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Kaps-All Packaging Systems, Inc. Kaps-All Packaging Systems builds and designs packaging machinery. Kaps-All Packaging's complete bottling systems include: Bottle Unscrambling, Cleaning, Liquid Filling, Capping, Induction Foil Sealing, Torque Monitoring, Secondary Orienting, Diagnostic Systems, Ball Placing and Line Integration. In addition, Rotary Cap and Parts Feeders, Modular Conveyors, Portable Torque Meters, Bulk Parts Elevators, Rotary Unscrambling and Accumulating Tables are also manufactured by Kaps-All to give a one source, turnkey system. All Kaps-All machinery is suited for all industries including Personal Care, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Soaps/Detergents, Beverages, Cosmetics, Dairy, Automotive, Household, etc., and handles a wide range of sizes and styles for most packages presently on the market, utilizing award-winning patented designs.

FS-A-48 photo
Kaps-All FS-A-48" Rotary Accumulation Table VS
Inventory #: H1087

Used Kaps-All FS-A-48 Rotary Accumulation Table 48 Inch with: 48 inch diameter Stainless steel tabletop Stainless steel base and table support arms Stainless steel guide rails Adjustable Sold-State...

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