering Custom Dual Head Depositor
Inventory #: G3270

Used Delc Engineering Custom Dual Head Depositor with: Programmable touch screen Precision scales: 50g-500g 12 gallon hopper Output: up to 30 deposits per minute depending on product Small footprint...

Manual Dough Sheeter 23 Inch Width
Inventory #: G2155

Used Manual Dough Sheeter 23 Inch Width with: Manual operation: forward, reverse and roller adjustment 42 inch long conveyor 23 inch wide conveyor 23 inch maximum dough width Requires new belt...

D12-24 photo
Bertrand D12-24 Hydraulic 12 or 24 Part Divider
Inventory #: G2159

Used Bertrand D12-24 Hydraulic 12 or 24 Part Divider with: 12 or 24 divisions in the same bowl without any additional accessories Total dough capacity: Minimum: 7 pounds 15 ounces Maximum:...

SFA 69 photo
Rondo SFA 69 25" Wide Automatic Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: G2997

Used Rondo SFA 69 Dough Sheeter with: Automatic flour duster Conveyor table dimensions: 25.5 inches wide x 58 inches long Touch screen HMI Roller width: 26 inches Table height: 36 inches Stainless...

175-120-B photo
Cres Cor 175-120-B Hot Cabinets
Inventory #: G2957

Used Cres Cor 175-120-B Hot Cabinets with: Application: holding temperature of prepped foods for banquets or other catered events Interior dimensions: 51 inches tall x 4 feet wide x 2 feet deep Each...

XOP-4 photo
Nu-Vu XOP-4 Stainless Steel Oven and Proofer
Inventory #: G2929

Used Nu-Vu XOP-4 Oven and Proofer with: V-Air technology Vented dual pane oven door AutoMist humidity system in proofer - eliminates the need for a water pan or reservoir Closed loop humidity control...

SFA 612 photo
Rondo SFA 612 Automatic Floor Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: G3000

Used Rondo SFA6127H Automatic Floor Dough Sheeter with: Floor mounted Stainless steel construction Touch screen HMI 100 program operation Automatic flour duster Roller gap: .2 of an inch ...

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