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6500 Titan Automatic Rollbag photo
Allied Automation 6500 Titan Automatic Rollbag
Inventory #: G5258Can Rent

Used Allied Automaticn 6500 Titan Automatic Rollbag with: Designed for dispensing and sealing pre-formed bags from a roll 13 inch seal bar Foot pedal operated with automatic cycle option Variable...

IQ2 photo
Loma IQ2 Metal Detector 13" Wide x 4" Tall
Inventory #: G6193Can Rent

Used Loma IQ2 Metal Detector with: Aperture dimensions: 13.75 inches wide x 4 inches tall Effective aperture height: 3.25 inches Conveyor dimensions: 12 inches wide x 70 inches long Infeed height:...

A27A photo
Shanklin A27A L-Bar Sealer with Vacuum Selvage
Inventory #: G4167Can Rent

Used Shanklin A27A Automatic L-Bar Sealer with: Seal size: 21 inches wide x 33 inches long Maximum product height: 8 inches Minimum product length: 4 inches Maximum product length: 31 inches...

EZ-1 photo
Combi Packaging EZ-1 Tape Bottom Seal Case Erector
Inventory #: G5426Can Rent

Used Combi Packaging EZ-1 Tape Bottom Seal Case Erector with: Minimum case size: 6 inches long x 4.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches high Maximum case size: 20 inches long x 16 inches wide x 18 inches high ...

CT 24 36 photo
Visual Thermoforming CT 24 36 Skin Packager
Inventory #: G5256Can Rent

Used Visual Thermoforming CT 24 36 Skin Packager with: Board size: 24 inches wide x 36 inches long Maximum product height: 10 inches Air requirements: 80-100 PSI, supplied by customer Air consumption:...

N photo
Urschel N Nut Granulator Slitter Scarifier SS
Inventory #: R54114Rental Only

Used Urschel N Granulator Slitter Scarifier with: Versatile machine designed to: Granulate various nuts, cookies, and crackers Slitter for capsules Scarifier for frozen vegetables Size...

Q300 photo
Lantech Q300 Extended Mast Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: R53156Rental Only

Used Lantech Q300 Low Profile Stretch Wrapper with: Output: 30-40 loads per hour, depending on load size Maximum load diagonal: 69 inches, recommended Mast height: 120 inches Turntable diameter:...

3115-1500 10
Label-Aire Large Format Top and Bottom Labeler
Inventory #: G6760Can Rent

Used Label-Aire 3115-1500 10"/12" Top and Bottom Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Large format labeler for labels up to 10 inches wide Two label heads apply pre-printed, pressure sensitive labels...

Beltweigh XE photo
Mettler-Toledo Beltweigh XE Checkweigher 16" Wide
Inventory #: G6763Can Rent

Used Mettler-Toledo Beltweigh XE Checkweigher with: 4-belt check weighing system Overall conveyor dimensions: 81 inches long x 16 inches wide Weighing area: 21 inches long x 15.25 inches wide Mettler-Toledo...

T-620 photo
SIMS Manufacturing T-620 Random Tape Case Sealer
Inventory #: G6764Can Rent

Used SIMS Manufacturing T-620 Case Sealer with: Random case sealer designed to accommodate varying sized cases Includes top tape head with an open slot for an additional bottom tape head 2 inch tape...

FA 33/133 photo
Orion FA33/133 Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper
Inventory #: G5384Can Rent

Used Orion FA 33/133 Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper with: Maximum wrap height: 109 inches Mast height: 129 inches Turntable diameter: 52 inches Top and bottom wrap count range: 1 to 3 wraps,...

ECS photo
Tonazzi-Vasquali Cleated Incline Conveyor Hopper
Inventory #: G6762Can Rent

Used Tonazzi-Vasquali ECS Cleated Incline Conveyor with Hopper with: Discharge height: 42.5 inches Hopper dimensions: 12 inches x 18 inches x 26 inches deep Conveyor width: 4 inches Cleat centers:...

Q300 photo
Lantech Q300 Stretch Wrapper with Loadmaster Scale
Inventory #: R54138Rental Only

Used Lantech Q300 Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrapper with: Output: 25 - 35 loads per hour, depending on pallet dimensions and wrap counts Load size diagonal: 72 inches Maximum load wrap height:...

DACS-G-S015-23/SS-I-S photo
Ishida DACS-G 9.75" Wide SS Conveyor Checkweigher
Inventory #: R54786Rental Only

Used Ishida DACS-G Checkweigher with: Weighing capacity: 1500 grams Right to left product flow 3 belt weighing system Overall conveyor length: 46 inches Conveyor width: 9.75 inches Weighing...

Delta 3000LD photo
Ilapak Delta 3000LD Horizontal Flow Wrapper
Inventory #: G4559Can Rent

Used Ilapak Delta 3000 LD Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Maximum product dimensions: 25.6 inches long x 12.6 inches wide x 4 inches tall Wrapping materials: shrink barrier films, laminated, co-extruded...

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