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Products and materials are often moved from one location to another by conveyor. Conveyors connect the machines or units of a production line. Conveyor type should be selected to best fit the size, shape, weight and handling requirements of the items being transported. Conveyor systems use rollers, chains, belts, and other configurations. They can have one lane or multiple lanes.

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Plastic Chain S Conveyor 3" Wide x 108" Long
Inventory #: G6060

Used Plastic Chain S Conveyor with: Approximate conveyor dimensions: 108 inches long x 3.25 inches wide Allen Bradley power disconnect switch Lockable casters 1 horsepower electric motor ...

Nercon Trough Belt Conveyor Frame
Inventory #: G6058

Used Nercon trough conveyor with: Stainless steel frame Mennekes HDI disconnect switch Upright rollers 42 inches apart 18 inch gap in between the rollers 21 inch rollers where the conveyor goes...

Nedco 90 Degree Turn Conveyor 12" W x 138" L
Inventory #: G6056

Used Nedco 90 Degree Turn Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 12 inches wide x approximately 138 inches long Infeed height: 16 inches Outfeed height: 23 inches .5 horsepower motor Infeed length:...

Hytrol Live Roller Conveyor 40" Long x 21" Wide
Inventory #: G6054

Used Hytrol Live Roller Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 40 inches long x 21 inches wide Roller centers: 3.5 inches Conveyor height: 19 inches Painted, mild steel frame Baldor motor...

Smooth Top Belt Conveyor 42" Long x 32" Wide
Inventory #: G6052

Used Smooth Top Belt Conveyor with: .3 horsepower motor Conveyor dimensions: 42 inches long x 32 inches wide Conveyor height: 33 inches Belt scrape and scrape catch pan Casters Adjustable...

APV Wire Rod Switch Conveyor 93" Long x 36" Wide
Inventory #: G6049

Used Wire Rod Conveyor with: Designed to transfer product from one conveyor to another using a hoist system Conveyor dimensions: 93 inches long x 18 inches wide 20 inch adjustable incline ...

Plastic Mat-top Belt Conveyor 18" Wide x 54" Long
Inventory #: G6048

Used Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 18 inches wide x 54 inches long Plastic food grade mat-top conveyor belt .5 horsepower motor Aluminum conveyor frame

Dual Lane Steel Conveyor 20' Long x 13" Wide
Inventory #: G6047

Used 20' Long x 13" Wide Dual Lane Steel Conveyor with: 240 inches long x 13 inches wide steel dual conveyor Each conveyor is 6 inches wide Super E Baldor Reliancer motor Hubbell on/off...

Wire Rod Conveyor 90 Degree Merge Section 18" Wide
Inventory #: G6046

Used Steward Systems 90 Degree Wire Rod Conveyor with: 90 degree turn conveyor E-stop .75 hp SEW motor Stainless steel construction Adjustable height 18 inch wide belt 75 inch long belt...

Sandvik Sani-Grid Conveyor 18" W x 68" L
Inventory #: G6045

Used 18" W x 68" L Sandvik Sani-Grid Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 18 inches wide x 68 inches long Conveyor height: 40 inches 18 inch wide x 55 inch long stainless steel tray ...

VRC-AEC 15669 photo
United Sortation Product Elevator 14' Discharge
Inventory #: G6078

Used United Sortation Systems Elevator Conveyor with: Product infeed opening 25.5 inches Product infeed height from ground: 23 inches Product outfeed opening 19.5 inches Product outfeed height from...

Span Tech Spiral Conveyor 23 Inches Wide
Inventory #: G6871

Used Span Tech Spiral Conveyor 23 Inches Wide with: Incline accumulation conveyor, low infeed, high outfeed Allen Bradley controls Variable speed 23.84 inch conveyor width, 23.25 inch working width...

ka2xp photo
Bosch Transver 180 Degree Conveyor 54" Wide
Inventory #: G6053

Used Bosch Transver 180 Degree Conveyor with: Used to transport and convey separate products or items in a dry environment SEW motor Modular structural design Automatic chain tensioning device ...

Nedco 90 Degree Turn Conveyor 12" Wide
Inventory #: G6057

Used Nedco 90 Degree Turn Conveyor with: Conveyor width: 12 inches Radius tangent: approximately 47 inches Conveyor height: 37 inches .75 horsepower motor

SD photo
PPM SD Vibratory Conveyor 18" Wide x 190" Long
Inventory #: G6073

Used PPM Special Delivery Vibratory Conveyor with: Trough dimensions: 18 inches wide x 190 inches long x 5 inches deep Tapered outfeed Mechanically driven 1.5 horsepower motor Stainless steel...

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